Podsumowanie Tygodnia 5.05 – 11.05.2015

Póki co maj nie rozpieszcza nas pogodowo. I weź tu człowieku planuj kampanię, której głównym przesłaniem jest słońce, upał i potrzeba ochłody. Marketing jak widać musi się zmagać z wieloma przeciwnościami. Nic jednak nie stanęło mi na drodze, żeby przygotować dla Was kolejne świeże Podsumowanie Tygodnia.

Headline for Podsumowanie Tygodnia 5.05 - 11.05.2015
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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 5.05 - 11.05.2015

Spotify świętuje dzień Star Wars

Wszyscy fani Dartha Vadera już szykują się na nadchodzącą, siódmą części sagi Przebudzenie Mocy. Z okazji Międzynarodowego Dnia Gwiezdnych Wojen, Spotify przygotowało zestawienie najczęściej odtwarzanych utworów znanych z filmowej sagi, które z pewnością umili fanom oczekiwanie na premierę n...

A superfan turned The Last of Us from a game into a beautiful TV series

Hundreds of hours of work has created a seven episode 'Last of Us' miniseries Video game "playthroughs" are a dime a dozen. For every major title and many minor ones, tons of YouTube videos show viewers story elements, cutscenes, and tips for getting through tricky spots.

Royal real-time marketing v 2.0 - which brand was the best? - Sotrender Blog - FaceBook Marketing: analyze, optimize,...

Remember what happened two years ago, when Kate Middleton gave birth to her son, George, nicknamed the Royal Baby? The media was completely swarmed with ads and content concerning the newest member of British Royal Family. Some were fun, some were not, the time was the most important.

Britney Spears debuts her latest single in Britney-branded Uber cars

Britney Spears fans in LA were offered the chance to listen to the pop icon's latest single "Pretty Girls" before it hit the airwaves, simply by ordering up an Uber. Between 3PM and 9PM PT on Sunday, the taxi app made specially branded Britney SUVs available for rides around town, with the cars blasting out the single on repeat to (presumably) overjoyed fans.

Get your beer belly out: Carlsberg asks commuters if they are 'beer body ready'

The beer brand commissioned agency Fold7 to put up a giant poster next to Protein World's "Are you beach ready?" ad. The Protein World posters, which have now been banned by the ASA, were designed to promote diet supplements.

Brands Ask for It, and Twitter Hits Fast Forward on Autoplay Video

Twitter is close to unveiling its autoplay video, finally giving marketers the format they say is a must for branded content. Twitter has been heavily promoting autoplay in its latest sales pitches, and it will launch by the end of June, sources familiar with the plans said.

Facebook Tests Feature Letting Users Pick Pages, Friends They'd Want To See Atop News Feed

Facebook is testing a feature on mobile that allows users to select friends and pages whose posts they'd want to see atop News Feed. For some mobile users, a box with an animated puppy shows up, prompting the user to "See more of what you love."

Quiksilver Is Now Making Business Suits That Double as Wetsuits

Surf's up-so let's suit up business style and catch a wave! That's the thrust of a new project by TBWA\Hakuhodo and Quiksilver, which have teamed up to introduce True Wetsuits in Japan. These 2-millimeter-thick neoprene suits help guys look smashing at the office-or while hanging 10, shooting curls or whatever the hell people do on surfboards these days.

Pinterest Introduces Developer Platform to Make Pins Interactive

Pinterest has announced details of its developer platform, extending the platform's core functionality to third-parties. Developers who choose to build new functionality using the APIs will be able to make individual Pins actionable, such as allowing users to order ingredients from a recipe Pin.

Google Acquires Timeful To Bring Smart Scheduling To Google Apps

Google has acquired Timeful, a startup designed to make scheduling easier by helping you solve larger goals without requiring you to sweat the details. Timeful's app analyzes your schedule, and uses it to help you achieve specific goals you have in mind.

Facebook is testing a new feature that tricks you into sharing links

In the most annoying little Facebook tweak in recent memory, the social network appears to be pushing the power of the share harder than ever. About a week ago, I went to comment on a friend's link that appeared in my News Feed.

Wiemy już gdzie w Warszawie powstanie Google Campus : Brief

Od kiedy Eric Schmidt, były szef Google, odwiedził Polskę i zapowiedział, że w Warszawie powstanie Google Campus trwały spekulacje gdzie dokładnie zostanie zlokalizowany ten obiekt. Dziś w świat wyszła dokładna informacja. Google Campus będzie czymś w rodzaju dużego coworku dla technologicznych startupów, ale także miejscem animacji społeczności startupowej w Warszawie.

