Podsumowanie Tygodnia 3.11 – 9.11.2015

Jesteśmy już po pierwszym listopada, zatem kolejne tygodnie to przede wszystkim kampanie świąteczne. Póki co w Polsce dopiero się rozpędzają (choć sklepy i markety już przystrojono). W dzisiejszym Podsumowaniu też pojawiają się takie akcenty, głównie za sprawą ciekawej reklamy Johna Lewisa, ale innych newsów też nie brakuje.

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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 3.11 - 9.11.2015

"To nie awaria, to po prostu koniec wody" - kampania #Polska2205 Ubisoftu i ASZdziennika podbija social media

Kampania #Polska2205 Ubisoftu i ASZdziennika podbija sieć | Internetowy serwis o reklamie i marketingu. Najnowsze kampanie, kreacje i trendy.

Za hajs ze snapów baluj, czyli ile pieniędzy można zarobić, będąc popularnym Snapchaterem w Polsce

Niedawno ekscytowaliśmy się zarobkami Sylwestra Wardęgi i innych znanych, polskich YouTuberów. Jeszcze wcześniej na świeczniku były kwoty, które Kasia Tusk zgarnia za reklamy na swoim blogu. Teraz największe emocje budzi monetyzowanie snapów. Jak się okazuje, najpopularniejsi użytkownicy Snapchata, dzięki potężnej bazie widzów, zarabiają na tym całkiem spore pieniądze.

'Badge Bragging' Presents New Social Media Dangers

Posting about your new job on Facebook and other social networks is a good thing, but including a photo of your new badge-not so much. Symantec's Cyber Security Services shared a blog post by Brian R. Varner warning of the dangers of "badge bragging" and how posting high-resolution photos of workplace badges could lead to big-time trouble.

Sprinklr Acquires Booshaka, an Audience Segmentation & Management Platform

Today Sprinklr made an acquisition announcement that it had bought Booshaka, "an advanced audience segmentation and management platform that helps marketers link customer data automatically across social, web, mobile, ecommerce, and CRM systems to optimize engagement and drive revenue," according to a release from Sprinklr.

Snapchat clarifies its new Terms of Service and says your snaps are private as ever

Snapchat received some backlash a few days ago over its updated Terms of Service - which many interpreted to imply the company would now be storing your images to use in advertising. Well, that's true, but Snapchat already did so before for content like Live Stories - it has to save the photos and videos somewhere to share them with other parts of the world throughout the day.

Nike Welcomes Winter With Epic, Star-Studded, Two-Minute 'Snow Day' Commercial

After last year's brutal weather, folks in the Boston area might not be screaming "Snow day!" quite as exuberantly upon the arrival of this winter's first big storm. But New England Patriots hero Rob Gronkowski seems to have no problem with snowflakes as he headlines this epic, two-minute cold-weather commercial from Nike-ushering in the season of flurries, frozen feet and star-studded neighborhood Snow Bowls.

KitKat's New Billboards Are Truly Touching: They Give You a Free Massage

Talk about a touchy-feely campaign! To promote KitKat's launch in Colombia, J. Walter Thompson and Mindshare installed 20 billboards in the capital city of Bogota. That may sound like a typical move, but these were no ordinary out-of-home ads.

Marshawn Lynch and Cara Delevingne Suit Up for Call of Duty's Latest Epic Ad

Kevin might just seem like a regular guy, but he's so nasty at Call of Duty that he gets to star in this ad for Black Ops III-complete with narration about his exploits from actor Michael B. Jordan, and a stunned reaction from football star Marshawn Lynch.

Facebook is fighting to become more like Twitter

Facebook is looking for new ways to get users to share more, rather than just consume content, in a push that seemingly puts it in more direct rivalry with Twitter. It's a strange paradigm, but some studies have shown that Facebook has become a place to passively consume, rather than actively share your thoughts.

