Podsumowanie Tygodnia 27.01-2.02.2015

Dzień po Super Bowl to prawdziwe święto dla fanów reklamy. Tyle materiałów do oglądania! W moim Podsumowaniu Tygodnia oczywiście nie mogło tego wydarzenia zabraknąć, ale najpewniej będzie się jeszcze przewijać przez newsfeedy przez następny tydzień. Oczywiście zachęcam Was do głosowania na najważniejsze newsy, dzięki temu będę wiedzieć jakie “kategorie” interesują Was najbardziej.

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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 27.01-2.02.2015

Wideo w sieci, YouTube i Facebook - dane dla polskiego rynku
Myślisz wideo w Internecie, mówisz YouTube? Jeśli tak, jesteś w zdecydowanej większości. Platforma Google jest największym w Polsce serwisem oferującym hosting treści wideo. Jednocześnie od lat znajduje się w trójce najchętniej odwiedzanych stron internetowych w Polsce. Wpis jest rozszerzeniem prezentacji wygłoszonej na konferencji Wideo w Sieci, zorganizowanej przez Brief.
Why Volvo Wants You Tweeting During Its Competitors' Super Bowl Ads
Volvo won't be a Super Bowl advertiser this weekend, but several of its competitors will be-a fact the Swedish automaker plans to use for its own benefit. With a promo called "The Greatest Interception Ever," Volvo is asking fans to tweet its hashtag, #VolvoContest, during other car brands' Super Bowl commercials.
World of Warcraft gets a selfie camera, Instagram-style filters
Blizzard is making it easier than ever to capture your Night Elf's duckface, thanks to a new selfie camera coming to World of Warcraft . Patch 6.1, which recently rolled out to WoW's public test realms, adds the S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera, a new toy designed to make picture-taking a bit more self-centered.
Facebook And Instagram Went Down, And Everyone Freaked The Hell Out
The great social media meltdown of 2015.
Meet Vivaldi, A New Browser From the Former CEO of Opera
Hot on the heels of Microsoft announcing its newest browser, Project Spartan, we've got another brand new contender in the browser wars: Vivaldi. The new browser, which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, is still in its early days, but offers a number of features that loyal Opera users may remember.
Vine Celebrates Second Year, 1.5 Billion Daily Loops
Vine's Jason Toff, head of product, celebrated the video app's second anniversary on Saturday with a congratulatory tweet: Having just celebrated our 2nd birthday, I'm thrilled to share that we're now seeing more than 1.5 billion loops per day on @Vine. - Jason Toff (@jasontoff) January 26, 2015 That's a lot of loops.
Facebook Was The One Network People Used Less In 2014
There's no question that Facebook is the world's biggest social network and will probably continue to be for some time. But the way we use Facebook is changing: gradually, it's becoming a far more passive hub for our online social interactions.
Newcastle Unveils Its Smorgasbord of a Super Bowl Ad, Featuring 37 Different Brands
Newcastle just released its "Band of Brands" regional Super Bowl commercial, and it turns out Jockey, Boost Mobile, Lee Jeans, Brawny and Match.com are among the recognizable brands-along with some lesser-known ones-who are sharing the cost of the ad in exchange for a mention in it.
Someone just hijacked Taylor Swift's Twitter and Instagram accounts
Taylor Swift's Twitter account was broken into this afternoon, with her profile tweeting out to over 51 million fans that they should follow someone who claims to be the "leader" of Lizard Squad - the hacking group that's ostensibly behind this attack.
Why Don't We Have Unicorns Today? This Ballsy French Ad Explains Everything
We would still have unicorns around today were it not for an epic screw-up by Noah's son during the loading of the Ark all those years ago. That's the premise of this amusingly overblown Canal+ ad from BETC Paris and director Matthijs Van Heijningen, who so memorably directed "The Bear" for the same agency and client in 2011.
Snapchat launches Discover, a new media channel for brand advertising
Self-destructing messenger Snapchat is launching Discover today, a new tab within its mobile app that will give users access to long-form articles and video cultivated by Snapchat's new editorial team. Today's launch was expected. The new section will feature content from Comedy Central, Food Network, CNN, National Geographic, Vice, Yahoo, and Warner Music Group.
