Podsumowanie Tygodnia 6.07 – 13.07.2015

Lipiec póki co nie rozpieszcza nas pogodą, co wielu markom może utrudniać letnie działania marketingowe. Na szczęście gdzieś na świecie słońce jednak świeci i pozwala nam obserwować ciekawe kampanie, które wykorzystują konteksty urlopowo-letnie. Dzisiejsze Podsumowanie Tygodnia jednak stoi pod znakiem Instagrama, o którym jest chyba najwięcej newsów.

Headline for Podsumowanie Tygodnia 6.07 – 13.07.2015
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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 6.07 – 13.07.2015

There's Finally an Official Star Wars App To Feed Your Obsession 24/7

There's no shortage of Star Wars-related games on the iTunes and Google Play stores, but today finally sees the launch of the first official Star Wars app that will now serve as your one-stop portal for everything from news, to trivia, to even sound effects.

Heineken International: SafeStamp | Ads of the World™

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, San Francisco, USA Art Directors / Copywriters: Divya Seshadri, Meghan D O'Neill

Facebook Flat - lżejszy, szybszy i ładniejszy Facebook - AntyWeb

Wprawdzie to nie pierwsza próba poprawiania Facebooka, ale wydaje mi się, że najbardziej udana jak do tej pory. Dzięki zwykłemu rozszerzeniu do Google Chrome udało się uzyskać efekt przejrzystości i do tego w ładnej oprawie. Po zainstalowaniu Facebook Flat, serwis podzielony został na 3 części.

Streaks for Android helps you stick with your new habits

I have no problem getting on a diet, jotting down my thoughts in a journal and generally picking up any healthy new habits - sticking with them, however, proves to be a major challenge. That's where Streaks comes in. This habit tracker for Android is ased on comedian Jerry Seinfeld's 'don't break the chain' productivity method.

Ad of the Day: Coca-Cola's Minimalist Can Promotes a World Without Labels

Coca-Cola has toyed with its packaging once again, this time to join the global movement for equality and tolerance-by removing its own label off its products to promote a world without labels and prejudices.

Unlikely Best Friends: Kleenex

Unlikely Best Friends: Kleenex | Internetowy serwis o reklamie i marketingu. Najnowsze kampanie, kreacje i trendy.

Twitter Officially Launches Its Mobile Ads Manager

Twitter today officially announced the launch of its new mobile Ads Manager, which allows users of Twitter's smartphone applications to track their ad campaigns' performance - including their impressions, engagements, spend, cost per engagement, and engagement rate - while on the go.

Google's navigation app Waze opens up its first carpooling trials

Google-owned mapping service Waze has started a carpooling trial in Tel Aviv, Israel, according to Reuters. The service, called RideWith, will charge a small fee for passengers to pay fellow drivers for a lift to or from work. Unsurprisingly, it'll use Waze's mapping app for navigation.

Facebook Videos now float to make it easier to watch and scroll

A new button that's quietly appeared on Facebook for some today allows video to be popped out from the newsfeed so you can keep watching as you scroll. Once pressed, the video continues playing and floats out of the way on the lower left of the screen.

Ad of the Day: Taco Bell Takes Back Bacon in This Silly Anti-Craze Campaign

If you needed further evidence that the bacon craze has completely imploded, Taco Bell is making fun of the universal obsession with the stuff to pitch a new product ... of which bacon is an integral part.

Nadchodzi Wordpress 4.3, a w nim garść praktycznych i bardzo użytecznych nowości - AntyWeb

Od kilku dni na serwerach WordPressa dostępna jest pierwsze wersja beta wydania z numerkiem 4.3. Nowości, jakie nadchodzą wielkimi krokami to coś więcej niż tylko delikatny lifting. Twórcy skupiają się na możliwości jeszcze prostszego personalizowania layoutów, rozwijają edytor favicon, a także wprowadzają łatwiejsze formatowanie do edytora wizualnego.

Logitech has a colorful new logo, design focus

Logitech probably isn't a name you associate with beautiful products, but the company hopes you will. Today the company has announced a new logo and brand identity intended to bring a "colorful new attitude" to its products. A new label, "Logi," will appear on future products and Logitech hints that there will be "surprises" in new product categories.