Ad of the Day: Ikea Products Boogie Down in Great Music Video for a Store Opening

Ikea is opening its second store in Malaysia, and the retailer's products physically can't contain their excitement. That's judging by this fun new music video that the brand just released, from BBH Asia Pacific, in which various products are seen celebrating by dancing furiously.

Sokół i Bogusław Linda w projekcie Johnniego Walkera (wideo) - Wiadomości - Marketing przy Kawie - praktyczne wskazów...

Raper Wojciech Sosnowski znany jako Sokół we współpracy z marką Johnnie Walker nagrał teledysk. Występuje w nim także Bogusław Linda.

Twitter officially kills off favorites and replaces them with likes

Twitter's "favorite" button, the service's primary way for users to signal agreement, acknowledgement, laughter, support, and occasionally (and perversely!) utter hatred, is officially dead. The company said today that it is replacing favorites with "likes," to be represented in its apps and on the web by red heart icons.

Pinterest Starts Rolling Out Buyable Pins On Android Phones

Pinterest is starting to roll out Buyable Pins on Android phones today, the company said. Buyable Pins let some retailers who are partners with Pinterest and retailers use Shopify and Demandware. The company unveiled Buyable Pins earlier in June earlier this year, with the iPhone getting access to them later that month.

Pushbullet's Android 6.0 Marshmallow update brings on-demand app permissions

In a blog post earlier today, Pushbullet, the app that brings multi-device sharing to Android announced an update for Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). The update wasn't a small one and featured the typical security and bug fixes as well as improvements to minor annoyances such as slow SMS sync, battery use, and for good measure the team even shrunk the app size by 25 percent.

Facebook's Slideshow ads: why the focus on emerging markets?

Last week I went into the belly of one the many beasts digital marketers attempt to navigate on a daily basis: Facebook. I was there to watch a presentation by two of Facebook's product marketing managers, Jennifer Spies and Brendan Sullivan, on a new advertising platform called Slideshow.

Twitter Trends 10.2015 - pobierz raport za darmo!

Raport Twitter Trends. Sotrender - lepsze decyzje w marketingu w social media. Analizy, badania, optymalizacja oraz dopasowane rekomendacje dla Facebooka, YouTube'a i Twittera.

36 nominacji w konkursie MIXX Awards

Jury przyznało 36 nominacji w konkursie MIXX Awards 2015. O tym, kto zwycięży w konkursie nagradzającym najlepsze polskie kampanie interaktywne ostatnich 12 miesięcy, dowiemy się już 19 listopada podczas Gali MIXX Awards &Conference 2015 w Palladium. Zapraszamy! Pełną listę twórców kampanii można zobaczyć TUTAJ. Do tegorocznej, IX edycji konkursu MIXX Awards wpłynęło 106 zgłoszeń.

Uber wjeżdża do Wrocławia i Poznania. Do niedzieli przejazdy za darmo [prasówka] - AntyWeb

Uber sukcesywnie poszerza swoją dostępność. Po Warszawie, Krakowie i Trójmieście firma wkroczyła do Wrocławia i Poznania. Z tej okazji ruszyła też promocja, w ramach której mieszkańcy nowych miast do niedzieli nie zapłacą za przejazdy. Uber w Poznaniu i Wrocławiu Dokładnie dziś o godzinie 7:00 Uber wystartował w dwóch nowych miastach.

Facebook videos reach 8 billion views per day

Video on Facebook is swallowing the entire social network. According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg today, Facebook videos notch more than 8 billion views daily. That's double what the average view count was back in April and eight times the amount of daily video views the platform had in September 2014.

Burger King Is Now Just Gratuitously Being a Dick in This Taunting French Campaign

Burger King takes on the persona of an elementary school bully with its latest baffling campaign in France, taunting people in cities that don't have BK restaurants with photos of people in cities who do.

Sprite Wants Snapchat Users to Get More Friends Via Its Cans

Sprite is inviting Snapchat users in Brazil to put their Snapcodes on millions of its soda cans. Snapcodes are QR codes-two-dimensional barcodes scannable on smartphones-that are designed to help people on the mobile-social platform gain more friends.