Pierce Brosnan Drives a Whole Different Kind of Getaway Car in Kia's Super Bowl Ad
Kia has released an extended version of its 60-second Super Bowl ad, and it's a really fun spot with Pierce Brosnan that manages to have its cake and eat it, too-by both celebrating and poking fun at over-the-top Super Bowl spots.
Tine Commercial: Dragon Fight Interrupted
Tine has released this incredible video spot recently. The Norwegian brand promotes its cream cheese Ridder. It takes place sometime during the Medieval times and features a fearless knight, arriving at the castle, which is being protected by a huge dragon.
PlayStation, Meet Spotify
Hello everyone! I'm thrilled today to introduce a new music destination called PlayStation Music, with Spotify as the exclusive partner. We've partnered with our friends at Spotify to bring its award-winning digital music service to PlayStation Network this spring in 41 markets around the world.
EA zdominowało konsole nowej generacji. Dragon Age Inquisition z rekordem - AntyWeb
EA chwali się, że jest obecnie największym wydawcą gier na konsole nowej generacji - produkcje elektroników zdominowały zarówno Xboksa One jak i PS4. Wyniki za trzeci kwartał roku fiskalnego nie pozostawiają zresztą złudzeń - to był świetny okres dla firmy, która w końcu zaczęła też wychodzić z dołka wizerunkowego.
Grzejący Kubek Costa poprawia humor - nowa akcja Costa Coffee
Akcja promocyjna "Grzejący Kubek Costa" rozpoczęła się 23 stycznia i potrwa do końca lutego 2015 roku. Pierwszą lokalizacją mierzącego ponad 2,5 m i emitującego ciepło Grzejącego Kubka Costa był Pasaż Stefana "Wiecha" Wiecheckiego w centrum stolicy. Następnie kubek stanął przed kawiarnią Costa Coffee przy Rondzie Dmowskiego, za Hotelem Novotel.
Kompania Piwowarska wybrała agencje do współpracy / Z branży - Portal PR Newsline.pl
Głośny przetarg Kompanii Piwowarskiej dobiega końca. Browar wybrał już trzy agencje do obsługi swoich marek. Są to Q&A Communications, Publicon i Tailo Mode. Przypomnijmy, że Kompania Piwowarska przetarg na obsługę PR swoich marek ogłosiła w połowie listopada ub.r. Zaprosiła do niego kilkanaście agencji, jednak częśc z nich się wycofała, uznając że warunki uczestnictwa w przetargu są dla nich niekorzystne.
Amazon Starts Email Service for Companies
Amazon.com Inc. started out delivering books to your doorstep. Now it also wants to deliver email to your office inbox. The company on Wednesday announced an email and electronic calendar service called WorkMail that is aimed at grabbing a slice of the corporate-email market largely controlled by Microsoft Corp.
Ad of the Day: Ads Don't Get Much More Joyfully Hypnotic Than Samsung's Latest
Ad agency Heaven and the directing duo Vallée Duhamel rolled out this quirky video set to electronic music for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 S-Pen. Titled "Creativity at Work," it makes a sort of kinetic collage out of all the arts and crafts materials the S-Pen can emulate.
BMW Data Shows Why Brands Should Release Super Bowl Spots Early Online
BMW's ad for its i3 car has yet to air on Super Bowl Sunday, but it's already proving to be a viral hit with audiences. Since "Newfangled Idea" was posted on Monday, it has been viewed more than 3.8 million times on YouTube, and it's likely to be the most viewed video on the BMWUSA channel before the spot ever airs on TV.
This Agency Lifted Revenue 60% by Mastering Instagram
Specs Who Far left: Christy Pregont, creative director; back left: Jason Mitchell, co-founder; center: Stephen Para, evp, chief growth officer; back right: Nick Hoppe, media strategy director; front right: Eric Dieter, co-founder What Social marketing agency Where New York and Boulder, Colo.
Facebook Is Now Bigger Than The Largest Country On Earth
If Facebook were a country, it would be the most populous nation on earth. The huge social network said Wednesday that 1.39 billion people log in to Facebook each month to scroll their News Feeds, communicate with friends and look at photos.
