Podsumowanie Tygodnia 20-26.01.2015

Po aktywnym weekendzie czas wrócić do pracy. Wizyta na See Bloggers była dla mnie bardzo inspirująca, a jednocześnie mogłem sprawdzić jak sobie radzę podczas prelekcji przy całkiem dużym i wymagającym audytorium. Wyszło fajnie, równie fajnie jak to co przygotowałem na dzisiaj dla Was w Podsumowaniu. Jednak rezygnuję z formy polecania Top 5 wydarzeń, już na stałe, a raczej zachęcam Was do głosowania. Sami zadecydujcie co było najważniejszym wydarzeniem poprzedniego tygodnia!

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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 20-26.01.2015

Carlsberg may soon be serving beer in cardboard bottles
Carlsberg is developing the world's first fully biodegradable bottle for its beverages. The "Green Fiber Bottle" will be made from sustainably sourced wood fiber or paper pulp-think of the material used in egg cartons and protective packaging for electronics products-and will be much lighter than glass bottles, according to the company's Senior Packaging Innovation Manager, Håkon Langen.
Average User has 5.54 Social Media Accounts, Says Study
How many social media accounts do you have? Facebook, almost certainly. Probably Twitter and Instagram. LinkedIn for work, of course. Maybe you tried Google+. What about Snapchat, Tumblr, Vine and Pinterest? You probably use more platforms that you think.
The Witcher: Battle Arena, czyli darmowa gra o wiedźminie dostępna już teraz!
"The Witcher: Battle Arena" to produkcja warszawskiego studia Fuero Games, we współpracy z twórcą serii gier o wiedźminie - CD Projekt RED. Gra jest już dostępna w modelu free-to-play. Najnowsza gra o wiedźminie mieści się w konwencji MOBA, czyli multiplayer online battle arena, w którą wpisują się takie produkcje jak "DOTA2", "League of Legends" oraz "Heroes of the Storm".
Selfie w muzeum - klasyczna sztuka w nowoczesnym remiksie
Kultura remiksu jest z nami już od dawna i przybiera coraz to ciekawsze formy. Lubię śledzić takie smaczki. Wprawiają mnie zawsze w dobry humor. Olivia Muus korzystając z Tumblr-a i Instagrama (zapraszam też na mój Insta ) stworzyła projekt Museum of Selfies zestawiając smartfona z obrazami i rzeźbami tak, żeby wyglądały jakby robiły sobie selfie.
Widzieliście nowe logo Sonos? Jest niesamowite
Dostrzegłem to dobrych kilka dni temu, ale uznałem, że to przypadek. Czytam jednak, że wcale nie, że to zamierzony efekt. No więc jeśli tak, to jest to jeden z najbardziej innowacyjnych projektów logo, jakie kiedykolwiek widziałem. Spójrzcie uważnie na poniższą grafikę. Przescrollujcie lekko stronę w górę i w dół patrząc przy okazji na centrum grafiki z logotypem marki Sonos.
Tak zmienią się social media w 2015 roku - prognozy ekspertów
Home " Mikrofon " Tak zmienią się social media w 2015 roku - prognozy ekspertów 23/01/2015 W 2015 roku w świecie social media będzie królował content.W jakiej formie? Więcej szczegółów i prognoz znajdziecie w poniższym zestawieniu. Tym, co będzie angażowało użytkowników w 2015 roku, będzie ich „własny content".
WhatsApp Targets Third-Party Apps
A crackdown on third-party applications? WhatsApp with that? Android app WhatsApp+ announced in a post on its Google+ community that it was shuttering permanently as the result of a cease-and-desist letter from the Facebook-owned cross-platform messaging app.
NHL teams up with GoPro to broadcast games from new angles
Hockey fans will have a new vantage point on the action starting at this weekend's NHL all-star game. The league is teaming up with GoPro to begin live broadcasts of games using the small, durable cameras.