If You're Going To Use Carousel Ads, Do It Like Tesco!

Instagram introduced its new carousel ads a few months back now. The big novelty is that these ads are now clickable, for the first time since Instagram has removed all hyperlinks from its platform years ago. Of course, carousel ads are also multi-image ads, and this is were brands can get creative.

Fanpage Trends 06.2015 - pobierz raport za darmo!

Zobacz, co działo się na Facebooku w Polsce w minionym miesiącu. Przeczytaj raport Fanpage Trends przygotowany przez Sotrender.

Send a Tweet to Coke's Digital Billboard, and It'll Tell You Fun Facts About Your Name

Following up its clever drinkable billboard for Coke Zero, Coca-Cola has launched another eye-catching outdoor idea, this time in Times Square. The new billboard continues to build off Coke's name-obsessed "Share a Coke" campaign by showing fun facts about the names of people who tweet to the sign.

Nie tylko geolokalizacja. Zobacz, jak ekrany LED w reklamie wykorzystują najlepsi

Z miesiąca na miesiąc przybywa realizacji, w których marki wykorzystują technologiczne możliwości ekranów LED. Aktualizacja layoutu w czasie rzeczywistym na wszystkich nośnikach, niezależnie od ich lokalizacji, to tylko jeden z wielu argumentów, który przekonuje marki do korzystania z technologii cyfrowych nośników reklamy zewnętrznej - pisze dla Interaktywnie.com Paulina Sacha z MyLed i przedstawia kolejną porcję case'ów z zagranicy, w których do zrealizowania kampanii wykorzystano możliwości cyfrowych nośników kontrolowanych online.

Official Star Wars Android and iOS app lets you take a selfie with Princess Leia

Star Wars isn't exactly lacking in mobile content and games, but the Disney is today finally releasing an official Star Wars app on Android and iOS where you can read all the breaking news on the blockbuster franchise, history and trivia facts, as well as enjoy a mix of goofy features sure to make fans happy.

Czytnik za złotówkę z abonamentem na ebooki w Legimi. Lepszej okazji do e-czytania nie będzie - AntyWeb

Model, w którym za symboliczną złotówkę (grosz, dziesięć groszy itp.) otrzymujemy urządzenie wraz z umową na 2-3 lata sprawdza się u operatorów od lat. Dotąd jednak nie widziałem, żeby ktoś z sukcesem przeniósł go na inny grunt. Legimi może być pierwsze, bo ich propozycja zapowiada się fantastycznie.

Instagram photos are now bigger and better

Here's what the Instagram of the very near future looks like Just over a week ago, I wrote plaintively about Instagram's archaic 640 x 640 resolution and the need to move with the times and give users the ability to upload larger images.

Nike Celebrates the 'Real Girls of Moscow' With Empowering Ads, Murals and GIFs

In April, Nike Women launched its popular "Better for It" motivational campaign in the U.S. Now, the sportswear giant is expanding the tagline in Russia. A half-dozen new spots from Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam feature the same playful attitude and general message-that the benefits of exercise outweigh the challenge-but take a slightly different tone, as you might expect from ads that feature professional athletes instead of the average exercisers represented in the U.S.

Will Brands Come Calling for Carli Lloyd, the Surprise Star of the Women's World Cup?

The U.S. team's rout of Japan in yesterday's Women's World Cup final has led to talk that Carli Lloyd, winner of the Golden Ball as the tournament's best player, should be put on the $10 bill. But, while the chances that honor goes to her are probably not very high, the odds are considerably better that Lloyd will be seeing plenty of U.S.

Babies' Poop Faces Captured in Glorious Slow Motion in Award-Winning Pampers Ad

Everyone knows babies make hilarious faces when they poop. For that matter, so do most adults. Whether or not knowing this universal truth entices you to watch a medley of babies' faces as they poop is a gamble that Saatchi & Saatchi London decided to take.

Twitter wants to know your birthday so it can give you e-balloons and show 'relevant content'

Have a birthday coming up? Twitter wants to help you celebrate. If you edit your Twitter profile to include your birth date, your profile will look slightly different on cake day. There will be balloons, and only on the Web version of Twitter.

Can you spot the important change in Facebook's friends icon?