Allegro udostępni markom przestrzeń zarezerwowaną do autopromocji - Wiadomości - Marketing przy Kawie - praktyczne ws...
Allegro wprowadza ofertę reklamową, która obejmie przestrzeń dotąd zarezerwowaną do autopromocji. Początkowo będzie ona dostępna dla dużych i znanych marek, a następnie dla wszystkich partnerów serwisu.
TOP 100 użytkowników Instagrama
Minęły dwa lata, gdy rozpoczął wybieranie najlepszych użytkowników Instagrama. Przez ten czas blisko 100 osób otrzymało tytuł IgersGdansk Instagramer of the Week. To nie jest ranking, ale najbardziej kreatywni i aktywni instagramowicze z Gdańska, Gdyni i Sopotu, którzy publikują zdjęcia z Trójmiasta i województwa pomorskiego. Oto lista wyróżnionych (w porządku chronologicznym).
People Still Share Most of Their Content on Facebook (Twitter? Not so Much)
Facebook is dead, right? Wrong, at least when it comes to sharing content, where Facebook continues to reign supreme. Indeed, according to a new study from ShareThis, Facebook's "share of shares" grew 8.2 percent in Q4 2014, and was the only platform apart from email to record positive growth.
Raport Interaktywnie.com: Ranking agencji interaktywnych 2015
KLIKNIJ I POBIERZ PEŁNY RAPORT INTERAKTYWNIE.COM Interaktywnie.com po raz piąty przygląda się przychodom, zyskom i stratom rodzimych agencji interaktywnych. Prezentujemy zestawienie firm z branży interaktywnej, prognozy na 2015 rok i case study najlepszych realizacji. Ale nie tylko... Dowiadujemy się też, co agencji sądzą o swoich klientach.
More People Share Personal Videos on Facebook Than YouTube, Says Study
Three-quarters of internet users in the United States have recorded and shared a personal video on Facebook in the last six months, compared to less than half who have done the same on YouTube, reveals a new study. Animoto found that 75.6 percent of U.S.
Ad of the Day: Mountain Dew's Kickstart Turns Dudes Into the Craziest Dancers
Take a sip of a Mountain Dew Kickstart, and the world's greatest and strangest dance party will unfold. At least, that's what goes down in this very entertaining 90-second spot from BBDO New York debuting two new flavors of Mtn Dew Kickstart: Mtn Dew Pineapple Orange Mango and Mtn Dew Strawberry Kiwi.
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Pijaru Ficzery #42

Twitter introduces group direct messages and native video sharing
After years of being slow to make significant product changes, Twitter is proving that it can move faster. The social network announced on Tuesday the rollout of two major new features: group direct messages and native video sharing and editing. The option to privately message a group of users has been an obvious and frustrating omission from Twitter for years.
Facebook Tests Chat Sidebar for Smaller Screens?
Facebook appears to be testing a chat sidebar designed for users with smaller screens. Reader Matteo Gamba of TransferWise shared the screenshot below with SocialTimes. Readers: Have you seen anything similar?
Drop Secret Photos Right in Your Facebook Feed with Wickr
It's fun to share secret photos with friends. It's funner to do it in plain sight. Super-secret messaging service Wickr just launched a new way to share secure photos within its app and with friends via Facebook right in your timeline.
YouTube ditches Flash for HTML5 video by default
YouTube today announced it has finally stopped using Adobe Flash by default. The site now uses its HTML5 video player by default in Google's Chrome, Microsoft's IE11, Apple's Safari 8, and in beta versions of Mozilla's Firefox browser. At the same time, YouTube is now also defaulting to its HTML5 player on the web.
Snapchat update removed 'best friends' - and users aren't happy
It's not just you: Snapchat's best friends feature is no more, at least for now. The latest Snapchat update, which added a new Discover feature and rearranged the app's settings and contacts menus, also removed the app's ability to see the "best friends" of people in your friends list.
Snapchat: Scan A Code, Add A Friend, Done!
Snapchat received a massive update just 2 days ago - including a new tool for content discovery, but no one told us about a fun, new feature that makes adding friends a lot more easy. Also Read: Snapchat Reveals Community Geofilters Apparently, the team at the self-destructing messenger forgot to mention that you can now invite friends, followers,...