Skittles Gives a First Taste of Its Super Bowl Ad Featuring a Town Brawl
Even though Seattle Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch will have a lot of visibility on the Super Bowl playing field on Feb. 1, don't look for him in Skittles' commercial debut in the Big Game.
How Thalia Used Facebook Mentions to Promote Her New Fashion Line
Singer and songwriter Thalia used the Facebook Mentions application for public figures to help promote the launch of her new fashion line, the Thalia Sodi Collection for Macy's. Karen Comas, who works on strategic partnerships, U.S.
Facebook Exchange, R.I.P.?
Will the "X" in "FBX" soon stand for "extinct?" Comments by Facebook vice president of business and marketing partnerships David Fischer at AdExchanger's Industry Preview 2015 conference in New York Thursday seemed to point to the demise of the social network's real-time ad-bidding platform, Facebook Exchange, which launched in 2012.
Ad of the Day: Meet the Crazy Cameraman Who Films Every Kill in Call of Duty
One of the great mean-spirited pleasures of multiplayer gaming is knowing that whenever you finally seize the day and blow your enemy to smithereens, he or she has to watch it on instant replay. But who does the difficult work of chronicling that demise and then shoving it in the person's face?
Snickers Dares America To Engage With Its Ads
Snickers is double-dog-daring people to tweet about and share its Super Bowl ad teaser. Post with #EatASNICKERS & we just may release the whole #SNICKERS #SuperBowl commercial before game day. http://t.co/8TY72sDGsa #SB49 - SNICKERS® (@SNICKERS) January 21, 2015 Is it just me or are things getting super-hyped super early this year?
Skype Is Great for Lots of Stuff, Like Helping Russian Pet Detectives Find Dogs Named Donut
There's a real-live Ace Ventura in Moscow, and Skype wants you to know he uses its technology to help find lost cats and dogs. Meet Valeriy Subrigov, a former police officer and now a pet detective of 25 years who stars in Pereira & O'Dell's new documentary-style ad for the video chat and messaging service.
GIF-iti artist takes mindblowing street art to next level
INSA, the innovative GIF-iti artist who has already blown our tiny minds with pieces painted on street walls and converted into animated GIFs, has just raised his game. You may have already seen some of his works online, which are created from murals painted on walls, photographed, re-painted and then re-photographed before being converted into the format.
"Angry Birds" Developer Rovio Branching Out To Young Adult Novels
Rovio, developer of the Angry Birds franchise, is swapping egg-pinching pigs for teen angst with its latest venture: a series of pirate-themed novels that the Finnish company will publish by early next year.
Shocase aims to be a social network for PR and marketing pros
Marketers and PR pros rejoice: There's a new social network just for you. Shocase, a social media community for communication and marketing professionals, sales promotion professionals, advertisers, researchers and designers launched Wednesday morning. "There are 100-plus million marketing professionals across the globe," says Ron Young, Shocase's founder and CEO.
180 Awesome Android Apps for 2015
Welcome to our brand new listing of our favorite Android apps. The goal here is simple: No matter what kind of app you're looking for, we're hoping we have something listed that could help you out.
Real Time Marketing At It's Finest - Super Bowl Sunday
We've been talking a lot about real-time marketing lately, but brands persist on surprising us with their creativity. Thus, here are another examples, this time related to the approaching event. The Super Bowl is arguably the biggest single sporting event in North America.
Złota dziesiątka blogerów oczami mediów | PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów
Większa aktywność medialna blogerów miała miejsce w drugiej połowie roku. Od października bardzo dynamicznie rosła liczba wzmianek na temat Julii Kuczyńskiej. Wszystko za sprawą prowokacyjnej akcji reklamowej z zaginionym telefonem oraz nową kampanią marki Versus. Pozostali nie odnotowali tak dużego skoku, liczba materiałów publikowanych w ciągu roku była dość stabilna.
Kampania Isobar Polska doceniona za granicą / Z branży - Portal PR Newsline.pl
Kampania Isobar Polska doceniona za granicą „Tatuaże wolności" to projekt realizowany przez agencję Isobar Polska dla WSNS Pedagogium. Kampania ma na celu zamianę postrzegania osób z więziennymi tatuażami. Osoby przebywające w zakładach karnych czy poprawczych oraz aresztach śledczych podczas odbywania kary decydują się na zrobienie tatuażu.