With Smart Reply, Google's Inbox Can Now Respond To Emails For You Automatically

Some believe that email is bloated and dying, but by implementing advances from its machine learning and AI teams, Google has been using Inbox - its Gmail-based mobile email client - as a way to raise the bar on how to improve the experience and make it once again into a productive place to communicate with people.

Fallout gets its own 'CHAT' app that lets you send Vault Boy and irradiated poop emoji

If anticipation for Fallout 4 has you so giddy that only a spiral-eyed Vault Boy emoji (or a glowing green radioactive smiling turd emoji) can properly encapsulate your current emotional state, publisher Bethesda Softworks has a solution: the new Fallout CHAT app for Android and iOS.

Facebook Speeds Past 1.55 Billion Users And Q3 Estimates With $4.5B Revenue

Facebook's growth continues as it hit 1.55 billion users and beat the street's estimates in its Q3 2015 earnings with $4.5 billion in revenue and $0.57 earnings per share, up a big 11.3% from $4.04 billion last quarter. Facebook's monthly user count was up sharply to 4.02% quarter over quarter from 3.47% growth.

Facebook's breaking news app Notify will reportedly launch next week

Facebook's breaking news app Notify could be launching next week, according to a report by The Financial Times . It's said that the app will contain content from "dozens of media partners" including Vogue, The Washington Post, Comedy Central, Billboard, and CBS. Notify seems to be Facebook's effort to appeal to users who are hungry for news.

Forget Beast Mode, Epic New "Call Of Duty" Ad Celebrates The Everyday Badass

Call of Duty has a long, funny, entertaining history of celebrating the action and adventure prowess of everyday people. It started years ago with regular Joes kicking ass on the battlefield with celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel and Kobe Bryant to The Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter," has given us advertising gold with Jonah Hill as everyone's favorite n00b, showed us the dream of being CoDnapped, and more.

Tinder set to announce 'huge' change to its algorithm

DUBLIN - Tinder users, there's a big change coming to the app's algorithm that will be announced in the next few days. The "huge" change, which will be its biggest to date, will boost connections made on the dating app by 30%, the dating app's founder and CEO Sean Rad told the Web Summit in Ireland on Wednesday.

14 best social campaigns & stories from October 2015

No doubt next month's round-up will be Christmas retail-heavy (and quite possibly full of moustaches). This time we're covering the almighty Prince's first foray into the world of Instagram, some big announcements from Twitter and Facebook, and lots of other social news and campaigns that caught our eye last month.

Good Morning, Facebook!

Did Facebook wish anyone else a good morning today? The graphic pictured to the right appeared atop my News Feed when I first logged into Facebook (via desktop) Wednesday morning. Readers: Has anyone seen anything similar?

Facebook adds song clips from Spotify and Apple Music to your News Feed

As part of its ongoing effort to surface every bit of information you could possibly need without ever having to leave your News Feed, Facebook has begun rolling out a new music feature that will let you sample the music shared into your feed.

Sotrender - lepsze decyzje w marketingu w social media.

Sotrender - lepsze decyzje w marketingu w social media. Analizy, badania, optymalizacja oraz dopasowane rekomendacje dla Facebooka, YouTube'a i Twittera.

According to Researchers, Snapchat Offers the Most Positive Social Media Experience - Social Media Week

According to a recent study, the communication experience on Snapchat is more positive than Facebook and other social media. Researchers at the University of Michigan used "experience sampling" on 154 college students. They measured how the college students felt after using a social media platform by texting them six times a day for two weeks, asking questions such as "How pleasant or unpleasant was your most recent interaction?"

Finland's new national emoji include a heavy metal guy and a Nokia 3310

Finland, that northern European haven of moose, death metal, and milk, has just become the first country to create a set of national emoji. More than 30 Finland-specific emoji will be available to download on the web worldwide on December 30th, The Guardian reports.