Did you notice that the little, unassuming "Friends" icon in the upper right corner of your Facebook has undergone a major makeover? Caitlin Winner, a design manager at Facebook, wrote in a Medium post today that she noticed something off about how the faceless silhouettes of a man and a woman were initially designed.

Google unveils Material Design Lite to help websites look more like Android apps

Your favorite website may soon look a lot like an Android app. Google has announced Material Design Lite (MDL), which brings its Material Design design guidelines to the Web using CSS, JavaScript and HTML. Google says MDL is framework agnostic, and can be used with just about any front-end solution a web designer or developer might want to use.

These Compelling Campaigns Are the Gold Standard for Sports Advertising

The Clio Awards launched Clio Sports last year to honor the best in sports advertising and marketing. Gatorade, Nike and the NBA, among many others, were honored with Clio gold awards in this year's competition. Here are all the gold-award winners by category.

Tinder is introducing verified profiles

Tinder has announced it's introducing verified profiles - a blue tick like you've come to expect on Twitter or Facebook - to ensure the people you're swiping through are legit. Initially, the verified badges will be going to notable figures, celebrities and athletes, so you'll know that if a well-known face shows up during your desperate swiping, they're actually the real deal.

Facebook Changes Measurement of Cost per Click

Cost per click will soon be measured differently by Facebook. The social network announced in a Facebook for Business post that as part of the release of its new ads application-programming interface, CPC will only register what it referred to as "link clicks": Clicks to visit other websites.

Latest Meerkat Update Brings Cameo, Facebook Integration, and Library

Meerkat has released one of it's most important updates so far, with three new features. Users are now allowed to invite whoever else they want to join their stream as broadcasters, users can join Meerkat with their Facebook accounts, and they can now store streams on the cloud.

Zmiany w wyglądzie Google Play od dziś dostępne u wszystkich. Docenią je posiadacze dużych ekranów - AntyWeb

Od rana tu i ówdzie obwieszcza się uruchomienie nowego interfejsu w desktopowej wersji sklepu Google Play. Zmiany są dość znaczące, ale i znajome, bo już wcześniej przewijały się na ekranach niektórych użytkowników. Przy okazji delikatny lifting przechodzi też wersja mobilna. Widać, że Google nie spoczywa na laurach.

Facebook's latest News Feed change lets you pick who you see first

Facebook is now letting you make your News Feed a lot more personal. The social network introduced a new set of tools meant to give users more control over exactly what they see in their News Feed.

IKEA Monkeys in the Jungle - The Inspiration Room

IKEA has released "Monkeys", an advertising campaign showing a troop of monkeys playing around in an IKEA METOD kitchen. Shot at the Jaguar Rescue Centre in Costa Rica, the film shows Howler, Spider and Capuchin monkeys turning a kitchen into their jungle playground. Water is poured, milk is drunk, bananas are discovered in the fridge.

Facebook Says It Has 'No Plans' to Launch a Music Streaming Service

A year-and-a-half ago, Facebook's director of strategic partnerships Ime Archbong told Billboard that the company was looking to fragment its Swiss Army Knife-like social platform, creating separate apps for each of the many powerful features it has.

Współpraca Google i Legendary Pictures. Spojrzenie na film "Warcraft" przez VR (Comic-Con) "

Panel Legendary Pictures, podczas którego studio promować będzie m.in. „ Warcraft „, odbędzie się dopiero w sobotę. Prawdopodobnie wówczas zobaczymy pierwszy zwiastun. Jednakże już w środę ogłoszono, że w ramach promocji filmu rozpoczęto współpracę z Google, wykorzystując technologię wirtualnej rzeczywistości. Firmy wspólnie stworzyły specjalną aplikację zwaną Dubbed Legendary VR, dostępną na Androida i iOS (tylko w USA).

Google now uses an artificial neural network to fight spam, debuts Gmail Postmaster Tools to cut false positives

If you're not reaching, engaging, and monetizing customers on mobile, you're likely losing them to someone else. Register now for the 8th annual MobileBeat, July 13-14, where the best and brightest will be exploring the latest strategies and tactics in the mobile space.