Oto Google Collections, czyli Pinterest wbudowany w Google+ - AntyWeb

Google uruchamia nową usługę - Kolekcje (lub jeśli ktoś woli - Google Collections). Pozwoli ona użytkownikom na magazynowanie ciekawych treści i tworzenie specjalnych albumów, a więc tytułowych kolekcji, dotyczących konkretnego zagadnienia lub tematu. Skojarzenia z Pinterestem? Zdecydowanie nieprzypadkowe, bo działa to w bardzo zbliżony sposób.

With Timeful Acquisition, Google Aims To Supercharge Its Apps' Time-Management Smarts

When time-management startup Timeful launched its iOS app last July, it faced a basic challenge. Its app uses artificial intelligence to help busy folks find the time to keep on top of important matters in their professional and personal lives.

Justin Timberlake Plays a Lime Who Goes From Hero to Zero in This Hilarious Tequila Ad

Justin Timberlake is a chamelion of sorts, a former boy-bander turned solo pop star turned comedic actor turned serious actor. And he multitasks quite nicely-and hilariously-in this Sauza 901 tequila ad. Not only does he star as an anthropomorphic lime, he came up with the concept and has a major stake in the business.

Huggies Helped This Blind Mom See Her Pregnancy Ultrasound by 3-D Printing the Baby

Seeing ultrasound images is a special part of most pregnancies, but women who are blind, of course, don't get that experience. So, Huggies Brazil approximated it for one visually impaired woman by 3-D printing a sculpture of her unborn child that she could touch.

Foursquare Relents: Mayorships are Coming Back in Swarm

Ever since Foursquare broke its product off into two, fans of the app have long missed battling friends and strangers to retain mayorships of their favorite establishments. Well, miss no more: the company today announced that mayorships are returning to Swarm, along with a slew of new stickers that you can unlock and use when you check into places, send messages and upload photos.

Ryan Gosling Pays Tribute to Dead Vine Star by Finally Eating His Cereal

After a two-year battle with bone cancer, 27-year-old Ryan McHenry-who created good meme " Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal"- died on Sunday. This evening, the actor himself raised a spoon in the late Vine maker's honor.

Audi Makes Fun of Women Drivers (but Not Really) in Curious Twitter Campaign

Audi Ireland has decided to directly address the stereotype that women are bad drivers in a Twitter campaign that aims to undermine that perception. The automaker last week posted a series of images that appeared to make fun of women drivers-including scenes of poorly parked cars and men in passenger seats looking terrified.

TOP 100 polskich użytkowników Snapchata by Hash.fm

TOP 100 polskich użytkowników Snapchata by Hash.fm RANKING UZUPEŁNIAMY NA ŻYWO. JEŻELI BRAKUJE CIĘ W ZESTAWIENIU, ZGŁOŚ SIĘ BEZZWŁOCZNIE. INFORMACJE O TYM JAK SIĘ ZGŁOSIĆ ZNAJDZIESZ POD ZESTAWIENIEM, NA DOLE STRONY. ZAPRASZAMY! Działasz na Snapchacie? Czujesz w tym potencjał? Chcesz osiągnąć więcej? Pokazać się reklamodawcom, widzom i czytelnikom?

Google revamps AdWords with a focus on interactive mobile ads

More people than ever are browsing the Web on mobile, so advertisers are making the move to mobile too. Google has noticed, so it's announcing a refresh of its AdWords content to reflect this. Unveiled during an AdWords event today ,these ads are more interactive, based on swiping navigation rather than clicks, and rely heavily on high-res images.

Klout Adds Expertise Badges To Its Influence Rankings

Klout isn't just about influence anymore. The social media ranking service today announced it has added expertise to the mix of factors that make up a Klout score. Now Klout profiles will display expertise badges for users who rank highly for knowledge in the 10,000 topics that Klout is tracking.

Snapchat's first Discover update makes it easier to share stories

Snapchat just rolled out its first major update to its Discover section, first unveiled in January. The company updated its iOS and Android app Tuesday that allows users to share photos, videos and articles directly from Discover. When browsing in Discover, you can now select an item to share by tapping and holding on an image, video or article.

Facebook Messenger had 1 million video calls in the first 2 days, Facebook says

It's been just over a week since Facebook rolled out video chat for Messenger, and things already look promising for the app's newest feature. According to the company, Messenger users made over 1 million video calls during those first two days after launch.