2 New Facebook Tools for Local Business Advertisers

Facebook introduced two new features aimed at local business advertisers: an easier way to automatically add information via the Locations tool, and local insights. The Locations update is available globally through Facebook's ads application-programming interface, with Power Editor coming on board shortly, and local insights are rolling out to pages in the U.S.

Netflix Just Came Up With the Perfect Trick to Get Your Kids to Finally Go to Bed

In just five minutes, Netflix will help you win your nightly bedtime war with your children by brokering a compromise between you and your reluctant sleeper(s). The streaming TV service polled parents globally to figure out the stalling and delay tactics that kids use to push bedtime back.

You'll need tissues at the ready to watch John Lewis Christmas advert

The Christmas ad season doesn't truly begin in Britain until John Lewis unleashes its annual tear-jerker. Be prepared - it's a really emotional one. Yes, it's still only the first week of November, yes, there are seven full weeks to go until Christmas Day, but the emotion-packed ad, which tackles loneliness, is likely to get to even the biggest cynics because of the subject it tackles.

YouTube offering news publishers big incentives to lure them back

Today after discussions with Digital News Initiative participants, Google announced at an event in Berlin that it's working on a new product for news publishers to entice them to upload to its service directly.

Facebook: 'The goal of Messenger is not to be one app that does everything'

Facebook's Messenger app has taken on a life of its own ever since the social network giant made an unpopular move last year and chiselled it out from the main Facebook experience. Even though this meant friends had to use two separate apps for private messaging and general networking, Facebook Messenger uptake soared.

Why Hallmark Is Ditching TV, and Sentimental Ads, for a Bit of Biting Humor This Holiday

Hallmark might be trying to break your heart before the holidays because watching Grandpa being forced to forego ham in favor of a tofu brick is enough to make even a vegan say bah humbug. The scene is one of six new digital-only spots promoting Hallmark's latest line of Keepsake ornaments.

Pinterest update lets you search within images for similar items

Pinterest just got what may be the killer feature to catapult the service into an entirely new level of popularity and profit: visual search. Revealed on Sunday, the new feature allows you to select a specific item in a pinned photo and search for visually similar items on the site.

Google acquires Fly Labs to build video editing tools for Google Photos

Google said today it has acquired Fly Labs, maker of four iOS apps for quickly editing video, and will put its team to work on Google Photos. "It's a perfect match for what we built at Fly Labs, and we're looking forward to folding our technology into Google Photos," Fly said in a statement posted to its website.

Skip YouTube search results and launch videos instantly

It's odd that Google hasn't brought the beloved 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button from its search engine to YouTube. Clicking it instead of the 'search' button automatically takes you to the first search result. YouTube's now pretty good with search, to the point that you almost never have to scroll through results to find the video you were looking for.

John Lewis: Man On The Moon

Man On The Moon tells the story of a magical and unexpected connection between a little girl, Lily, and a Man on the Moon.

McDonald's: McDelivery | Ads of the World™

Advertising Agency: DDB, Vienna, Austria Creative Directors: Andreas Spielvogel, Thomas Tatzl Art Directors: Thomas Tatzl, Andreas Münster Copywrit

IKEA: Come home to play | Ads of the World™

Advertising Agency: Mother, London, UK VFX Company: MPC VFX Producer: Jakub Chilczuk 3d/Motion Design: Tom Robinson, Steven Ross 2d: Rod Norman C

PS4: The wonderful life of a PS4 player | Ads of the World™

Advertising Agency: 180 Amsterdam, Netherlands Chief Creative Officer: Al Moseley Executive Creative Director: Dave Canning, Dan Treichel Creative

Poza tym będę musiał poszukać nowego narzędzia do wrzucania list, bo niestety List.ly zaczyna sobie lecież w kulki z ograniczeniami i płatnymi opcjami. Szkoda, bo dotąd pozwalało mi na szybkie ogarnięcie Podsumowania. Także jeśli znacie podobne rozwiązania, to będę wdzięczny za informację.

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