Facebook's Messenger Chief on Selfies, Payments and a Desktop App
On December 31, Facebook rolled out a little banner prompting people to send a selfie to friends via Messenger to ring in the new year.
Dzieci opowiadają o nowych technologiach w ich życiu - generacja „Z" pod lupą
Home " Ludzie " Dzieci opowiadają o nowych technologiach w ich życiu - generacja „Z" pod lupą 23/01/2015 Natalia Hatalska ruszyła z nowym projektem. Ekspertka w cyklu filmów wideo, nazwanej przez autorkę On/Off, postanowiła przedstawić bieżące trendy społeczne ze styku świata online i offline.
Digital, Social & Mobile in 2015
We Are Social's comprehensive new report covers internet, social media and mobile usage statistics from all over the world. It contains more than 350 infograph...
How One Retailer Used Instagram As A Modern Coupon
Since the dawn of time (or at least it feels that way), brands have been using social media to encourage people to take photos or selfies with their products (#oldidea, #tapintonarcissism #removemyeyeswithashrimpfork). Such solicitations are pretty stale unless the pay-off is something more than a shout-out, retweet, or repost.
You Can Now Tattoo Your Instagram Pictures
Do you want to relive your favourite Instagram moments over and over again? In fact, are you looking for a way to carry your memories on your skin? No problem, Picattoo has the solution - or shall we call it the ink? - for you.
Terry Crews Screams Again for Old Spice, Particularly When He Sees Mrs. Terry Crews
Ready for more screaming, twitchy muscles, explosions and horrifying hallucinations? Good, because Terry Crews just made another Old Spice commercial. The ad, by Wieden + Kennedy and directors Fatal Farm, continues the brand's "Get Shaved in the Face" campaign for its electric shavers, which Crews helped to introduce early last year in a murderous spot with Little Terry Crews.
How Lidl used storytelling to alter the brand's perception
One of the big news stories in UK retail last year was the massive growth of discount grocery stores Lidl and Aldi. Lidl's success can be at least in part attributed to its neat #LidlSurprises campaign, which managed to change its brand image by cleverly challenging the public's perception of its products.
Bud Light Offering Delivery Service Just in Time for the Super Bowl
Emily Alford | January 22, 2015 | Comments Beer company Anheuser-Busch is introducing a home delivery service for its popular Bud Light brand. The "Bud Light Button" is a new app that allows users to order drinks on their smartphones.
QualityTime App Tells You If You're Spending Too Much Time on Social Media
Smartphones are awash with tools to interface with friends, work and the wider world. However there have been claims that smartphones are stunting society, or making the world more anti-social. To wit, a new Android app called QualityTime hopes to show users their smartphone habits, and to give them breaks when necessary.
Wonderful Pizza Hut Ad Shows People Being Totally Disgusted by Its New Pizza
There's a brave niche approach in advertising where you show your audience just how much people despise your product. Laphroaig scotch has been doing this for while, turning its polarizing taste into a selling point. Now, Pizza Hut Australia is doing something similar. The chain recently introduced a new pizza with Vegemite filling in the crust.
300 kliknięć wystarczy Facebookowi, żeby poznać Cię lepiej niż Twoja rodzina
Home " Ludzie " 300 kliknięć wystarczy Facebookowi, żeby poznać Cię lepiej niż Twoja rodzina 22/01/2015 300 dowolnych polubień na Facebook - dokładnie tyle potrzebuje maszyna, by określić naszą osobowość. Zdaniem naukowców z Uniwersytetu Cambridge i Uniwersytetu Stanforda zrobi to nawet lepiej niż nasza rodzina lub przyjaciele. Przerażające?
