Podsumowanie Tygodnia 2.08 – 8.08.2016

Zeszły tydzień to oczywiście wysyp kampanii związanych z Rio. Polecam Wam zwłaszcza reklamę Nike, która w nietypowy sposób wykorzystuje narrację prowadzoną przez lektora, naprawdę fajna rzecz. Co oprócz tego? Pokemony wciąż się mocno trzymają, a Instagram i Facebook starają się zepchnąć Snapchata w jakąś czeluść zapomnienia. Więcej dowiecie się z poniższej listy, jedziemy!

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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 2.08 – 8.08.2016

2016 Instagram Strategy Kit

Everything you need to know about Instagram social strategy in one resource -how to guides, industry reports and top blog posts. This collection of resources is an all-in-one package designed to help you be an Instagram master, and develop or revamp an Instagram strategy that works!

The Biggest Pokémon Go Stories on Social - NewsWhip

The Pokémon Go craze is going strong and we uncover which articles and publishers have seen the most success on social media.

Mercedes-Benz uses influencers to reach millennials - Digiday

The automaker is working with around 25 influencers for content creation throughout the year.

Reklama dnia: Uwiecznianie jedzenia w czasach, gdy nie było telefonów komórkowych, czyli początki Instagrama według I...

Ikea żartuje ze współczesnego trendu fotografowania jedzenia ze wszystkich stron, zamiast po prostu cieszenia się tym, jak smakuje. Reklama pokazuje nam,...

Matthew McConaughey Is Wild Turkey's New 'Creative Director'

Matthew McConaughey will serve as the chief storyteller for Wild Turkey both behind the camera and in front of it.

David Droga Tells Us His Top 10 Droga5 Campaigns to Celebrate a Decade in Business

  2016 marked a major milestone for Droga5. This summer the agency celebrated its 10th anniversary, and while creative chairman and founder David Droga doesn't particularly like to dwell on the past, he sat down with Adweek to discuss his 10 favorite ads and work from the past decade.

Google wants to be your guide to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games

Google has announced an update to its search engine in time for the 2016 Olympic Games which will show updates, results, and more.

Facebook is testing video ads during Live broadcasts

The company is now testing short video ads that will play during breaks in Facebook Live broadcasts, they confirmed to Adage.

Facebook Introduces Rio 2016 Features

Facebook introduced a host of features in advance of Friday’s Opening Ceremony for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Pokémon Go passed 100 million installs over the weekend

Pokémon Go users may be furious over the shutdown of the third-party trackers and the recent update that killed the nearby tracking feature in the game, but neither of these issues have stopped the app’s viral spread, it seems. According to new data from App Store intelligence firm App Annie, Pokémon Go hit 100 million installs worldwide this weekend. That’s up from 75 million downloads toward the end of July. 

How Everlane is using an 'exclusive' Instagram account to strengthen customer loyalty

US fashion retailer Everlane has over 250,000 followers on its main Instagram account.

Twitter Adding Custom Filtering, Custom Metrics to Ads Manager

Twitter has been beta-testing a new version of its Ads Manager with plans to roll out a public beta “in the coming months.”

Instagram is going after Snapchat in a big way with this major new feature

The photo app just introduced a new feature called Instagram Stories and yes -- it's a lot like Snapchat's feature of the same name.

Twitter, Vine, Periscope Debut Rio 2016 Features

Twitter senior director of Latin American media partnerships Carlos Henrique Moreira Jr. detailed the social network’s and apps’ Rio 2016 features in a blog post.

Snapchat rolls out location-based Geostickers in select cities around the world

Snapchat may still be reeling from the news that Instagram has copied one of its biggest features, but that’s not going to stop it from giving you more stickers.

LinkedIn introduces Q&A videos from influencers into your feed

LinkedIn has just unveiled the first major new feature to be added to its platform since it was acquired by Microsoft in June. The professional social network now brings short videos to your feed, featuring influencers you follow.

Wirtualna rzeczywistość w branży samochodowej – czyli krótki zbiór najciekawszych kampanii marketingowych opartych o ...

W dobie przesytu treścią reklamową nie jest łatwo dotrzeć do klienta. Nic więc dziwnego w tym, że marketingowcy wciąż szukają nowych dróg do...

Instagram Trends lipiec 2016

Najważniejsze wydarzenia na Instagramie w lipcu. Pobierz raport od Sotrender!

