Podsumowanie Tygodnia 26.04 – 2.05.2016

Majówka to jedno, a obowiązek wrzucenia Podsumowania Tygodnia to drugie. Zatem spełniam go i poniżej możecie znaleźć listę najbardziej interesujących newsów z minionego tygodnia. Przejrzyjcie i wracajcie do grillowania.

Headline for Podsumowanie Tygodnia 26.04 - 2.05.2016
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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 26.04 - 2.05.2016

The Toronto Silent Film Festival Just Built an Escape Room Entirely on Instagram

We don't know how it happened—a human compulsion for puzzle-solving, coupled with a fun flirtation with claustrophobia?—but escape rooms are huge. Every third agency we know takes a client to one (because, as Speed so deftly taught us, there's nothing like a shared crisis to bond unlikely pairs).

Twitter now autoplays Periscope streams on Android timelines

Android users are getting a new Twitter feature today: Periscope livestreams will now autoplay on timelines. Previously, you had to click on a link to view

Try Googling 'Silicon Valley' for some real, fake news from the HBO show

Fans of HBO's 'Silicon Valley' might see a little more than some recaps and reviews today when they Google search the show. If you haven't seen the season

Facebook may be planning a standalone camera app

A new report from The Wall Street Journal suggests Facebook has a new photo and video app that will directly compete with Snapchat and Periscope.

Nike Tells Greek Athletes to 'Just Do It' Amid Crumbling Ruins of Country's Olympic Venues

Nike is weighing in on the Greek economic crisis with a haunting new ad featuring four competitive athletes from the debt-stricken country.  It's a visually arresting piece, set in desolate venues from the 2004 Athens Olympics—expensive projects that have fallen into disrepair, becoming symbols of short-sighted government oversp

Nowy raport Sotrendera - Instagram Trends!

Zapraszamy do lektury pierwszego raportu Instagram Trends!

Mike & Mary – rodzinką marki Hotpoint!

Mike & Mary – rodzinką marki Hotpoint! | Internetowy serwis o reklamie i marketingu. Najnowsze kampanie, kreacje i trendy.

Dropbox Project Infinite, czyli nokaut dla OneDrive'a

Migawki plików to jedna z najużyteczniejszych, ale i porzuconych cech OneDrive'a. Konkurencja to wykorzystuje i prezentuje Dropbox Project Infinite.

YouTube brings a new homepage with improved recommendations to its iOS and Android apps

Next time you open the YouTube app on your iOS or Android phone, you'll be greeted by a new homepage experience. Before, YouTube would show you a list of..

Twitter says barely anyone disables its algorithmic timeline

Twitter's stock took a beating today following its poor quarterly earnings report, but the company has some good news: its timeline tinkering is working. After introducing an algorithmic feed in...

Facebook is finally letting people turn off live video notifications - Digiday

Facebook is finally letting people disable live video notifications.

This Dishwashing Liquid Says One Drop Does the Job, So It Made Single-Drop Bottles

A little dab'll do ya.  Of Pril dishwashing liquid, that is, which has claimed for years that it can get any job done, no matter how greasy, with a single drop.

Instagram is testing a new black-and-white design

Of all the major social platforms, Instagram has evolved the slowest. (Insiders might say "the most thoughtfully.") Long after the rest of the world has moved away from skeuomorphism, Instagram...

YouTube will soon roll out six-second ads that you can't skip

YouTube's adding a new option to help advertisers get their message to consumers — but in a much shorter amount of time than normal. Today the company announced that beginning next month, it'll...

Facebook reports $5.38 billion in revenue, 79% from mobile advertising

Facebook has reported its first quarter 2016 earnings with $5.38 billion in revenue and earnings per share of $0.52. Much of the revenue ($5.2 billion) came from advertising — a 57 percent annual increase — of which 82 percent was through mobile. The social networking company now counts more than 1.65 billion monthly active users.

New Angry Birds uses QR-like ‘BirdCodes’ to blur the lines between game, film, and brands

Rovio today is launching a new free-to-play Angry Birds game — called Angry Birds Action! (exclamation point theirs) — and it's actually pretty good. In lieu of a slingshot, the new iOS and Android...

Spotify buys photo aggregator CrowdAlbum to build more marketing tools for artists

Spotify has made another acquisition to build out the tools that it provides to artists who use Spotify's streaming platform to grow their listeners and..

Finalists Announced for PR Daily’s 2016 Digital PR & Social Media Awards!

