Podsumowanie Tygodnia 8.12 – 14.12.2015

Pięćdziesiąt pięć newsów, wśród nich oczywiście pojawiły się już podsumowania roczne (Twitter, YT i Facebook), są też Gwiezdne Wojny i nowe wdrożenie od Sotrendera (analiza płatnej komunikacji!). Czytajcie i nadrabiajcie zaległości.

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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 8.12 – 14.12.2015




Relive the music and the moments that made 2015 one to remember. Get your Year in Music.

2015 on Twitter: Tragedy, solidarity and love

Looking back at the highs and lows of 2015 makes you realize it really was a year marred by tragedy. From the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris at the start of the year to the horrific mass shooting in San Bernardino, California at the end.

Dropbox is shutting down beloved email app Mailbox

Dropbox just delivered some bad news for Mailbox users. The company will shut down its popular email app along with its its photo storage app Carousel, Dropbox announced Monday. Mailbox will be closed on Feb. 26, 2016; Carousel will shut down March 31, 2016. Reasons for closing the two apps were vague.

Facebook Is Starting To Ask You What You Like To See

Beware users and marketers! Another Facebook News Feed update is on its way. Why "beware"? Well, because Facebook has started asking its users what they want to see on their homepage, apparently. Also Read: No More #FOMO: Facebook Optimises NewsFeed To Match Network Speed According to a post on Facebook's official blog, the social network and its...

Facebook shuts down its experimental Creative Labs division

Since it was founded two years ago, Creative Labs has been one of the most interesting parts of Facebook. Built as a startup within the company, it built a series of experimental social apps designed to test new interfaces and interaction patterns.

These are the top 10 emoji on Twitter this year

Emoji had a lot of big moments in 2015, from introducing a new load of them with the launch of iOS 9.1 to nailing the title as Oxford Dictionaries' Word of the Year. Emoji also got a spot in the Top Trends section of Twitter's year in review.

Google Calendar Gets Reminders

Gmail has had a "to-do" feature for the longest time, but it was pretty useless, as it was a simple standalone, one-off feature that probably graduated from Labs at one point. It was never integrated. Luckily the team is fixing that today.

Power Up Your Instagram Strategy With AppAction

Instagram is definitely one of the platforms with the most potential, nowadays. And ever since it was acquired by Facebook, it has launched many new features to help businesses make the most of its possibilities. Ads, for example, are great, because they are powered by the Facebook machine.

Sony releases PlayStation Messages app for iOS and Android

Last night I found myself clumsily thumbing a PSN message to a friend explaining that I couldn't play Destiny right this second because I was on my way to get a haircut, silently cursing the terrible, overwrought, sluggish PlayStation app and its blurry-keyboarded lack of optimization for my iPhone 6S Plus.

Twitter will no longer crop photos on your Timeline

Twitter is making a small but noticeable change to the way your feed looks: images will no longer be cropped. Previously, Twitter presented images in a 2:1 landscape aspect ratio to help minimize the amount of space images would take on your feed, but now they show up in their full glory.

LeBron James podpisał dożywotni kontrakt z Nike

LeBron James to dwukrotny mistrz NBA, czterokrotny MVP sezonu zasadniczego i dwukrotny finałów NBA. Niemal od początku swojej kariery kreowany był na następcę Michaela Jordana, uznawanego za najlepszego koszykarza w historii. I tak jak były gwiazdor Chicago Bulls przez większość zawodowego życia związany jest z Nike.

McDonald's Is "Frying" A New Social FryBuster

What would social be, without the power of the audience? More and more brands realise everyday that a successful campaign requires the participation of its fans and followers, and their friends in order to be successful. Everyone, please take notes from McDonalds' latest move. Also Read: 4 Lessons From The World's Best Social Media Campaigns The...

Fanpage Trends 11.2015 - pobierz raport za darmo!

Raport Fanpage Trends. Sotrender - lepsze decyzje w marketingu w social media. Analizy, badania, optymalizacja oraz dopasowane rekomendacje dla Facebooka, YouTube'a i Twittera.

Google Kills off Google+ Local | Search Engine Journal

So, guess what? Google has changed the way they show local results! Again! For those of us who operate in and around the local search industry this change is just another in a long string of functionality changes, display updates, and rebrands that Google Local has been through in recent years.

Snapchat has collapsed

Snapchat is down for users across the world. The disappearing message service has acknowleged that "some" users are having problems as says that it is "working on a fix now". The problems seem to have been present for some time, without a fix.

