Podsumowanie Tygodnia 23.02 – 29.02.2016

Co wydarzyło się w zeszłym tygodniu? Przede wszystkim wprowadzenie Facebook Reactions zatrzęsło światkiem marketingowym, ale nie jest to jedyny news jakim chciałem się z Wami podzielić.

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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 23.02 - 29.02.2016

Pop-up Preview: Instagram Brings Some More UX Updates

Instagram seems to have has debuted a pop up functionality that helps users quickly share, comment and generally interact with images, when browsing a specific

Brands have discovered the 'Damn Daniel' meme - Digiday

Vans is the focal point of a viral video known as Damn Daniel, with other brands like Axe and Clorox also jumping into it.

Media a wideo na Facebooku

Sprawdziliśmy, jak z wideo na Facebooku korzystają największe polskie media.

Foursquare's Potentially Game-Changing New Tool Can Measure Foot Traffic Generated by Digital Ads

Foursquare is now in the offline sales attribution game.  The social/location discovery platform is going after retail marketing budgets and promising to connect digital ads—and not just Foursquare ads, but those from across the Web and mobile apps—with actual visits to physical stores.

#BeatTheBuzz Spotlight: The Last Comment

With virtually zero media budget, the brand managed to reach over 12x its fan base on Facebook. Want to see how?

Facebook Made an Amazing Deck of Playing Cards With Marketing Insights for Agencies

Facebook combined a playful concept with great design in this recent initiative to send its 2015 marketing insights to agencies—via a beautiful deck of 52 illustrated playing cards. The deck was made by London creative agency Human After All. Each card offered a unique and engaging insight about Facebook and its U.K.

Twitter’s Latest Transparency Report Highlights Evolving Emphasis on Social Content

Twitter has released the latest update of it's Transparency Report, showing the amount of copyright infringements, takedown requests and tweet removals the platform was called upon to enforce in the second half of 2015.

Robert Lewandowski ambasadorem marki Vistula

Robert Lewandowski, kapitan reprezentacji Polski, napastnik klubu piłkarskiego Bayern Monachium i król strzelców Bundesligi, został twarzą marki odzieżowej Vistula. W połowie marca wystartuje kampania reklamowa Vistuli z udziałem piłkarza.

A quick-start intro to Canvas, Facebook’s new ad unit

Facebook’s recent quarterly earnings showed just how important mobile has become to the company, with mobile advertising making up a significant chunk of the company’s 52 percent jump in revenue. Facebook is clearly investing in improving the mobile ad experience, and Canvas – its new mobile ad unit — is a great example of that investment.

Slinger wants to be Snapchat Discover for the rest of us

Slinger wants to take on Snapchat at its own game - but will it succeed?

Skype Kills Its Standalone Video Messaging App Qik

Skype Qik, Microsoft's attempt at spinning off video messaging into a simplified mobile application, is shutting down. The app was first introduced in fall..

KitKat invents 'mobile parking' to launch Snap & Share bar

KitKat invents 'mobile parking' to launch Snap & Share bar, KitKat has promoted its new 11-finger Snap & Share bar with a special package sent to 120 innovative companies. | Marketing Magazine

The Oscars Is Still an All-Star Destination for Advertisers

Actors, directors and costume designers aren't the only ones poised to score on Hollywood's biggest night. The Oscars remains one of the most important events of the year for advertisers. The average cost of a 30-second spot in this year's three-hour-plus telecast Feb.

Meet Fabric, Twitter's new mobile app built specifically for developers

Twitter's newest mobile app was made for developers: meet Fabric

This Ad for Morgan Freeman's New Show About God Is the Answer to Our Prayers

TV promos are usually pretty straightforward, with footage cut from the shows they're pushing. But a new ad from National Geographic Channel puts original footage to great use in hyping The Story of God with Morgan Freeman, a documentary series coming in April.

Spotify Announces Google Cloud Platform Partnership

Spotify announced today on their news blog that they have selected Google Cloud Platform as an infrastructure partner for their popular music streaming..

Pocket will now include sponsored posts in its recommended feed

Pocket — the article and video saving service that raised $7 million in funding last year — is getting serious about its monetization model today by introducing new sponsored content. For the first...

BuzzFeed's new app is a super simple way to watch its videos

BuzzFeed is launching a new app today that's all about video. The app is just called BuzzFeed Video, and its interface is about as straightforward as its name — it's little more than a feed of the...

Snapchat adds two birthday filters so you can party with virtual confetti

It's been a busy week for Snapchat. After allowing anyone to create their own Geofilters starting yesterday, now the company is adding another two new filt

Pinterest makes its Recipe and Movie pins much more data rich

Have you ever seen a tasty dish on Pinterest and wish you could see immediately how to make it without clicking through multiple times on the platform? Or,

Volvo is bringing phone-free Spotify to its cars

Volvo is keeping it busy in 2016.

