Podsumowanie Tygodnia 26.07 – 1.08.2016

Wkraczamy w kolejny miesiąc 2016 roku! Najlepiej go zacząć kawą oraz Podsumowaniem Tygodnia.

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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 26.07 – 1.08.2016

WATCH: IKEA’S Annual Catalog Now Has Its Own Theatrical Trailer

The Swedish retailer has made its annual catalog a theatrical event

Instagram by the Numbers [Infographic]

​To get a better handle on Instagram's expanding audience, this new infographic from younity takes an in-depth look at the make-up of Instagram's audience and the most popular trends.    

Google Maps gets a cleaner look and starts highlighting areas of interest

It’s been a busy week for the Google Maps team. As we reported earlier today, the Google Maps apps are getting a Wi-Fi-only mode and the team is also bringing more crowdsourcing tools to the mobile apps. The company kept the biggest announcement for today, though: Google Maps on iOS, Android and the web is getting a new and cleaner look with a more subtle color scheme.

Pinterest Brings Buyable Pins to the Web – Finally

Pinterest is making it easier for users to get the products seen on the site - like yours - in their hands by bringing the Pinterest buy button to the web.

TP-Link: Patio

Advertising Agency: Battery, Los Angeles, USA
Executive Vice President: Lewis Wu
Senior Digital Marketing Manager: Crystal Whitcomb
Art Director: Kunsung Kim
Digital Marketing Specialist: Michelle Johnson
Chief Creative Officer: Philip Khosid
Chief Executive Officer: Anson Sowby
Creative Director / Copywriter: Raymond Hwang
Creative Director / Art Director: Bernie O'Dowd
Director of Strategy: Philip Ser
Account / Planning Director: Jessica Pezzullo
Executive Producer: Judy Gotten
Associate Producer: Mackenzie Busch
Production Company: Wavemaker Creative
Director: Ira Rosensweig
Executive Producer: Tracey Karka
Editor: Ira Rosensweig
Color: Company 3
Sound: Beacon Street Studios
Sound Designer: Rommel Molina
Executive Producer / Sound: Erin Reilly
Music: South Music, Sound Design

Twitter for Android gets a “Night mode”

Well it took a while, but Twitter for Android users can finally enjoy their tweets when the sun dips past the horizon, throwing the world into darkness. Yes, Twitter has added a “Night Mode” to its official Twitter for Android app.

Instagram Is Testing A Comment Blocking Tool For Celebrities

Following recent moves by Twitter to block some of the biggest influential trolls out there, Instagram is giving some celebrity users a tool to block certain

Facebook Advertisers Can Create Custom Audiences Based on Time Spent on Websites

Advertisers can narrow down their target audiences by percentile of time spent on their websites, choose the number of days to go back and use other advanced rules.

Pandora will now recommend nearby concerts, thanks to Ticketfly

Spotify late last year turned its recommendation engine to concerts, suggesting nearby shows based on the listening habits of its users. Today, Pandora..

Reklama dnia: "Just do it" w wykonaniu niemowlaków - nowa, świetna reklama Nike - NowyMarketing

Wszyscy wiedzą, że w Internecie doskonale sprawdza się wszystko co małe i słodkie, jak kotki, szczeniaki, króliczki itp. Nike postanowiło tym razem...

Facebook Q2 Earnings: 1.71b Monthly Active Users, Exceeds Expectations on Revenue

Facebook has released it's Q2 2016 numbers - and once again, they're impressive.

Tumblr to introduce ads across all blogs

Tumblr this week quietly announced plans to roll out a new advertising program across its site which will see it implementing ads across users’ blogs. The company did not provide specific details on how the program will operate, but it appears to be an expansion of its earlier Creatrs program, which connects brands with Tumblr users directly, instead of having advertisers work with third-party influencer networks.

Use this All-in-One Messenger for WhatsApp, Slack and Skype and chat like a boss

You love speaking with your family in Skype, but your significant other prefers to chat over WhatsApp. Your friends are pretty active on Messenger, but you have to go through Slack to reach your colleagues for work emergencies.

This Yogurt Brand Found a Clever Workaround to Get in Front of Pokemon Go Players

Less than a month since the app launched, Pokemon Go fervor is still high and brands including Zipcar and McDonald's are getting in on the craze. But the game doesn't rely on traditional in-app mobile advertising to make money, and that's causing some brands like Stonyfield to get creative with their messaging.

Why Instagram Needs to Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

If you haven’t jumped head-first into Instagram advertising and marketing, check out the infographic below from Buzzoid, highlighting the multiple benefits of using Instagram as a marketing tool.

Google-owned Zagat app finally gets a makeover, becomes useful again

Zagat, the restaurant review service Google acquired in 2011, has finally been given a mobile makeover today following years of what have been only minor updates and bug fix releases. Launching first on iOS, the updated Zagat app features a refreshed logo and new look-and-feel, as well as features that tailor the app to the individual user.

No, Americans Do Not Install an Average of Zero Apps Per Month

Widespread reports that the average American adult downloads zero apps per month are wrong. In fact, data from multiple sources — including hard data from 74 million U.S. smartphones and tablets owned by 48 million Americans — indicate that the actual number of app installs is much higher: at least 1.5 apps per person per month.

Facebook Adds New Birthday Video Tool to Prompt More Personal Sharing

With Facebook looking to promote more personal sharing on the network, birthdays appear to be their next element of focus.

The 10 Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns of 2016 So Far

Here's a look at some of the best social media campaigns of 2016 thus far, with notes on how you can implement your own variation of each.

Facebook open-sources SDK for embedding 360 photos and videos into apps

Facebook has launched a new SDK that lets developers embed 360 photos and videos into their apps. The VR Deep Link sample SDK has been open-sourced, offering code samples on how to construct an experience from which users will be able to view 360 immersive content that is shared on Facebook, Oculus Video, or Facebook for Android.

Half of Vine’s 9,725 top accounts have abandoned the service

If online video is the next big content creation medium, the company who helped popularize the medium is in trouble. Bus

This Android app lets you multi-task while watching YouTube

Flytube for Android plays YouTube videos in a pop-up window that can sit on top of any other app or your homescreen, so you can multi-task like a champ.

New Report Shows Which Industries Are Seeing the Most Engagement on Social Platforms

TrackMaven has released a new report which examines the social performance of more than 40,000 brands across the four major social platforms.

Krawd turns the ad agency into a marketplace

Meet Krawd, a French startup that wants to rethink the way advertising agencies work. Like in other industries, Krawd thinks that it’s more efficient to build a marketplace than build a centralized, traditional company. Krawd is all about connecting the right freelancers with the right clients in this specific industry.

Twitter will stream its first eSports competition, starting today

It’s no Twitch, but Twitter this weekend will live stream its first eSports competition on its service, thanks to a partnership with Eleague. Twitter will provide live coverage of the organization’s semifinals and championship held today and tomorrow in Atlanta, where teams will be playing Valve’s “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Game.”

Jeśli nie zaglądacie do internetu w weekendy, to tylko napomknę, że wrzuciłem tekst o rytuałach w marketingu. W tym tygodniu rozstrzygnę konkurs na barda. Ponad 30 zgłoszeń, z czego niektóre miały nawet kilka tysięcy znaków! Dzięki za zaangażowanie.

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