Instagram Blog

Today, we’re introducing Instagram Stories, a new feature that lets you share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. As you share multiple photos and videos, they appear together in a slideshow format: your story.

mBank chce pozyskać pokolenie Z. Nowa kampania i kolejny wariant logo (wideo)

Rozpoczęta 2 sierpnia kampania opiera się na dychotomii albo-albo. Pokazuje rzeczywistość z marką oraz bez niej. Nowe logo, zaprojektowane z myślą o młodych odbiorcach, to standardowy „pasiak” w neonowych barwach.

Google is fixing Chrome's laggy video playback on Android

Google is rolling out Chrome version 52 on Android with a much-needed fix: improved video playback.

Twitter Trends 07.2016 - pobierz raport za darmo!

Raport Twitter Trends. Sotrender – lepsze decyzje w marketingu w social media. Analizy, badania, optymalizacja oraz dopasowane rekomendacje dla Facebooka, YouTube’a i Twittera.

Ad of the Day: How Did People Instagram in the 18th Century? Ikea Envisions Just That

It's dinner time! But wait—don't dig in yet. Somebody needs to take a picture first.  Ikea's latest campaign, "Let's Relax," takes a shot at how our compulsion to socialize—and compete—has invaded the haven of home.

Twitter Testing New Features On Its Ads Manager

Twitter needs to start making a lot more money, and to do so the company really needs to up its ads game. And it seems like it's doing just that, testing a new

Facebook's new Page sections help small businesses actually make money

Having a Facebook page is virtually essential for modern businesses, and now they might be able to reap some new benefits from it too. Facebook is rolling out two new sections to promote both goods and services that merchants sell on the platform.

Sotrender – lepsze decyzje w marketingu w social media.

Sotrender – lepsze decyzje w marketingu w social media. Analizy, badania, optymalizacja oraz dopasowane rekomendacje dla Facebooka, YouTube’a i Twittera.

Christoph Waltz thinks the Galaxy Note 7 is perfect for overachieving Americans

Samsung has released a new ad for the Galaxy Note 7, starring Christoph Waltz and his supremely unique enunciation. In the spot, published online today, the Oscar-winning Austrian actor wonders...

Facebook's new Page sections help small businesses actually make money

Having a Facebook page is virtually essential for modern businesses, and now they might be able to reap some new benefits from it too. Facebook is rolling out two new sections to promote both goods and services that merchants sell on the platform.

Instagram Will Also Use Facebook Data To Rank Stories

Stories is the hottest piece of news we've heard in a while and we have started to think about how this new format will appear on the platform.

Twitter’s latest test encourages users to Direct Message brands, not tweet at them

A number of businesses use Twitter to interact with their customers and offer support. But that often means responding to angry tweets directed at their account, then switching users over to private messaging to deal with the issues at hand. Now the company is testing a new feature for brands that puts its “Messaging” button front-and-center, thereby encouraging customers to start their conversations with the business via DM (direct message) instead of in public view.

Twitter Launches ‘Instant Unlock’ Ad Option to Boost Ad Reach and Response

Twitter has released a new ad option called 'Instant Unlock' ads which incentivize re-tweets for rewards.

Facebook Confirms New Desktop Page Layout Coming to All Users

Facebook has confirmed that their new desktop Page layout is now in the process of being rolled out to all users.

Facebook Messenger finally lets you resize any emoji

Facebook just announced you can do the same with any other emoji now. Just tap and hold on it and it will enlarge; the longer you hold, the larger it gets. It will be sent to your friend as soon as you let go.

Dropbox Paper to ładny i przejrzysty edytor tekstu dla nikogo?

Wystarczy bowiem spojrzeć na dotychczasowe próby Dropboksa zakończone fiaskiem: własna aplikacja do zarządzania kopią zapasową zdjęć Carousel i przejęty klient e-maila Mailbox długo (i bezskutecznie) walczyły o uznanie użytkowników. Uważnie przyglądaliśmy obydwu aplikacjom, nie były one skazane na porażkę, lecz rynek mobilny jest niezwykle zatłoczony i najwyraźniej Dropboksowi nie starczyło cierpliwości. Obydwie były ciekawym uzupełnieniem portfolio firmy, jednak nie tak interesującym jak Paper. Dropbox wydaje się tym razem bardziej zdeterminowany i przekonany o nieuniknionym sukcesie nowej usługi.

Pinterest Native Video Coming Soon – Here’s a First Look

Pinterest has announced that they'll soon be rolling out a new native video tool - here's how it looks.