Introducing Place Tips in News Feed
From friends' recommendations to information about the places and things that interest you, Facebook helps you connect with the world around you. To better show you this content at just the right place and time, today we're launching a new feature called place tips.
This Year's Most High-Stakes Super Bowl Showdown Is YouTube vs. Facebook
If you visit YouTube during the Super Bowl, you likely won't miss Anheuser-Busch, which bought the masthead of Google's video site. But the brewer's also going big on Facebook, where it's paying for promotions and hosting autoplay videos.
Facebook Adds Emoji to Messenger Thread Titles
One of the fruits of Facebook's recent hackathon in Seattle's Space Needle was introduced Wednesday by software engineer Bob Baldwin, who announced in a Facebook post that thread titles in the social network's Messenger application can now include emoji. Baldwin wrote: You can now put emoji in Facebook Messenger thread titles!
Imgur Lets You GIF All the Things With New Video Converter
The GIF is one of the internet's native art forms and few websites have as big a repertory of the medium as Imgur. Still, finding the right GIF can be hard, and making your own is even harder, so the website is now introducing its own GIF creator.
Tumblr takes aim at serious writers with 'big' update
Tumblr began rolling out a major update on Wednesday that makes it more appealing to serious writers. While the blogging service remains hugely popular, with 420 million active users and 220 million blogs, many of its posts are only bits of text and media - abbreviated flotsam and jetsam - including celebrity quotes, animated GIFs, dog photos and so on.
Dropbox's Carousel Web App Gets New Features
You know how convenient that speed scroller is in your mobile Carousel app? Well, now it's arrived on the desktop version of Dropbox's photo app. No longer do you have to plow through all your photos to find the right ones to share or to use for a new album.
Pinning From Website Has Just Got More Beautiful
Pinterest is the number 1 platform for traffic referral. And a lot of this comes the easiness with which users can "pin" content to their own boards, directly from the websites they visit. Well Pinterest is making this even better. Also Read: Pinterest Introduces New Way To Edit Pins Pinning from a website is as simple...
Top 10 Twitter Tips For Newbies
Are you a Twitter newbie looking for some expert Twitter tips that will have you Tweeting like a pro in no time? Here's our 10 Twitter tips for newbies that will make sure you start off on the right foot and build good habits to help gain followers, network with your peers, and command Twitter authority like a seasoned Tweeter.
Insights When You Need Them, With Hootsuite and the Google app
Whether you're at work, stuck on the road or on a chairlift heading up a mountain, your phone can bring you the information you need, as long as you know how to find it.
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Lektury #42

Feb 02, 2015 - socjomania.pl - 55
Sprzedażowe właściwości social media, o których nie miałeś pojęcia - Socjomania
Nie wszystkie marki stawiają tylko na spersonalizowane reklamy displayowe. Wiele z nich stara się dokładnie zrozumieć i uchwycić specyfikę korzystania z mediów społecznościowych - aby odświeżyć i nadać nowego, społecznościowego ducha aspektowi sprzedaży. Najlepszym przykładem jest Dell Outlet. W 2007 roku Dell założył na Twitterze specjalne konto, za pomocą którego organizuje sprzedażowe akcje specjalne.
Feb 02, 2015 - wersm.com - 50
How To Calculate The Value Of Earned Organic Reach On Facebook
If the title made sense to you, congratulations, you must already be quite familiar with Facebook paid media analysis. If not, don't worry, you will soon find out what Earned Organic Reach is on Facebook and how you can actually calculate its money value. Also Read: Facebook Explains Why Organic Reach Is Declining We all know...
Feb 02, 2015 - blog.brand24.net - 52
How to effectively communicate with your clients - 10 proven tips
Building relations with a client requires a lot of work and engagement. Not everyone is a born seller, but there are a few simple rules which can help you during sales negotiations. Today we have some fresh and proven tips on how to effectively communicate with your clients in sales negotiations.
Feb 02, 2015 - wersm.com - 58
18 Stats To Prove Visual Content Is King
I'm sure you read here and there that visual content is able to bring your content strategy to a whole new level. Today, we're having a look at a round of stats as to why visual is a real plus when it comes to social media marketing.
