Podsumowanie Tygodnia 2.01 – 8.02.2016

Jak tam Wam mija luty? Wyspaliście się po Super Bowl? Czas zatem nadrobić zaległości z zeszłego tygodnia. Jedziemy, nie ma czasu!

Headline for Podsumowanie Tygodnia 2.01 - 8.02.2016
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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 2.01 - 8.02.2016

YouTube w Polsce - podsumowanie 2015

Najczęściej oglądane filmy, największe kanały, najpopularniejsi youtuberzy w Polsce w 2015 roku.

Old Sheep Learn New Tricks in Honda's Amusing Super Bowl Commercial

There's been a somewhat surprising scarcity of animal-themed Super Bowl teasers—and actual spots—this season. (RIP, Budweiser puppy.) But Honda and RPA have rounded up some talented sheep to help change that. The automaker on Monday released its 2016 Super Bowl spot, advertising the 2017 Honda Ridgeline, coming this spring.

'Shield 5' is Instagram's very own 28-part thriller series

‘Shield 5' will be broadcast daily via 15-second clips posted to its dedicated Instagram page throughout February.

YouTube Trends 01.2016 - pobierz raport za darmo!

Raport YouTube Trends. Sotrender – lepsze decyzje w marketingu w social media. Analizy, badania, optymalizacja oraz dopasowane rekomendacje dla Facebooka, YouTube’a i Twittera.

Steven Tyler Sees Himself Made Entirely of Skittles in Candy Brand's Super Bowl Ad

Skittles on Tuesday joined the parade of brands releasing their full Super Bowl ads early, unveiling its 30-second spot starring Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.

Diet Coke Prints Literally Millions of Unique Labels for New 'It's Mine' Campaign

Diet Coke is embarking on a fun new packaging stunt in the U.S., using HP Indigo digital printing technology to create millions of completely unique labels—in a campaign appropriately themed, "It's Mine." Every 12-ounce glass bottle will feature a different design—no two bottles will be the same.

J&B: 36 & 6

Advertising Agency: J. Walter Thompson, Cape Town, South Africa Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Lang Creative Director: Stuart McCreadie Agen

Uber rebrands itself with new icons and a 'substantial' logotype

Uber has rebranded itself with new icons and a cold logotype

Here's What's Behind the Mysterious Oreo Door That Popped Up in NYC Today

If you're in New York City today, and anywhere near 18th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues, head over there before 6:30 p.m. and check out this Oreo mysterious door. Actually, it's more like a portal.

Facebook and Twitter: Users Process Mobile Content Faster

Facebook and Twitter say it's critical for advertisers to understand how content consumption in mobile feeds is different than other medium.

WhatsApp liderem mobilnych komunikatorów. Facebook wiedział co robi

Z WhatsAppa korzysta już miliard osób. W 2015 roku był on najczęściej pobieraną aplikacją mobilną, ale jego fenomen omija Polskę.

Do zespołu Prowly na stanowisko Communications Lead dołączył Rafał Sałak

interaktywnie.com - Będzie odpowiedzialny za globalną komunikację firmy.

Yahoo just admitted it badly overpaid for Tumblr

Yahoo's fourth quarter results are out, and lumped into them is a whopping $4.5 billion write down. In the holiday quarter, Yahoo generated $1.27 billion in revenue, a 1.6% increase from the year-ago period, and recorded a $4.44 billion net loss. The Sunnyvale, California, company reported $4.4 billion in losses for the full year, meaning it would have turned a very modest...

Twitter’s New Timeline Brings Content to Logged-Out Mobile Web Browsers

Twitter wants new and novice users to check out what the site to offer, and has been testing ways to get tweets in front of as many eyeballs as possible — even if those eyeballs belong to someone not registered with the site.

YouTube reportedly wants to start live streaming 360-degree video

YouTube has been meeting with camera manufacturers, BuzzFeed News reports, with the intention of developing a way to live stream 360-degree videos. YouTube itself declined to comment on the report,...

Warszawa, Paryż, Nowy Jork – Radzimir Dębski komponuje dla Wyborowej (wideo)

Marka Wyborowa zainicjowała projekt „Słuchaj miasta”. Muzykę do niego skomponował Radzimir Dębski.