Więcej Facebooka, mniej Twittera. Snapchat wygrywa mobilnie

Agencja badawczo-analityczna IRCenter przygotowała 3. edycję podsumowania Social Media w Polsce. To projekt łączący dane deklaratywne i pomiar zachowań użytkowników social media - na komputerach i urządzeniach mobilnych.

Facebook Adding Sports Section to Flagship App’s Menu?

Facebook appears to be experimenting with adding the secondary categories for mobile News Feed that surfaced late last year to its flagship application’s menu bar.

KLM Organizes Amsterdam Meetups Between Locals and Flyers With Long Layovers

Airline promotions are getting awfully chummy these days. First, JetBlue invited passengers on a coast-to-coast flight to "Reach Across the Aisle" and cooperate to win round-trip tickets. Now, Dutch carrier KLM introduces "Layover With a Local" for flyers from the U.S., Canada and Italy who make stops in Amsterdam.

Wordpress goes all-in with Google's speedy mobile pages

Google AMP is coming to Wordpress.com in a big way, and you don't need to do anything.

Scrubs Star 'Diagnoses' Fans' Hunger and 'Prescribes' Snickers' New Candy Bar

Snickers is prescribing "cures" for hunger with the help of one of the most famous TV doctors of the early 2000s, Scrubs star Donald Faison. Faison appeared at Snickers' "Crisper Clinic," a pop-up event at The Grove in L.A. on Tuesday, to support the launch of the new Snickers Crisper candy bar.

McDonald's Billboard Gives Ridiculously Lengthy Directions to a Burger King Drive-Thru

Here is 2016's most obnoxious (but fun) billboard so far. McDonald's has more than 1,000 drive-thru locations in France. Burger King has fewer than 20.

Ad of the Day: A Father's Touching Apology to His Daughter Highlights the Struggles of Working Mothers

A powerful new ad campaign from India focuses on one of the challenges faced by women around the world: balancing the demands of raising a family with maintaining a successful career.

Snapchat Inks Nielsen Deal and Signals That It's Taking Ad Performance Data Seriously

Brands spending money on Snapchat campaigns have demanded more performance data for the past several months, and now they appear to be getting at least some of what they asked for.  Nielsen today announced it has struck a deal with the app to offer marketers third-party stats on their Snapchat ads.

YouTube Now Lets You Blur Random Objects In Videos

Back in 2012, YouTube added a new feature that allows you to automatically blur all faces in a video. Today, it's going a step further. You can now draw a..

Facebook is bringing live video streaming to Android

Facebook will bring its live video streaming service to Android phones within the next week, the company announced today. The Android rollout will begin with users in the US, before expanding to...

Google Play's new dev tools make it easier for developers to understand users

Google Play has added some new toys to their Developer Console that will help developers better understand users.

LinkedIn Reaches for the Stars in Its First TV Spot, Airing on the Oscars

LinkedIn aims high in its first-ever broadcast TV spot. The 30-second ad from BBDO San Francisco, titled "You're Closer Than You Think," features footage shot from Earth's orbit and plays off the fact that the U.S. space agency used the business networking site last year in its recruitment efforts.

Snapchat Debuts Stories Web Player For Academy Awards

Snapchat rolled out the red carpet for web users to catch up on snaps from tonight's Academy Awards. Visitors to the snapchat.com site were greeted with an..

15 big changes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat

Marketers must keep current with digital trends, especially when large social media platforms introduce new features and tools. Here’s what you should know.

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McVitie's "iKitten" by Grey London

Consumers can take a McVitie's kitten wherever they go, thanks to an augmented-reality app by Grey London.

Facebook Enhances Everyone’s Like With Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry Buttons

Humanity has been boiled down to six emotions. Today after tests in a few countries, Facebook is rolling out its augmented Like button "Reactions" to all..

Johnnie Walker on how combining global and local insight has led to campaign success

Johnnie Walker’s global brand director, Guy Escolme, believes that the combination of global and local insight has led to the success of its first global campaign.

McDonald's European digital and strategy chief exits for new role

McDonald's European digital and strategy chief exits for new role, Pierre Woreczek, chief strategy, customer and digital officer for McDonald's Europe, has left the fast food chain after a decade, amid speculation that he will take up a new senior marketing role at B&Q owner Kingfisher. | Marketing Magazine

GE: The world is catching up with Owen - Orc-O-Gram

Advertising Agency: BBDO, New York, USA Chief Creative Officers: David Lubars, Greg Hahn Executive Creative Director: Michael Aimette Creative Dire

O czym pisałem w zeszłym tygodniu? Chociażby o tym z czym się je “Reakcje” i co one oznaczają dla osób prowadzących profile na Facebooku. W Evernote czeka trochę pomysłów i być może wyjazd na IEM zainspiruje mnie do napisania czegoś związanego z grami.

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