LinkedIn now has 1M publishers, with more than 130K posts per week

If you're not reaching, engaging, and monetizing customers on mobile, you're likely losing them to someone else. Register now for the 8th annual MobileBeat, July 13-14, where the best and brightest will be exploring the latest strategies and tactics in the mobile space.

WhatsApp on the Web now lets you manage your chats, contacts and groups

WhatsApp on the Web has been updated to include a few new features that allow you to have more control over your chats and group conversations that take place in a Web browser. First launched in January, the Web interface lets you carry out WhatsApp chats via a desktop or laptop but always approached things in a pretty cut-back, simplistic way.

Niestandardowa kampania outdoorowa Tymbarku

Malina-Mięta czy Cytryna-Mięta? Poprzez nową kampanię outdoorową Tymbark zachęca do spróbowania orzeźwiających, smakowych połączeń w letnie, wakacyjne dni.

Carlsberg Video: If Carlsberg Did Haircuts...

Carlsberg and advertising agency 72andSunny from Amsterdam have released this great video spot recently. The campaign continues its idea of what it would be if Carlsberg provided a customer service. Last time it took place at a boutique shop. This time it takes place at the barber's.

Instagram Averaging More Organic Growth, Engagement Than Facebook (Report)

Instagram continues to grow organic followers and engagement at a much higher rate than parent company Facebook, according to May 2015 data from social analytics and reporting firm Locowise. Locowise studied 2,500 Instagram profiles throughout May and found that: Organic follower growth averaged 1.48 percent, compared with 0.2 percent for Facebook.

Minions Inspire Love and Hatred With Their Marketing Run Amok

It was all bound to happen because that's how the Internet works: First we prop big sensations up, and then we revel in their downfall. And that's exactly what has gone down-already-with the Minions movie, even though it premieres in the United States today.

Always Is Unstoppable With #LikeAGirl, Coca Cola Shares Fun Facts About Your Name And We Meet Andy Murray's Dog! - So...

We've got a week's worth of engaging, hard-hitting, and bold campaigns to talk about. From Proctor & Gamble's Always' second edition of #LikeAGirl, Coca Cola's outdoor #CokeMyName to the best of 4th of July brand Tweets, sit tight and read on to see how these exciting Twitter Case Studies come alive!

Gamee is a new social network for casual gamers

Half a year ago in an interview with The Next Web, Jan Rezab, founder of Socialbakers, mentioned a $600,000 "family investment" in a Prague-based startup. Now the veil mystery has been lifted with the launch of Gamee, a mobile-first casual gaming social network with an interesting business model and distinctive stance against in-app purchases.

YouTube now has a 'Trusted Tester' program for Creator Studio app beta features

To get feedback from actual YouTube video creators, Google is introducing a Trusted Tester program for the Creator Studio app. The app lets YouTube's video publishers manage their account details, respond to comments, and see analytics on how videos are performing. Want to test out new versions of our Creator Studio App before anyone else?

Vine Promotes Its Top Stars With New Suggested User List

When people find a social media creator they love, they'll keep coming back to whatever app hosts their content. Vine, the six-second looping video app owned by Twitter, has today announced an update that will let users find more of its most popular creators to follow.

Headline for Lektury #63
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Lektury #63

Jul 13, 2015 - thenextweb.com - 90
10 of the latest surprising and revealing studies on social media

I love to see new stats and research about how to best share to social media. If it's research-backed or numbers-driven, sign me up. These actionable tips are what drive a lot of our experiments at Buffer as we're keen to see if the best advice from these studies meshes with our experience, too.

Jul 13, 2015 - socialmediaexaminer.com - 73
10 Ideas to Inspire Your Next Blog Post

Are you looking for blog post ideas? Would you like some direction to inspire your editorial calendar? Although it may be challenging to come up with new blog post ideas, there's a lot you could write about. In this article I'll share 10 ideas to inspire your business blog content.

Jul 13, 2015 - entrepreneur.com - 91
5 Marketing Lessons From UFC Legend Conor McGregor

To UFC fans, Conor McGregor is a recognizable name synonymous with fighting success. In years past, he was the Cage Warriors Featherweight and Lightweight champion. And as of January 2015, McGregor is ranked no. 3 in the Featherweight division in the world in the UFC rankings.