Heinz Releases the (Adorable) Hounds in This Hilarious Super Bowl Commercial

Heinz's Big Game spot is going to the dogs—literally.  The company today released its 2016 Super Bowl spot from creative shop David in Miami. The 30-second ad, part of a larger campaign called "Meet the Ketchups," is meant to introduce Heinz's family of condiments to consumers and will air during the third quarter.

Ryan Reynolds Is Everywhere as Hyundai Unveils Its Super Bowl Ads

Hyundai squeezes not just one but—by our count—13 Ryan Reynolds into the first of its two in-game Super Bowl commercials, which rolled out online Monday. And to go along with the celebrity spot, the second spot features another big-game staple: talking animals.

Deadpool's Wildly Unpredictable Ad Campaign Finds Time for a Testicular Cancer PSA

In this quirky PSA, Deadpool tells you to tweak the tomatoes before you go cucumber-crazy. Still don't get it?

How Facebook Is Using Surveys to Improve Its News Feed and Give Users What They Want

Facebook is taking more of a "survey says" approach to what users will see in their news feeds.

This plugin hides Twitter usernames so you can browse freely

It replaces every username with 'Twitter User' and every profile photo with its own version of the iconic blue bird so you can browse without prejudice.

Nike: Unleash Your Animal

Advertising Agency:Lapizdebits, Bogotá, Colombia
Creative Director:Artiom Gelvez Kostenko
Art Director:Artiom Gelvez Kostenko
Copywriter:Iana Goroba, Susana Gelvez Acosta
Illustrator:Artiom Gelvez Kostenko

The top 2,001 things Facebook thinks we care about

We've detailed a lot of our favorite things out of Facebook's new Audience Optimization tool, which provides over 282,000 listings of things that Facebook believes its users are interested in....

YouTubers Realize Trademarking 'React' Was a Bad Idea, Firmly Backpedal

The internet duo Fine Bros managed to briefly steal Donald Trump’s mantle as the most-hated thing on the internet last week, when they revealed supervillain-style their plan to trademark the word “React”. Following the bad, uh, response to the plan, they’re cancelling everything.

How to use The Golden Gate Bridge, Coding Babies & Cat Jumpers For Customer Acquisition - Social Listening Academy

At Brand24, we like to think outside the box and seize the opportunity to spread brand awareness whenever it’s possible. We enjoy creating positive buzz and surprising people at the same time. Sounds like a cliché, but it takes a lot of creativity to get past the standard promotional techniques (and I’ve got to admit it’s kind of lucky our CEO rocks at this).

Toneapi helps your writing pack an emotional punch

Toneapi is a Web-based app that analyzes (and potentially improves) the emotional impact of your writing.

Microsoft is reportedly buying SwiftKey for around $250 million

Microsoft already has one of the better mobile keyboards out there, and it sounds like it may soon own another great one. The Financial Times reports that Microsoft is entering a deal to purchase...

Twitter Trends 01.2016 - pobierz raport za darmo!

Raport Twitter Trends. Sotrender – lepsze decyzje w marketingu w social media. Analizy, badania, optymalizacja oraz dopasowane rekomendacje dla Facebooka, YouTube’a i Twittera.

Instagram adds multiple account switching for a lucky few iOS users

One of Instagram's most-requested features could currently reside on your iOS device without you even knowing it. For some Instagram users, multiple accoun

Coca-Cola Is Teaming Up With Marvel to Run a 60-Second Spot on Super Bowl 50

Coca-Cola and Marvel are joining forces for a superheroic commercial in Super Bowl 50, the soda brand has confirmed to Adweek. Adweek received a package Wednesday containing co-branded mini-cans of Coke, featuring illustrations of Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk, Ant-Man, Captain America and Falcon. A teaser note read, "02.07.16.