We asked for the best in digital PR communications and social media. You delivered, and we have the list of finalists for PR Daily’s Digital PR & Social Media Awards.

Facebook Now Up to 1.65 Billion Active Users, Beats Expectations on Revenue

The rise and rise of Mark Zuckerberg’s social media empire continues - Facebook has today released its Q1 2016 numbers, again beating market expectation.

Hotels.com (and Captain Obvious) come north

From pasty skin to hoser jokes, the brand plays on Canadian characteristics for its first unique campaign in this market.

10 great sports digital marketing campaigns

Sports marketers don't always get it right.

51 nominacji w konkursie Innovation AD #Awards 2016, najwięcej dla Grey i Saatchi&Saatchi

Wiadomości na temat konkursów reklamy, kampanii reklamowych. Aktualności na WirtualneMedia.pl

Facebook Announces New Partners for Advert Viewability Verification

Advertisers always want to know that their adverts are being seen. They also want to know that their metrics are accurate. To address this, Facebook launched a

Snapchat reportedly generates 10 billion daily video views

Snapchat's users watch 10 billion videos per day, according to a report from Bloomberg. That is 2 billion more than the most recent numbers reported by Facebook, which were made public back in...

Facebook, Messenger and Instagram are getting full-featured Windows 10 apps at last

Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 had a rough time getting big name companies to build proper apps for it, but Windows 10's Universal App Platform might finall

Pepsi Embraces the 5-Second Spot, Making 100 of Them for TV and Digital This Summer

Sometimes, longer is better. But Pepsi is going super short with its new emoji-themed commercials, creating a slew of 100 five-second spots that will air on TV and in search-triggered digital media this summer.  Agencies Motive and Quietman developed the creative, while Quietman produced all the spots.

Pinterest launches featured collections as international growth soars

The company hopes this new feature will help fuel its international expansion.

Twitter aims to boost its visibility by switching from ‘Social Networking’ to ‘News’ on the App Store

Following yet another quarter of sluggish user growth, Twitter has changed how its flagship mobile application is categorized on Apple's iTunes App Store...

Google Play is now labelling which apps contain ads

Google has just made a change to its mobile application storefront, Google Play, which will help customers make better decisions about the apps they want to..

Google may be building an awesome travel app called Trips

Google Trips will reportedly be a new all-in-one app for all your travel needs, including transport tips, restaurants, things to do and more.

Queen fans belt out Bohemian Rhapsody for Heineken's #LiveYourMusic launch

Heineken has launched a #LiveYourMusic campaign with a TV ad featuring people unashamedly singing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody badly.

Snapchat Teams Up with NBC to Cover Olympics in Unprecedented Deal

Snapchat will have a channel dedicated to the games in Rio De Janeiro as NBC looks to capitalize on Olympics interest from the app's younger audience.

McDonald's Transforms Display Banners Into Coupons

In Poland, McDonald's worked with Isobar to launch the first digital display banners with integrated coupons.

Speed Rapper With a Dying Phone Battery Shocks Passersby With His Fast Talking

"You want lasagna for dinner?/Ricotta's a winner/I'm thinking' bout a little pasta with some sauce in the center." Speed rapper Mac Lethal busts out those lines and a whole lot more in this hidden-camera stunt from ad agency SuperHeroes touting the extended battery life of Asus' Zenfone Max Android handset.

Cider Brand Is Broadcasting a 'Live GIF' of a Guy Making the Same Movements for 24 Hours

Livestreaming brand stunts are getting more and more popular—one of our recent favorites being the Waitrose campaign from the U.K. that showed live feeds from the grocery chain's farms. Here's a more gimmicky one from Portugal that tries to combine livestreaming with GIFs—or rather, a live-action imitation of GIFs.

You can travel the world for free if you're willing to Snapchat

A picture is worth a free flight and hotel.

Radiohead and Thom Yorke have erased themselves from the internet

Radiohead is getting fans ready for its newest record by running away from them. Followers of the band on Reddit have noted the rock group has steadily erased its online presence within the past twelve hours, deleting Tweets and Facebook posts of the band and its members. As early as 5:19PM GMT on May 1, the band's...

Na blogu znajdziecie dwa nowe wpisy, jeden dotyczący real time marketingu i Gry o Tron, drugi z kolei to moja opinia o Instant Articles. Być może jeszcze dzisiaj (to jest 2 maja) uda mi się napisać coś więcej, ale nie obiecuję. Choć notatki i nowe tematy mnożą się w zadowalającym tempie.

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