Polscy youtuberzy w kampanii Coca-Coli (Video) - Mediarun

Kilkoro youtuberów i blogerów, wśród nich m.in. Abstrachuje TV i Mafffashion, w klipie opowiada o świętach Bożego Narodzenia i towarzyszącej im radości. Projekt promuje markę Coca-Cola . Niektórzy internauci , pokusili się nawet o stwierdzenie, że mogłaby się uczyć kunsztu dobrej kampanii.

Secret trick turns labels on Christmas coke bottles into a festive bow

Label on bottle is split into three pieces and middle section comes away Once removed a lever appears and can be pulled to form four little loops When lever is pulled taut against bottle, label turns into a Christmas bow Coca-Cola has had a long standing affiliation with Christmas, what with its iconic red truck and 'Holidays are Coming' ad campaigns.

Cristiano Ronaldo uses his HOUSE to play Jingle Bells

If you didn't already believe Cristiano Ronaldo was a bit special, this video should finally convince you. The insanity of the Real Madrid man's goal stats meant we have long been aware of his magical powers on the pitch. But this latest in the increasingly long line of Ronaldo adverts proves he can work miracles off the pitch too.

„Mały wielki sklep" - kampania reklamowa sieci Żabka (wideo) - Wiadomości - Marketing przy Kawie - praktyczne wskazów...

3 grudnia rozpoczęła się kampania sklepów Żabka. Jej hasło przewodnie brzmi: „Mały wielki sklep".

Instagram Ad Performance Similar to Facebook (Report)

How does advertising on Instagram compare with advertising on its parent company, Facebook? Nanigans, a Facebook Marketing Partner and member of the Instagram Partner Program, analyzed data from its clients that advertise on both social networks, from Aug. 1 through Oct. 31.

Instagram for Android now fakes 3D touch with new long press features

Force 3D Touch is arguably the best reason to get one of the new iPhones. But it turns out you don't actually need pressure sensitivity for some of 3D Touch's navigational tricks, so Instagram has updated its Android app to imitate its new functionality on iOS.

Gareth Bale launches own brand logo and is instantly trolled on Twitter

Though he's clearly trying his hardest to be a success at the club, we think it's fair to say that Gareth Bale is still having a tough time of it at Real Madrid .

Agency Calls Out PepsiCo President on Twitter, Challenging Him to Work With Small Shops

PepsiCo brand manager Brad Jakeman delivered a poignant speech at the ANA Masters of Marketing conference that had the industry buzzing in October. He criticized large agencies for focusing on 30-second TV commercials while shunning new technology, warning that "the agency model is not going to bend-it's going to break."

Facebook Gives Marketer Pages New Customer-Service Tools

Brands Can Now Set Away Messages, Annotate Private Messages With Customers Marketers may have seen their abilities to initiate converstations with customers through Facebook compromised when Facebook curtailed their posts' organic reach. But that hasn't stopped customers from initating conversations with businesses through Facebook.

10 biggest gaming YouTube videos and most-watched games of 2015

Between trailers, commercials, lets-plays and comedy, gaming had a phenomenal year on YouTube. The most popular videos of 2015, each of which garnered millions of views, represented some of the biggest trends in gaming this year.

Facebook's 2015 Games of the Year

Clash of Kings from Elex was named Facebook's 2015 Game of the Year. The social network described its selection process in a blog post announcing the winners: We've evolved our approach to Games of the Year over the past decade, focusing on everything from player ratings to pure, data-driven ranking of virality.

Pinterest Acquires The Hunt & Pext to Boost Ads, Commerce

Pinterest announced Tuesday the acquisition of two startups: Pext and The Hunt. Financial terms were not disclosed. The Hunt is a mobile shipping and discovery platform, led by co-founder and CEO Tim Weingarten. A Pinterest blog post notes that this acquisition will help the company "continue to build a discovery engine to help people discover, save and buy the things they love."

Android 6.0.1 z setkami nowych emotikon wylądował [prasówka] - AntyWeb

Google udostępnił na swoich serwerach obrazy Androida 6.0.1 dla smartfonów z serii Nexus. Nowa wersja systemu, jak sugeruje numerek, to wydanie skupiające się głównie na poprawkach i eliminowaniu błędów. Co jednak nie znaczy, że zabrakło w nim namacalnych nowości. Android 6.0.1 Na serwerach Google'a udostępniono obrazy Androida 6.0.1 dla wszystkich dostępnych na rynku Nexusów - począwszy od Nexusa 5.