YouTube Trends 04.2015

Raport YouTube Trends. Sotrender - lepsze decyzje w marketingu w social media. Analizy, badania, optymalizacja oraz dopasowane rekomendacje dla Facebooka, YouTube'a i Twittera.

VML Poland wspiera digitalowo konkurs „Red Bull #LotnePrzetwory"

VML Poland wspiera digitalowo konkurs „Red Bull #LotnePrzetwory" | Internetowy serwis o reklamie i marketingu. Najnowsze kampanie, kreacje i trendy.

Restaurant creates plates designed to look good on Instagram

Sure, it tastes delicious, but how will it look on Instagram? Israel's Carmel Winery teamed up with Tel Aviv restaurant Catit to offer the customers the most Instagram-able food possible. The restaurant says that it's looking "to reconnect with a new generation of consumers -- youngsters who connect with food through the lens of a smartphone."

Snickers Found Amusing Fails All Over NYC and Put These Stickers Next to Them

BBDO New York continues its run of great work for Snickers with this irresistible out-of-home campaign, in which the candy brand found goofy mistakes all around New York City-and put stickers next to them that read, "You make mistakes when you're hungry."

Facebook Releases Tools for Audience Network Native Ads

Facebook released a host of tools to ease the creation of native ads for its Facebook Audience Network and allow developers and publishers to reach users outside of the social network. In order to help marketers conform to Facebook Audience Network's native ad format, the social network created new native ad templates, as well as ad-management tools for native ads and the addition of a horizontal scroll feature.

Spotify likely to steal thunder from Apple's Beats launch by announcing new video streaming

As Apple reportedly readies for the launch of its Beats music streaming service next month, Spotify plans to get out ahead of the unveiling with a little news of its own. The Swedish-based company sent an invitation to members of the media on Thursday for an event that will be held on Wednesday, May 20 in New York City.

Facebook oraz IBM łączą siły w digital marketingu

Rozwiązanie IBM i Facebook pozwala marketerom lepiej zrozumieć potrzeby użytkowników i umożliwia budowanie kampanii marketingowych wokół ich zainteresowań, opinii i oczekiwań. Klienci chmurowego rozwiązania IBM mogą od dziś korzystać z dostarczanego przez Facebooka narzędzia Custom Audiences, aby dostarczane przez nich reklamy trafiały do osób, które są nimi zainteresowane, w sposób dla nich najdogodniejszy.

Nicaragua 'selfie tour' brings new meaning to 'pics or it didn't happen'

If you took an amazing vacation but didn't post any drool-worthy photos on social media, did it even happen? A new tour option in Nicaragua could make you wonder. El Camino Travel is now offering a " selfie tour," which includes a personal photographer to provide dreamy, Instagram-ready images.

Chrome Beta for Android now prompts you to replace downloads instead of making duplicates

How many times have you re-downloaded a file onto your Android phone simply because it's easier than trying to find it in a folder? Google seems to be aware of this phenomenon, as the newest version of Chrome Beta will now ask you if you want to replace an existing file, rather than just follow the previous behavior of downloading a copy labelled 'ialreadyhavethisfile(2).jpg' or something of the sort.

LinkedIn Now Provides Detailed Analytics For Your Posts

LinkedIn's publishing platform is getting a feature that was sorely missing: post analytics. The feature shows detailed information on how widely read your posts are and provides data about the people who read them, like which industries they work in, where the most traffic came from, top job titles and more The feature is rolling out right now, but you can try your luck and see if it's available for you already here.

The creator of The Sims launches a scrapbook app that's like PowerPoint with stickers

Will Wright, creator of The Sims and SimCity, launched a new iPhone app today, and it has nothing to do with taking care of vaguely autonomous animated people or building skyscrapers. The app, called Thred, lets users create and customize mobile scrapbooks, or "threds," and share them with friends.

Twitter Trends Kwiecień 2015

Kwiecień na Twitterze minął przede wszystkim pod znakiem polityki i nadchodzących wyborów, Celebrity Splash Polska, Justina Biebera oraz (jak zwykle) Dawida Kwiatkowskiego, który, co zaskakuje, nie został autorem najbardziej interaktywnego tweeta miesiąca.

Snapchat Debuts Video Ads for 2 Cents a View

Snapchat wants companies to know its not just for millennials: Advertisers can find a home there as well. At the Daily Mail/Elite Daily Digital Content NewFronts presentation Thursday, the platform announced it would be unveiling 10-second ads that cost 2 cents per view.

NBA. Shaquille O'Neal zaliczył glebę. I wyznacza nagrodę dla autora najlepszego mema

Cały internet śmieje się z Boatenga, Król Shaq poczuł się zazdrosny.