GoPro Shows How a Cool Soundtrack (and Adorable Dog) Makes Instagram Video Better
Four out of the 10 best-in-category branded Instagram videos from Jan. 12 through Jan. 18 didn't include sound. And while the social platform is inherently visual first and foremost, GoPro demonstrates that the right music and background noise can make 15-second clips even more enjoyable.
Tourists Ran Up the Rocky Steps and Randomly Found Sylvester Stallone at the Top
Rocky Steps and Randomly Found Sylvester Stallone at the Top On Saturday, a group of tourists in Philadelphia were just doing what many tourists like to do when they visit the City of Brotherly Love: Run up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art like Sylvester Stallone did when he played Rocky Balboa training to be a boxer in Rocky (1976).
Microsoft zrobił duży krok by odzyskać miano „cool"
Jeśli pomyślisz o markach tech, to o jakich mógłbyś powiedzieć, że są „cool"? Apple, Google, Facebook, może Samsung - tak; Microsoft - na pewno nie. Przez lata kompromitacji, zaniedbań i opóźnień, Microsoft dorobił się łatki lekko obciachowej marki symbolizowanej przez rubasznego Steve'a Ballmera.
4chan founder Chris "moot" Poole steps down
On Wednesday, 4chan founder Christopher Poole, better known by the moniker "moot," announced his retirement from running the site. moot started 4chan 11 and a half years ago when he was 15, and the image-based bulletin board has grown into a staunch supporter of anonymity for its posters since.
Chris Evans and Chris Pratt place epic Super Bowl bet in the name of charity
Sports can be divisive. Championship games as epic as the Super Bowl can pit East Coast against West Coast, father against brother, and even Captain America against Star-Lord. That's right, when it comes to Super Bowl XLIX, there's a lot more at stake for celebrity BFFs Chris Evans and Chris Pratt than just bragging rights.
Pizza Joint Responds to McDonald's Ad With Great Tribute to Its Own Stupid-Funny Signs
When McDonald's debuted its well-intentioned "Signs" ad a few weeks ago, it was met with some praise but mostly mockery and derision. Joining in the fun is Dallas pizza place Zoli's NY Pizza, which threw together the clever video below, featuring its own unique spin on inspired signs.
Tom Felton Went On J.K. Rowling's Website And Got Sorted Into Gryffindor
  1. Ooh. That Tom Felton, eh? What a villain. 2. Slytherin through and through...except... Today was the day. I finally did it. I joined Pottermore and was sorted into........Gryffindor. Heart broken x #slytherinforlife - TomFelton (@Tom Felton) .@TomFelton I could've told you that years ago.
Facebook Releases Guide to Smart Publishing Feature for Publishers
Facebook introduced several new tools for publishers last month, including Smart Publishing, which suggests stories that are popular on the social network and enables page administrators to view them on a dashboard and post them. Reva Gaur, who works on public content operations for news and media at Facebook, shared a guide (embedded below) to the new feature.
Microsoft's Spartan Browser Is Here To Save You From Internet Explorer
During Microsoft's consumer-focused Windows 10 press conference today, the company created something that many of us have been waiting for, a Microsoft alternative to Internet Explorer-Meet (codename) Spartan. Microsoft Joe Belfiore gave us a quick tour of the new browser. One of the coolest modes was note-taking mode, which sounds exactly what you'd think.
Aubrey Plaza Milks a Cow and Is a Terrible Endorser in Newcastle's Super Bowl Teaser
So, this is why Newcastle Brown Ale hired Aubrey Plaza as its 2015 Super Bowl endorser: Her perma-sarcasm and lack of energy make her the world's worst spokeswoman-or if you like, the world's best anti-spokeswoman.
The Elder Scrolls Online znosi abonament! Gra ma też konsolową datę premiery
Wraz ze zmianą modelu biznesowego gra zmieni też swoją oficjalną nazwę i dostanie podtytuł Tamriel Unlimited. W przypadku PC-tów i Maców tytuł ten przejdzie na model Buy-to-Play 17 marca, natomiast PlayStation 4 i Xbox One otrzymają go 9 czerwca.