Jul 13, 2015 - zombiesamurai.pl - 77
Jak i dlaczego zmieniłem metody swojej pracy? / Zombie Samurai

Dotarła do mnie ostatnio pewna pozornie oczywista myśl, z której jednak rzadko wyciągamy jakieś konkretne wnioski: jesteśmy coraz bardziej uzależnieni od narzędzi wokół nas. Nie jest to nic złego. Zawsze tak było, po prostu narzędzia się zmieniają: czy to żarówka pozwalająca nam pracować po zachodzie słońca, czy internetowy kalendarz pomagający nam zorganizować czas.

Jul 13, 2015 - econsultancy.com - 98
Why Kraft's content strategy generates 1.1bn impressions a year

Last week I wrote about IBM's content strategy and why I think it's one of the best I've seen from a tech company. I find it interesting to focus on individual brands to see if there's anything to be learnt from what they're doing content-wise, and this time I wanted to cover the Creme Egg-ruining food giant Kraft.

Jul 13, 2015 - adage.com - 72
Creativity Top 5: The Best Brand Ideas of the Week

Inspired Diaper Advertising, Marriage Equality Celebrations and An Unusual Fight Against Hunger In this week's episode, we present inspired diaper advertising, marriage equality celebrations and an unusual fight against child hunger. Stay on top of the best creative brand ideas by subscribing to the Creativity Top 5 Podcast.

Jul 13, 2015 - mondaynote.com - 82
Human Curation Is Back

Related columns: App Store Curation: An Open Letter To Tim Cook With one million titles and no human guides, the Apple App Store has become incomprehensible for mere mortals. A simple solution exists: curation by humans instead of algorithms. Dear Tim, You know the numbers better than anyone - I don't need to quote(...)

Jul 13, 2015 - thenextweb.com - 88
The secret to being creative

Creativity is not just for artists, musicians, writers, and designers. We are all creative, but the folks who are known for it have spent time cultivating it, failing at it, and working at it. It's easy to look at any famous creative person and think they're naturally creative.

Jul 13, 2015 - getpocket.com - 76

When you find something you want to view later, put it in Pocket.

Jul 13, 2015 - contentmarketinginstitute.com - 80
Stop Thinking Content, Start Thinking Resources

By Carlton Hoyt published June 2, 2015 It's time for us to develop content from a resource marketing paradigm. Providing something useful, as the dictionary defines resource, is core to fulfilling content marketing objectives.

Jul 13, 2015 - problogger.net - 77
The Walking Dead Guide to Writing a Killer Blog Opening - @ProBlogger

This is a guest contribution by Belinda Weaver, SEO copywriter behind The Copy Detective. A sheriff's car rolls up to an intersection, where several cars are burnt out and overturned. The occupant, a police officer, gets out, slowly walks to the back of the car and pulls out a gas can while cautiously looking around.

Jul 13, 2015 - problogger.net - 97
Your Ultimate Guide to Creating Amazing Content that Draws Readers Into Your Blog - @ProBlogger

This is a guest contribution from Ali Luke. Does your blog lack something? Maybe you post regularly, but your posts aren't getting many comments or shares. It feels like no-one's reading. What you need is pillar content. (Also known as "cornerstone content" and "evergreen content".) These posts get links, shares, and comments.

Jul 13, 2015 - thenextweb.com - 98
10 secrets to make a social media manager's life easier

There's this common misconception that managing social media on a professional level is as easy and breezy as uploading an image on Facebook with a simple caption to go with it. But, you and I both know that there's so much more to it.

W ostatni piątek na blogu pojawiło się zapowiadane case study związane z Somersby Elderflower i akcjami blogerskimi. Jest trochę cyferek z którymi warto się zapoznać. Z racji, że mamy trochę taki sezon ogórkowy, to nie planuję specjalnie kolejnych wpisów, raczej co mi wpadnie do głowy, więc bądźcie czujni.

Pamiętajcie również, że możecie mi podsyłać propozycje i sugestie tekstów na pijarukoksu@gmail.com. Jeśli podeślecie newsy do Podsumowania Tygodnia to też będzie super. Jeśli z kolei w końcu dojrzeliście (lub Wasz klient) do współpracy ze mną, to tutaj macie wszystkie szczegóły na temat moich świadczeń, zasięgów i statystyk bloga.


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