YouTube's first original shows will premiere on February 10

It's been along time coming, but YouTube is finally ready to release its first original shows and films. YouTube Red Originals will premiere on February 10

Facebook celebrates its anniversary by making automatic videos of your friendships

February 4th is known as "Friends Day" at Facebook HQ, as it's the anniversary of the company's founding. While Facebook is hosting a few celebrations over

Black Ops 3's 'Replacer' Takes Over for Celebrities in Their Instagram Pics

OK. Imagine you're Kyrie Irving, and you've got to indulge your obsession with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 by playing the new DLC pack, Awakening, that dropped on Tuesday.

Facebook is celebrating your friendships for its 12th birthday

Facebook turns 12 today, and the social network is commemorating the event with a custom video for millions of users chronicling our rich history of spending a lot of time on Facebook. The...

Instagram ads just got longer again, with 60-second spots from T-Mobile and Warner Brothers

Today Instagram announced that it was rolling out its first 60 second video ads, starting with selections from Warner Brothers and T-Mobile. Previously, th

Facebook now lets Page admins show posts in your native language

Facebook is testing a new feature for Page managers today that lets you write multiple versions of a post in different languages, and displays the most rel

Facebook Reach and Frequency Campaigns Can Now Run For 90 Days

Facebook and Instagram advertisers running reach and frequency campaigns can now extend those campaigns out to 90 days in length.

Twitter Is Testing A Dedicated GIF Button On Mobile

Twitter wants you to share more GIFs, that's why the company is testing a new GIF button inside its mobile app.

Foursquare Adds Travel Recommendations Feature

Foursquare Trip Tips have been introduced for travelers. The feature makes travel recommendations and is a good reason to have your business listed.

Facebook is 12 today — here's how its look has changed over time

Facebook, the world's biggest social network, is 12-years-old today after being founded by Mark Zuckerberg in his Harvard dorm room in 2004.

Nie tylko Facebook - oto firmy i technologie należące do Marka Zuckerberga

Rosnąca potęga Facebooka sprawia, iż z oczywistych względów Zuckerberg stara się objąć swoimi „mackami” także i inne sfery... i od kilku lat wychodzi mu to...

How Facebook's fake holiday took over Twitter

Friends Day, a holiday Facebook literally made up to coincide with its 12-year anniversary, took over Twitter.

Twitter is testing a button that serves up ready-made GIFs for users

Twitter users may soon see more GIFs in their newsfeed, thanks to a dedicated GIF button the company is quietly testing.

All Facebook Pages Can Reply to Comments With Private Messages

Facebook introduced the ability for page administrators to reply to comments with private messages in August, and the feature was made available to all pages Wednesday.

Ad of the Day: Album of the Year Nominees Sing on Posters in Cool Grammys Promo

Best lip-syncing ever? This fun, innovative spot from TBWA\Chiat\Day, touting the Feb. 15 Grammy Awards telecast on CBS, takes the practice in an unexpected direction.  The work features a catchy mashup of tracks from all five Album of the Year nominees: Kendrick Lamar, Alabama Shakes, Chris Stapleton, Taylor Swift and The Weeknd.

Joanna Jędrzejczyk w kampanii Reeboka „Be More Human”

Reebok startuje z najnowszą odsłoną kampanii wizerunkowej „Be More Human”. Jej bohaterką została Joanna Jędrzejczyk, aktualna mistrzyni świata mieszanych sportów walki.

Google confirms Hangouts will now use peer-to-peer connections to improve call quality and speed

Google Hangouts has received a small but important backend upgrade: peer-to-peer (p2p) connections. Google confirmed to VentureBeat that the functionality started rolling out to all users this week.

KFC Swaps Out Norm Macdonald for Jim Gaffigan as Its Latest 'Real' Colonel

KFC and Wieden + Kennedy's wacky search for the perfect Col. Harland Sanders continues, this time with comedian Jim Gaffigan. Earlier this week, KFC posted a montage of Norm Mcdonald's clips, effectively ending the ex-SNL star's run as pitchman after he replaced Darrell Hammond in August.

Być może przegapiliście ostatnie wpisy, zatem przypominam o nich. Case study dotyczące strony brandowej Oknoplast – o tutaj. Drugi wpis z kolei to mój subiektywny przegląd najlepszych reklam 2015 roku.

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