Carl's Jr.'s Super Bowl Ad Is Here, and What a Surprise, It Stars an Almost-Naked Woman
Hold on to your patties, because Carl's Jr. just released an extended version of its regional Super Bowl ad, in which it shows even more skin than usual. The spot, by 72andSunny, stars Charlotte McKinney-who according to a Google search might be the next Kate Upton (a claim supported by a subsequent Google Images search).
Facebook's Atlas Announces Global Partnership with Havas Media Group
Facebook's Atlas ad platform announced a global partnership with global communications and marketing firm Havas Media Group, effective immediately. Atlas announced a similar partnership last month with Omnicom Media Group in the Asia-Pacific region.
Vitamin Well: Zlatan Ibrahimović
Zlatan Ibrahimović. No introduction needed. The man who can get away with everything, including this commercial for the Swedish vitamin producer.
You Only Have 24 Hours to Read this Book
Has reading become too boring for you? Do you wish your books were as ephemeral as your Snapchat stories? Then perhaps you should get a special edition copy of Private Vegas, a suspense novel by James Patterson, which will self-destruct a while after you begin reading.
YouTube is hosting its own Super Bowl halftime show with stunts and fake ads
When it comes to the Super Bowl this year, YouTube is betting that football fans will rather watch a man dive into a pool of cheese than suffer through another bland halftime show. The Google-owned video site is hosting its own live alternative to the traditional halftime histrionics, with more than 20 of its homegrown "creators and musicians" onboard and Harley Morenstein of EpicMealTime hosting.
Oscar Snubs Dominate Twitter Conversations
After the Oscar nominees were announced last week, social media was buzzing with the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag and people talking about the Selma snub, among others.
INFOGRAPHIC: Only 52% of Facebook Users Are 'Active'
Facebook may have more than 1.3 billion monthly active users, but how many of them are truly active? According to research from GlobalWebIndex, barely one-half (52 percent) of Facebook users identified themselves as active in late 2014, down from 70 percent in 2012.
Shazam is now worth more than $1 billion despite not making any profit
Shazam announced this week that it has raised $30 million in new funding, bringing the valuation of the music recognition service to more than $1 billion. The London-based company did not disclose the names of its new backers, saying only that they have not previously invested in it.
How this 16-year-old turned an Instagram feed into a $15K-a-month social media empire
Tanner Zagarino is a typical 16-year-old boy. He goes to public high school on Long Island, where he competes for the school wrestling team. He likes clothes and posting selfies with his friends. He jokes around with his mom, who gets roped into those selfies sometimes.
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Lektury #41

Jan 26, 2015 - blog.hubspot.com - 69
The 15 Best Facebook Pages You've Ever Seen
With more than 1.23 billion users, Facebook is a major player in the world of social networking. Businesses looking to market using Facebook have one major tool at their disposal: the Facebook Page. Facebook Pages were specifically engineered for businesses.
Jan 26, 2015 - socialmediatoday.com - 61
Are you interested in becoming a top influencer in social media? This goal can be a lofty one, like creating content that becomes an overnight viral sensation as well as placing a lot of time and effort into your own personal branding.
Jan 26, 2015 - blog.kurasinski.com - 67
Jak przygotować perfekcyjne wystąpienie publiczne?
Wielokrotnie sam o tym dyskutowałem z innymi osobami - co zrobić, na co zwrócić uwagę i o czym pamiętać stojąc przed publicznością na sali i wygłaszając swoją przemówienie. Osobiście uważam, że przydaj się doświadczenie - im więcej razy będziesz starał się opanować stres tym lepiej za każdym razem będzie ci szło...
Jan 26, 2015 - mashable.com - 54
Facebook needs a 'Sympathy' button
A school friend's mom passed away last week. He posted the news on Facebook with a short, dignified note, giving brief details of how his mother had died and information about the funeral. Feeling for his loss, I started to write, "So sorry to hear your sad news..."