Headline for Lektury #56
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Lektury #56

May 11, 2015 - prdaily.com - 80
5 'Avengers'-style social media managers

The list of tasks and demands on social media managers each and every day can be enough to make the job seem superhero-worthy. Though they don't require a magical hammer, a flying suit of armor or an indestructible shield, community managers are often armed with tools of their own, such as scheduling and analytic apps, a knowledge of content creation and lots of caffeine.

May 11, 2015 - time.com - 78
5 Leadership Lessons You Can Learn From Game of Thrones

Answer by Mira Zaslove on Quora. 1. " The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword." - Eddard Stark. Don't shy away from making tough calls. And just as importantly, do the unpleasant work to follow through. As Ned reminds us, "He who hides behind executioners soon forgets what death is."

May 11, 2015 - blog.bufferapp.com - 61
How to Test Anything on Social Media

One of our favorite ways to improve our results on social media is to try new things. We dream up a new idea or research a possible change in strategy, we test it out, and we see what happens.

May 11, 2015 - blog.hkstrategies.pl - 68
Napędzani Dieslem, czyli zapomniane mądrości facebookowego króla.

Na Facebooku robi się coraz ciężej. Mark na początku usunął nieaktywne konta z profili (myślę, że to dobrze), w ostatnich tygodniach zmienił się algorytm i więcej treści będziemy widzieli od znajomych (tutaj jeszcze nie jestem pewien, bo różnych mam znajomych), a jeśli wydaje Ci się drogi managerze, że treści w newsfeedzie jest dużo...

May 11, 2015 - thenextweb.com - 81
How I Grew My Facebook Traffic by 200% in 60 Days

Andrianes Pinantoan heads growth marketing at Canva, an online design tool that helps you and your team create stunning visual marketing assets faster and easier than ever. Have you noticed it? Recently, more and more companies have started complaining about the declining amount of traffic Facebook drives to their website.

May 11, 2015 - prdaily.com - 82
Brands trot out posts for royal baby, 'Star Wars' day and Cinco de Mayo

'Tis the season for newsjacking. Those of us who work in creating social media content have been on high alert for the past week or so, which saw the birth of a royal baby, "Star Wars" day (May the 4th be with you) and Cinco de Mayo.

May 11, 2015 - problogger.net - 78
18 Lessons I've Learned about Blogging

In November 2002 I first heard the word blog after a mate e-mailed me a link and said I should consider starting one. Within 24 hours I'd created my first blog (a blogspot blog that doesn't exist today).

May 11, 2015 - thenextweb.com - 72
12 Latest Tactics to Posting on Facebook

If you feel challenged by Facebook marketing these days, you should know you're not alone. In an increasingly crowded news feed, Facebook's algorithm updates can make it tough for brands to get much notice. In fact, brands are now responding to plunging organic reach on Facebook by posting more content to Instagram than they are to Facebook, according to a report by research firm L2.

May 11, 2015 - contently.com - 79
BuzzFeed Just Cracked the Code on How Social Content Spreads, and It's a Big Deal

For a while now, BuzzFeed has been the envy of the publishing world for its ability to crunch data and figure out how to create content that's perfectly constructed to spread through the social web. Even The New York Times couldn't help but gush over BuzzFeed's analytic prowess in last year's leaked innovation report.

May 11, 2015 - searchenginejournal.com - 78
12 Facebook Tactics Working Right Now | SEJ

If you feel challenged by Facebook marketing these days, you should know you're not alone. In an increasingly crowded news feed, Facebook's algorithm updates can make it tough for brands to get much notice. In fact, brands are now responding to plunging organic reach on Facebook by posting more content to Instagram than they are to Facebook, according to a report by research firm L2.

Jednak wpis w ramach współpracy z Somersby odrobinę się opóźnił, ale już wkrótce będziecie mogli się z nim zapoznać. Tymczasem zachęcam do lektury notki na temat personal brandingu w wykonaniu Zlatana Ibrahimowica. Na ten tydzień też planuję coś fajnego, więc bądźcie czujni.

Pamiętajcie również, że możecie mi podsyłać propozycje i sugestie tekstów na pijarukoksu@gmail.com. Jeśli podeślecie newsy do Podsumowania Tygodnia to też będzie super. Jeśli z kolei w końcu dojrzeliście (lub Wasz klient) do współpracy ze mną, to tutaj macie wszystkie szczegóły na temat moich świadczeń, zasięgów i statystyk bloga.


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