Gwiazdy YouTube - Rewind 2015 : Brief

Jak co roku YouTube na swoim portalu Rewind 2015 przedstawia listy najbardziej popularnych filmów i teledysków. Sprawdzamy kto w tym roku zdobył serca widzów i największą oglądalność? Ponadto już dzisiaj na YouTube pojawia się nowa funkcja o nazwie Na czasie.



Idą wielkie zmiany w Spotify! Jeśli nie płacisz, możesz zapomnieć o pełnej bazie utworów

Zasady rządzące gigantyczną biblioteką muzyczną Spotify były do tej pory proste - każdy, czy opłacał abonament czy nie, miał dostęp do wszystkiego. Istniały wprawdzie różnego rodzaju ograniczenia, ale nie w kwestii tego, kto czego mógł słuchać. Do teraz. Przygotujcie się na wielkie zmiany. Spotify najwyraźniej doskonale wie, że obecny model biznesowy nie prowadzi nigdzie.

Ad of the Day: Facebook Captures the Tumult of 2015 in Its Year in Review Video

It must be tough for Facebook, a social network built around the "liking" of things, to sum up a year like 2015, when there was so much in the world to dislike. But it gives it a shot in the video below, from agency/production company Whirled, which rolled out Wednesday morning.

Pushbullet's handy new feature lets you browse and request files from any of your devices

While Pushbullet started out as a simple file-sending tool, it has blossomed into an all encompassing messenger that lets you respond to notifications from your desktop, send files and a whole bunch more. Now, it has another new feature that should make managing your different devices and accessing your files a doddle.

Four Billion Swipes Later, Bumble Comes To Android

Bumble, the popular mobile dating app where girls have to make the first move, has finally dropped its long-requested Android version. The Texas-based company has been teasing the release for months and it's finally here, just a few days after the one-year anniversary of when Bumble went live on iOS.

Twitter 2015: A Year In Review

As 2015 draw to an end, we all start looking back at all the good and bad things that happened. They help us evaluate each situation and plan ahead. It's the same with social networks - and this year, Twitter is the first of them to publish its own year in review.

Viral #whereidrone hashtag is home to the most epic photos shot with drones

A hashtag created by a photographer to tag his Instagram images shot with drones, has gone viral. The #fromwhereidrone hashtag has now been used on 10,000 photos and its creator has dedicated an Instagram page and website to it.

Swarm Now Lets You Spend Those Coins On Upgraded Stickers

Remember when Swarm launched coins? While the reward for checking in was entertaining, the coins had no real use other than providing a measurement by which to rank you on the weekly leaderboard. Today, however, that changes. With the latest Swarm update, folks can use their coins to pay for sticker upgrades.

Facebook now lets you comment on posts when you're offline

Facebook has been adding features to its mobile apps to improve the experience for users on slow connections. Today, it's rolling out enhancements to its News Feed on its Android app for speed and offline use. The app will now let you comment on posts even when you're offline.

Nivea znów zachęca do wysyłania świątecznych kartek z życzeniami (wideo) - Wiadomości - Marketing przy Kawie - prakty...

Nivea drugi rok z rzędu zachęca do podtrzymywania tradycji wysyłania świątecznych kartek pocztowych do bliskich. Można je tworzyć na stronie marki od 16 listopada do 20 grudnia.

WordPress 4.4 Offers Embedded Posts and Other Snazzy New Features

WordPress, the popular content management system (CMS) that powers 25 percent of the websites on Earth (including many business websites), has launched WordPress version 4.4. Codenamed "Clifford" in honor of jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown, WordPress 4.4 is already available for update or download.

Mural marki HTC w Warszawie - Wiadomości - Marketing przy Kawie - praktyczne wskazówki, śmiałe idee

Mural o powierzchni 320 m2 ozdobił ścianę przy stacji metra Centrum w Warszawie. Autorką projektu jest ilustratorka Aleksandra Osadzińska. To część kampanii promującej smartfony HTC Desire.

Porsche Punks New Drivers by Making Them Take Their Test in a 911 Carrera 4

There's a reason your parents put you in a beater when you got your driving permit. To promote the opening of a new Porsche Experience Center in Le Mans, France-the fourth in the world, after Leipzig, Silverstone and Atlanta-agency Quai des Orfèvres came up with an idea it knew would generate lulz aplenty: It slid a Porsche 911 Carrera 4 under the noses of people who don't even have driver's licenses yet.

Cost-per-View Bidding Is Now Available To All Facebook Advertisers

In June this year, Facebook started testing cost-per-view bidding at 10-second views for video ads. Today, the company is announcing that this bidding type is now available to everyone to use. Also Read: Ad Bidding On Facebook: 2015 Edition All advertisers on Facebook now have the option of bidding on video ads on a cost-per-view...