Jan 26, 2015 - econsultancy.com - 54
Seven creative ways you can use branded content on Instagram
As Instagram surpasses Twitter for monthly active users, I set the microscope on the social network and explore how brands should use the platform to tell their story visually in 2015. Perusing Instagram is one of my favourite pastimes (sad I know) and I am not alone.
Jan 26, 2015 - spidersweb.pl - 66
Kiedy publikować na Facebooku? Praktyka ma się nijak do teorii
Nawet dobry wpis na Facebooku, w starciu z bezdusznymi algorytmami, niekoniecznie musi okazać się sukcesem. Pół biedy, jeśli chodzi o nasz prywatny profil - gorzej, jeśli mówimy o wpisach publikowanych w imieniu naszej firmy lub firmy przez nas obsługiwanej. Uniwersalnym sposobem na rozwiązanie tego problemu jest oczywiście zapłacenie za promocję, ale są też inne, darmowe sposoby.
Jan 26, 2015 - adweek.com - 71
Facebook's Algorithm: How Businesses Can Cope With Changes
It's no surprise that Facebook keeps evolving, but those changes often impact businesses the most. One of Facebook's latest algorithm changes will limit overly promotional organic posts from Pages that are show in News Feed. Social Times wanted to find out more and Branndon Stewart, founder and CEO of OutboundEngine, was nice enough to do a quick Q&A.
Jan 26, 2015 - dailymail.co.uk - 57
PewDiePie, the 'King of YouTube: How 25-year-old makes £2.6m a year
'PewDiePie' YouTube channel was most popular in 2014 with 4.1 billion hits His 33 million subscribers make him the most followed user on the website But Felix Kjellberg lives a quiet life with his girlfriend and dogs in Brighton He met Marzia Bisogning, 22, online and flew to Italy to meet her in person 25-year-old earned over £2.6million in 2013 with '97 per cent' profit margin He was 2014's undisputed 'King of YouTube' with 4.1 billion hits and he's amassed a staggering 33 million subscribers, who worship the webcam 'PewDiePie' broadcasts from.
Jan 26, 2015 - nowymarketing.pl - 55
Rockmeni w reklamie - NowyMarketing
Muzyka rockowa często pojawia się w reklamach. Nie rzadziej występują w nich w nich sami muzycy. Poniżej przedstawiam przegląd jednych z najciekawszych reklam z udziałem zarówno bardziej, jak i tych mniej znanych osobistości ze świata muzyki. W reklamie od zarania dziejów brali udział muzycy, nie tylko ci znani szerszej publiczności.
Jan 26, 2015 - medium.com - 72
A Teenager's View on Social Media
Written by an actual teen I read technology articles quite often and see plenty of authors attempt to dissect or describe the teenage audience, especially in regards to social media. However, I have yet to see a teenager contribute their voice to this discussion. This is where I would like to provide my own humble opinion.
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Pijaru Ficzery #41

Jan 26, 2015 - digitaltrends.com - 54
Pinterest presents search results based on your gender to attract more men
Right now, around 70 percent of the people who visit Pinterest are female, but more and more male visitors are appearing - the social media site reports that the number of men using the portal regularly doubled in the last year.
Jan 26, 2015 - thenextweb.com - 66
Facebook Quietly Launches a 'Lite' App for Android Users
Facebook has launched a new Android app geared towards low-end mobile devices and designed to work on 2G networks, reports TechCrunch. The company hasn't officially announced Facebook Lite, which explains why the free app has only reached between 10,000 and 50,000 installs since January 20 when it launched on Google Play.
Jan 26, 2015 - theverge.com - 63
Snapchat will reportedly begin publishing original videos and articles
Snapchat, known for self-deleting pictures that disappear after seconds, is planning to hold your attention for longer. Digiday says the company is planning to produce its own content in-house when it launches its "Discover" feature later this month, having hired a number journalists and video producers in recent months to help it become a full-fledged online publisher.
