Podsumowanie Tygodnia 7.02-13.02.2017

Po małych perturbacjach z wirusami na blogu udało mi się w końcu opublikować nowe Podsumowanie Tygodnia. A w nim chociażby nowości od Pinteresta, najlepsze case’y na polskim Twitterze oraz ciekawy raport dotyczący wzrostu topowych serwisów społecznościowych.

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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 7.02-13.02.2017

Instagram Trends styczeń 2017 - Nowy Rok na Instagramie - Sotrender Blog - Social media marketing tools for brands & ...

Jak Instagram wchodzi w nowy rok? Powoli i dość ospale. Według naszych danych obserwowane profile opublikowały aż o 4.63% postów mniej niż w ubiegłym miesi Social Media Marketing Blog.

Oto marki i agencje, które w 2016 roku najlepiej radziły sobie na Twitterze

interaktywnie.com - Wybrała je 140 Media Agency, oficjalny przedstawiciel reklamowy Twittera w Polsce.

Pinterest adds visual search for elements in images and through your camera

Pinterest said today it’s launching three new products today that will point out specific elements in pictures — whether viewed live through a camera or through a typical image search — and use them as a jumping point for search.

Twitter Trends styczeń 2017 - Twitter gra z WOŚP - Sotrender Blog - Social media marketing tools for brands & agencies

Co łączy Marcina Gortata, prezydenta Andrzeja Dudę i Jurka Owsiaka? To właśnie oni przejęli polskiego Twittera w styczniu! Zaczynając od #SylwesterZAndrzej Social Media Marketing Blog.

Hootsuite acquires AdEspresso as it moves into paid content, social ads

Hootsuite, the startup and platform that lets marketers manage a company’s interactions across a range of social media networks, is getting into the business of paid content. Today, it is announcing that it has acquired AdEspresso, a company that has built a set of tools to create, A-B test, and post advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. It will sit in a relaunched version of Hootsuite Ads, first introduced in 2015, but the primary aim will be to use it to augment and boost views for other social media posts that marketers are creating.

Instagram Scheduling Now Available in Sprout Social

Sprout's new Instagram Scheduling workflow allows brands to prepare, organize and schedule Instagram posts ahead of time.

YouTube begins rolling out live-streaming via app, starting with creators

YouTube has featured live-streaming on its desktop site since 2011, but the company is finally bringing the feature to smartphones.

Facebook Makes Several Silent Changes To Its Ads Manager

Facebook rolled out some useful changes in its Ads Manager, including tweaks to campaign objectives and the ability to use animated GIFs in video ads.

Domino’s Adds Full Menu Ordering To Its Messenger Bot

During the Super Bowl millions pick pizza as their favourite game-time snack. And Domino's, is making it a lot easier for you to get yours.

Google fixes a big problem with AMP, now lets you view and share a publisher’s own links

Google today is rolling out a change to its AMP integration in Google Search that will let you view, copy and share the publisher’s own link to the webpage in question, instead of the AMP URL. The decision to make this change follows some backlash from publishers who believed Google was stealing their traffic by changing their own URLs to those that had “Google” in the name, all in the name of mobile optimization.

Google’s use of ‘OK Google’ in its Super Bowl ad sends Home devices into a frenzy

A one-minute ad for Google Home shown during the Super Bowl reportedly made Home units act strangely after hearing its wake word.

Milion złotych dla Muse! Chcą dziesięciokrotnie zwiększyć wartość firmy - AntyWeb

Gdybyście nie kojarzyli Muse (choć to wątpliwe jeśli interesujecie się startupami). MUSE to narzędzie do analityki treści wideo dla YouTube i Facebooka. Pozwala śledzić szczegółowe dane na temat użytkowników mediów społecznościowych i treści wideo. Pozwala lepiej planować oraz ukierunkowywać reklamę. Klientami MUSE są między innymi: Castorama, PayU, IKEA, Allegro, PizzaPortal, NC+, ING Bank, USP Zdrowie czy Greenpeace Polska.

More than 600 million devices worldwide are now using ad-blockers

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How the 2017 Super Bowl Played Out on Social Media [Infographic]

Both Facebook and Twitter have released data on how the Super Bowl conversation played out on their platforms. 

Ad Execs Declare National Geographic's "Bad Romance" The Best Super Bowl Ad of 2017

Ad execs explain how they judged the third annual Super Clio award, why their criteria is different from the audience's, and more.

WhatsApp Tests "Live Location Tracking" On Its App

Facebook might be moving away from the location-sharing map within Nearby Friends, but WhatsApp seems to be testing a similar feature on its beta app.

Flipboard fights back with major change for readers

"It's a lot less random than what you see on Facebook, because you’re following interests as opposed to people."

Facebook can now replace your weather app

Facebook is rolling out a useful new feature that puts a full weather forecast inside its mobile app and desktop site. The feature is accessible from News Feed or the mobile app’s “More” menu — the section that links you to areas like Friends, Events, Groups, Pages and other key Facebook features like On This Day or Saved items. Within the Weather section, you can view a full forecast for your week ahead, powered by data from Weather.com.

The Washington Post rolls out new customizable content ad unit - Digiday

The product, called Post Cards, is the latest to come out of the Post's RED team focused on ad innovation.

Report: Emojis Lead To Higher Engagement On Instagram

This report from Quintly shows just how much emojis are used on Instagram, and which are the most engaging emojis on the platform.

Here's how slowly Twitter has grown compared to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat

Twitter is having trouble gaining new users, and its struggles only look worse when compared to other social media apps.

Facebook has hired an MTV executive to create original content

Facebook has been working to make video a central part of how its users experience the site, first with Facebook Live, and more recently with rumors that it would be creating an app for television...

Facebook introduces Valentine's Day cards to spread the love

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Twitter Q4 Results – Positive Signs but Still Many Challenges

Twitter has reported its 2016 Q4 results, showing an increase of two million monthly active users, but a decrease in year over year advertising revenue.

Mazda: The Head Turning Billboard

When Mazda asked us to feature their newest nameplate (the MX-5 RF) in an out-of-home campaign we knew we had to create something as innovative and en

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