Twitter to Test Promoted Tweets to Logged-Out Users

Twitter is testing a way to surface promoted tweets, even if a user is not logged into the service. Twitter announced Thursday that they're experimenting with promoted tweets when a logged-out user is viewing someone's timeline. The company noted that 500 million people visit Twitter each month without formally logging into the site, via clicked links and Google search results.

Analiza płatnej komunikacji na Facebooku

Z radością, ale zarazem z dużą ciekawością, prezentuję nową usługę zespołu Sotrendera - raporty na temat postów sponsorowanych na Facebooku. Z radością - bo długo nad tym pracowaliśmy, zdając sobie sprawę z tej coraz ważniejszej potrzeby. Pierwsze opinie specjalistów, którym pokazywaliśmy ten produkt, są bardzo pozytywne.

'Facebook at Work' Is Finally Launching

Facebook at Work, Facebook Inc's professional version of its social network, is expected to launch in the coming months, after spending a year in tests, a company executive said. The new service, geared towards workplace collaboration, is nearly identical to its ubiquitous social network, with a scrolling news "feed", "likes" and a chat service.

Brand24 pozyskał inwestora! Firma jest warta 28 milionów - AntyWeb

Fundusz venture capital Inovo zainwestował 1,4 mln zł w 5% akcji Brand24 S.A. Spółka wyceniana na 28 mln zł przyspiesza globalną ekspansję. Początek historii z inwestorami był jednak „pod górkę". Zapraszam do tekstu Michałą opowiadającego o tym jaką drogę przebyli do momentu pierwszej inwestycji: Początek pod górkę.

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' TV Spend at $66 Million and Rising

Co-Branded Spots Power Investment on Broadcast, Cable Nets Unless you've spent the last several months in a Dagobah swamp with a wizened Muppet in your backpack, you're probably well aware that "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is making its theatrical debut next Friday.

Google Photos gets social with shared albums

Google Photos just got a lot more useful. The company added shared photo albums to its app Thursday. The feature makes it easier for groups of people to privately share photos. Shared albums, which were first previewed in September, is similar to Facebook's Moments app.

Facebook just unveiled Star Wars stickers

May the Force be with you on Facebook. The social media platform's new set of stickers was unveiled on the official Star Wars page Wednesday afternoon, featuring both old and new characters from the franchise. The collection includes the usual suspects: Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and of course Darth Vader.

Facebook's 2015 Year in Review

The upcoming U.S. presidential election was the most-talked-about topic globally on Facebook in 2015. Data analyst Betsy Cameron and editor Brittany Darwell shared the global top 10 list in a Newsroom post, saying that the lists were compiled based on how frequently topics were mentioned in Facebook posts from Jan.

Gmail Ending? Google Starts Migrating Users

Google is asking users to move to a new service...

Google's investment arm has quietly bought the internet

Google Ventures will close the year with $2.4 billion of investment under management in many of the companies we all use every single day. From Uber to Medium, Product Hunt to TuneIn, Google has via its independent investment arm put funding behind or acquired hundreds of your favorite digital brands since it launched back in 2009.

Facebook tests 'A friend is writing a comment'

It's a small thing but it might affect how you use Facebook; over the past month some users have spotted a "A friend is writing a comment" notification when viewing News Feed posts in Facebook for iOS. Our own Matt Navarra spotted it today, but reports on Twitter go back to early November.

Złote Spinacze 2015: Zwycięzcy 13. edycji konkursu

Lista wszystkich zwyciÄ™skich projektĂłw przedstawia siÄ™ nastÄ™pujÄ...co: PR korporacyjny: PrzestrzeĹ„ pasji na Orange.Jobs â€" Havas PR Warsaw i Orange Polska PR produktu: CiÄ...gnik dla rolnika nie dla komornika â€" Unicorn Media Public Affairs i Lobbying: Kampania #Ocal ksiÄ...Ĺźki â€" Hill+Knowlton Strategies Poland Kampania SpoĹ‚eczna: Adoptuj pszczoĹ‚Ä™ 2 â€" Greenpeace Komunikacja

To był dla mnie całkiem płodny tydzień. Udało mi się spisać moje wnioski i rozmyślania związane ze zmianami na Twitterze, opublikować #SamoDobro na grudzień, a na Duchowych Kulturystach wrzucić recenzję Assassins Creed Syndicaterekomendacje książek fantasy. Na ten tydzień z kolei szykuję kolejną część Czempionów agencyjnych.

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