Facebook Wants to Rid Your News Feed of Clickbait

Research scientist Alex Peysakhovich and user experience researcher Kristin Hendrix detailed the latest change to the social network’s News Feed algorithm in a Newsroom post, saying that the tweak was a response to feedback from users.

Netflix’s first original VR content is a creepy trip inside Stranger Things

Regardless of whether you’ve seen Netflix’s original show Stranger Things (you should go start after you read this post if you haven’t), watching the video above with any kind of 360 VR viewer, like Google Cardboard or Gear VR, is quite the experience. Stranger Things is a perfect starting point for Netflix to dabble in VR, given how atmospheric, immersive and spooky the 80s throwback world is that provides the setting for the show.

Another communications head leaves Twitter

Jim Prosser, Twitter’s head of corporate, revenue, and policy communications, is leaving the company. He’s headed over to SoFi to run communications and policy, he said on Twitter.

Scoutsee lets you turn your Twitter into a billboard, because your friends already hate you

Celebrities get paid a huge amount of money to promote products on social media, and soon so will you. But is it a good thing?

Skyy Vodka stakes a claim

The brand is aiming to boost awareness and connect millennials to its Californian roots by giving Canadians a square foot of land.

Introducing the Google Analytics Demo Account

Understand your customers by bringing all of your data together so everyone in your large organization can explore, gain intelligence and inform strategies to increase business performance. Learn more.

Voiceover Narrator Totally Loses Control of This Awesome Nike Ad for the Olympics

Nike athletes do such great things, even voiceover artists are surprised.

Facebook begins testing a Snapchat-like camera with filters and stickers

Facebook is testing a new version of its flagship app that opens directly to a Snapchat-style camera, encouraging you to capture more photos and videos and adorn them with filters and stickers. The...

This app makes adding multiple Instagram hashtags so much better

An app called Magnify makes it so that you can add up to 30 hashtags as easily as a single one - without ever having to leave Instagram.

Ad of the Day: This Powerade Spot Will Be Among the Most Hard-Hitting of the Rio Games

Powerade pulls no punches whatsoever in this spot from Wieden + Kennedy Portland starring 19-year-old amateur boxer and U.S. Olympian Shakur Stevenson.  As an official Olympics sponsor, Coca-Cola can avoid the complex maze of U.S. Olympic Committee regulations preventing businesses from sharing in that international glory.

Facebook Releases New Research into Messaging Trends and Expectations [Infographic]

Facebook has released a new research report which looks at the growth of messaging, why people message, and the potential for businesses.

4 Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Business

No doubt you’ve seen and/or heard a ton about

Radar Premier - oto nowa, spersonalizowana playlista Spotify

Spotify wprowadza nową, spersonalizowaną playlistę. Radar Premier ma co tydzień dostarczać użytkownikom muzyczne nowości i premiery skrojone pod ich gust.

Playbuzz launches an analytics product to help publishers create viral content

Playbuzz has been offering publishers tools to create interactive/social media-friendly content like galleries, lists and polls. Now it’s giving them new ways to track the effectiveness of those tools.

IKEA Trolls Kanye West, And Now Everyone Is Trolling Him With Fake Product Designs

As the Kanye West and Taylor Swift feud is still at high speed with various celebrities taking sides, the 'Famous' rapper now has one more thing to worry about.

Insights from the Million Most Shared Articles of 2016 [Infographic]

Fractl and BuzzSumo have teamed up to analyze the million most shared posts of 2016 thus far, uncovering some interesting insights on wider social sharing trends.   

Facebook rolls out a personalized Olympics section in the News Feed, plus Olympic filters and frames

Not to be outdone by Twitter – who, yesterday introduced followable Moments and other means of tuning into Olympics news via its network – Facebook is rolling out a number of ways for its users to show support for their favorite teams plus track the Olympics news they care about in a dedicated section of the News Feed, the company announced this week.

Jeszcze nie ogłosiłem zwycięzców swojego konkursu na barda, więc bądźcie czujni. Za to udało mi się napisać ciekawy (mam taką nadzieję) wpis dotyczący budowania relacji i tego co one nam dają.

Na koniec przypomnę, że możecie mi podsyłać propozycje i sugestie tekstów na pijarukoksu@gmail.com. Jeśli podeślecie newsy do Podsumowania Tygodnia to też będzie super. Jeśli z kolei w końcu dojrzeliście (lub Wasz klient) do współpracy ze mną, to tutaj macie wszystkie szczegóły na temat moich świadczeń, zasięgów i statystyk bloga.


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