Jan 26, 2015 - techcrunch.com - 68
Ello Pretends It's Not Over With Video And Music Launch
Already-forgotten, anti-Facebook social network Ello today launched the ability to share music and video clips in its feed, but that won't matter. Here in September gone in September, Ello hoped to dethrone Facebook by ... not having ads. But while hipsters had fun hating on Zuck's creation for a few days, they all went back to it and promptly ditched Ello.
Jan 26, 2015 - mashable.com - 58
Twitter really doesn't want its top users to share Instagram links anymore
Twitter has a message for its top users: Stop sharing Instagram links. The social network sent out prompts Thursday to a batch of its high-profile users, nudging them not to tweet links to Instagram photos, and instead post photos directly through Twitter, according to a copy of the prompt obtained by Mashable.
Jan 26, 2015 - thenextweb.com - 63
Tumblr Launches Creatrs Program to Help Artists Make Money
Tumblr is one of the most prolific social media platforms for artists looking to showcase their work. The company now wants to take advantage of this to help artists make some extra cash. The company is today announcing the launch of Creatrs, a program which will allow its community of artists to connect with advertising campaigns and foster partnerships with brands and companies.
Jan 26, 2015 - theverge.com - 68
Spotify unveils Touch Preview, a beautiful new music discovery tool
Last year was a busy one for Spotify. It hit 10 million paid subscribers. The company feuded with Taylor Swift over how much money she did or didn't make from streaming. And the company revamped its mobile app across all platforms. But even with that redesign, the mid-year removal of the ability to preview 30-second clips on the 'Discovery' section left users clamoring for music discovery solutions.
Jan 26, 2015 - techcrunch.com - 68
Flipboard Adds More Ads
Social magazine platform Flipboard, which lets users aggregate content from multiple sources into a personalized digital publication, has launched a new ad format. The format blurs the line between editorial content and marketing messages by allowing branded content to be served up within the main feed of users' magazines, identified as such by a "promoted" label.
Jan 26, 2015 - wersm.com - 62
Never Miss A Tweet With Twitter's New Feature
A few weeks ago we wrote about Twitter's plan to launch a feature that would let users see a recap of the most important tweets they missed while they were away. Today, this new update is officially rolling out. Also Read: Twitter Expands Its Reach With ZipDial Acquisition Named 'While you were away', this update works...
Jan 26, 2015 - fortune.com - 74
Microsoft says Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for recent buyers
Windows 10, Microsoft's first updated version of its computer operating system since 2012, will be offered as a free upgrade for most Windows users, the company said at a product unveiling Wednesday afternoon. For a limited time - up to one year after the new operating system launches - Windows 7 and 8 users will get a free upgrade to Windows 10.
Jan 26, 2015 - thenextweb.com - 64
WhatsApp Finally Launches on the Web
It seems the day many people have been waiting for is finally here - WhatsApp is now available on your desktop, but only if you're an Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry user. The new Web client is actually a simple mirror from the WhatsApp app on your phone, so in order to use it, you'll need to have an active connection on your phone, not just your computer.
Jan 26, 2015 - techcrunch.com - 64
Dropbox Buys Mobile Productivity Startup CloudOn, Gets Office In Israel In The Process
Dropbox is beefing up its team once again after it acquired mobile productivity startup CloudOn. The Israel-based startup confirmed the news - first reported by The Wall Street Journal - in a note on its website. CloudOn claims to have nine million registered users of its service, which allows users to edit, create and share files from Microsoft Office and others online.
Jan 26, 2015 - thenextweb.com - 70
Twitter Quietly Kills Website Analytics In Favor of Cards
Just over a year ago, Twitter launched a new analytics tool that allowed website owners to track links tweeted to their websites and how many users clicked on them. That tool was recently retired from the site without much fanfare. The website analytics tool originally appeared under the analytics option in Twitter's ad product, but is no longer appearing.
Jan 26, 2015 - newsroom.fb.com - 74
News Feed FYI: Showing Fewer Hoaxes
The goal of News Feed is to catch up with your friends and find the things that matter to you. We're always looking to people on Facebook to tell us how we can improve this experience. We've heard from people that they want to see fewer stories that are hoaxes, or misleading news.

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