Feb 02, 2015 - socialmediaexaminer.com - 58
6 Habits of Successful Social Media Marketers |
Do you want to improve social media productivity? Are you interested in finding ways to energize your marketing? Daily activities separate successful social media marketers from their peers. In this article I'll share six social media habits to improve your marketing. Successful marketers know that relationships are the fuel behind business success.
Feb 02, 2015 - blog.bazaarvoice.com - 50
Creating community with user-generated content: An interview with Sony - Bazaarvoice blog
Sony Electronics is responsible for some of the most popular consumer electronics in history. Recently, they have started a new program to showcase user-generated content in stores and on their website store.sony.com. We had the chance to sit down with Katie Babineau, Sr. Communications Strategist at Sony, to learn how Sony is using social content ...
Feb 02, 2015 - stayfly.pl - 62
5 profili na Instagramie, które warto śledzić
Instagram - fotograficzny serwis społecznościowy hostingu zdjęć, połączony z aplikacją o tej samej nazwie (dostępną obecnie na systemy operacyjne Windows Phone, iOS oraz Android), który umożliwia użytkownikom robienie zdjęć, stosowanie do nich filtrów cyfrowych oraz udostępnianie ich w różnych serwisach społecznościowych. To oficjalna definicja z Wikipedii.
Feb 02, 2015 - blog.bufferapp.com - 55
The Ultimate List of Social Media Acronyms and Abbreviations
Just today, I found out what SOV means. Researching this post, in fact, was the first time I discovered the definition (SOV = "Share of Voice," by the way!). I had seen it on social media articles and updates and never knew what it meant. Do you have similar acronyms or abbreviations you've wondered about?
Feb 02, 2015 - adweek.com - 52
The Mindset, Skillset, Dataset Approach to Social Media
Social media is known to be an addictive medium and can be a performance deflator at work. But it also represents a big area of opportunity for marketers who want to target market based on social media data. The problem? Social media is comprised primarily of unstructured data, which is difficult to analyze.
Feb 02, 2015 - maciejdziedzic.pl - 55
Dystrybucja treści: Jak zbudować strategię dystrybucji?
To, że zbudujesz content i po prostu wrzucisz go na swój fanpage lub stronę, w żadnym wypadku nie oznacza, że zrobiłeś dobrze. To, że zapłaciłeś za budowę strony, potem stworzenie na niej treści, a potem dziwisz się, że wchodzą na nią tylko ludzie z wyszukiwarki, oznacza, że zrobiłeś podstawowy błąd.
Feb 02, 2015 - troyann.pl - 52
Marki, łączcie się! - Troyann.pl
Każdy z nas ma swoje ulubione marki, produkty czy usługi. Takie, których używamy każdego dnia, takie, które sprawiają nam nieskłamaną frajdę. A co się dzieje jak dwie takie marki ogłoszą kolaborację? Oj, podniecenie sięga zenitu! Spotify dla każdego! Kilka dni temu Spotify i PlayStation ogłosili partnerstwo, w ramach którego zasoby muzyczne szwedzkiej firmy będą dostępne na konsolach Sony.
Feb 02, 2015 - prdaily.com - 47
7 ways communications and PR pros rule at life
You know you're good at your job. You churn out stellar press releases, blog posts, tweets and executive speeches at lightning speed. You've built excellent rapport with top-tier reporters who come to you for quotes and fact checking every day. Your peers day dream about how they can be as sharp and creative as you.

Kolejny tydzień, kolejne wyzwania! Szykuję zupełnie nowy projekt, który nie będzie powiązany do końca z moim blogiem. Sam jestem ciekaw jak to wyjdzie, ale nie bójcie się, wciąż będę tu pisać (przynajmniej jeden wpis tygodniowo oprócz Podsumowania). Przez weekend dopracowałem kilka szkicy i porobiłem notatki, więc mam o czym pisać. Zamierzam też pobić kolejny rekord wizyt na blogu (w styczniu było to ponad 13 900 UU!), więc cel ambitny, ale do zrealizowania. Pomożecie?


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