Podsumowanie Tygodnia 17.02 – 23.02.2015

Weekend spędziłem na graniu w The Order: 1886 (tu znajdziecie krótką opinię) i czytając autobiografię Zlatana Ibrahimovica. Także miałem dość ciekawy zestaw rozrywek, ale jednocześnie udało mi się wysmażyć nowego Pijaru Kejsa, tym razem na temat Newcastle Brown Ale (klikajcie tutaj, żeby przeczytać). Luty na blogu niestety pod względem liczb nie był tak fajny jak styczeń, ale mówi się trudno i trzeba zakasać rękawy. Zanim to jednak nastąpi mam dla Was porcję ciekawych linków.

Headline for Podsumowanie Tygodnia 17.02 - 23.02.2015
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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 17.02 - 23.02.2015

Pagevamp & Yetiz - zrób stronę z fanpejdża

Pagevamp to usługa, za pomocą której stworzysz nowoczesną, atrakcyjną stronę www ze swojego fan page'a w 30 sekund!

Social Media Discussion about The Oscars Based on Social Monitoring

Short analysis of social media content related to the The 87th Academy Awards ceremony.

And The Best Native Ad Award Goes To ...

Editor's note: Conno Christou is the co-founder of Avocarrot. Although the Super Bowl is still "king" when it comes to TV ad space, annual award shows like the Oscars and the Grammys are also very attractive to advertisers.

Google Is Shutting Down Google Helpouts, Its Expert Video Chat Service

Updated: Google is shutting down its Google Helpouts service on April 20, 2015, the service's website has now been updated to reflect. Earlier this morning, we noticed the mobile applications for Google Helpouts, Google's service that uses Google Hangouts video chat to connect consumers with experts online, had disappeared from both Google Play and iTunes.

Billionaire Nutella tycoon Michele Ferrero dies on Valentine's Day

On the day of the year when many people were exchanging chocolates with their sweethearts, Michele Ferrero, the "richest candyman on the planet," died. Ferrero, 89, died Saturday - Valentine's Day - after a months-long battle with an unspecified illness. His company, Ferrero chocolates, made him the richest person in Italy and one of the wealthiest businessmen on the planet.

Snapchat's 'Our Story' Goes Local

Early in 2014, Snapchat rolled 'Our Story', a collection of images aimed at giving people a glimpse of experience from live events. Now Snapchat ads local flavour to its feature, giving users in specific areas a taste of what's going on near them.

„Forbes" eksperymentuje z reklamą natywną na okładce

Reklama jest niewielkich rozmiarów modułem w ciemnym kolorze, umieszczonym po prawej stronie okładki najnowszego numeru „Forbesa". Promuje firmę Fidelity Investments krótkim tekstem: „Podrasuj swoją emeryturę" i sąsiaduje z większą ramką, która zapowiada wewnątrz numeru blok materiałów redakcyjnych dotyczących planowania przez czytelników przyszłych uposażeń emerytalnych.


http://interaktywnie.com/biznes/newsy/social-media/youtuberzy-w-mediach-zobacz-o-kim-mowi-sie-najwiecej-250165 Intera...

Cinemagraphs, A New Kind of Ad Everyone Will Love

Remember when Instagram announced the service is launching ads? We were all in shock, and we blamed Facebook because it was about to ruin our favourite "artsy" mobile app. We were also furious when Facebook announced that it would automatically play videos for users just as they peacefully scroll their own newsfeed.

Experiment Shows What Happens When You Repost a Photo to Instagram 90 Times

Every time you post a photo to Instagram, it loses a tiny bit of quality. It's not really noticeable for a single upload, but if you save and repost the photo over and over, the quality loss becomes extreme.

Pushbullet for Android Now Lets You Respond to WhatsApp Messages

PushBullet for Android, an app that provides mirrored notifications and file transfers between your smartphone and desktop PC, has today announced that you can now respond directly to IMs from its pop-up notification panels on the desktop.

Facebook Launches Product Ads

Facebook announced on Tuesday a way to highlight one or more products in an ad. Named Product Ads, Facebook has been testing this for a while (and multi-product ads are available in Power Editor), but announced a full rollout on Tuesday. Product Ads will be available through Power Editor in the coming weeks.

Tweetdeck Makes Managing Company Twitter Accounts Easier

Having a group of people working on a single Twitter account can not only be a security nightmare because of the shared password, but when a person leaves that group or company, that shared password has to change. TweetDeck Teams fixes that by letting you make an account accessible to team members without sharing a password with them.

Facebook PMD Program Officially Changed to Facebook Marketing Partners

Facebook announced in October that the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer ecosystem was undergoing an overhaul, becoming an objective-focused Facebook Marketing Partner program. That change takes place today. The Facebook Marketing Partner platform will sort companies into these categories: Ad Technology: Scale and optimize Facebook ad campaigns. Media Buying: Find top Facebook media expertise (U.S.

"Oglądaj Ligę jak Mistrz!" z marką Heineken

Multiscreening to trend dzisiejszej komunikacji. Kibice, oglądając mecz w telewizji, jednocześnie śledzą statystyki oraz dzielą się swoimi emocjami z przyjaciółmi, korzystając z telefonów czy tabletów. Marka Heineken, wieloletni sponsor Ligi Mistrzów UEFA, doskonale o tym wie, dlatego chce dać fanom futbolu możliwość przeżywania meczów w sposób jeszcze bardziej wyjątkowy niż zwykle.

'Game of Thrones' Monopoly will make you want to kill your family

For fans upset that Winds of Winter won't be released this year, don't fret. Hasbro and HBO are teaming up to create Game of Thrones Monopoly, a game that will take you longer to play than it takes George R. R. Martin to write the books.

Nike targets sneaker fanatics with app that mixes commerce with content

Using the rare confluence of Fashion Week and the NBA Allstar Weekend hitting New York in the same week as a backdrop, Nike held an event in the city last week to launch its new app called SNKRS for sneaker fanatics.

Adidas rusza z nową kampanią. Największą od lat / Z branży - Portal PR Newsline.pl

Dziś jest: Poniedziałek, 23.02.2015 r PROMOCJA W WYSZUKIWARKACH Adidas rusza z nową kampanią. Największą od lat "Sport 15" to nazwa nowej kampanii wizerunkowej firmy Adidas. Niemiecki gigant zapowiada, że będzie to ich największe medialne przedsięwzięcie od kilku lat. W nowej kampanii biorą udział sportowcy znani z boisk piłkarskich, koszykarskich i futbolu amerykańskiego.

Facebook Indicating When Friends Have Used Same Hashtag?

Facebook appears to be testing a feature that alerts users who include hashtags when their friends have used the same hashtags. Reader Matteo Acitelli shared the screenshot above, in which the Google+-like "+1" indicates that one of the poster's friends posted the same hashtag. Readers: Have you seen this before?

Czytający przystojniacy - świetna akcja czy naruszenie prawa?

„Hotdudesreading" to profil, którego nazwa mówi sama za siebie. Administratorzy umieszczają na nim zdjęcia przystojnych mężczyzn czytających książki - w metrze, parku, na ulicy. Ale oprócz towarzyszącego akcji zachwytu płci pięknej, pojawiają się pytania związane z tym, na ile takie fotografie są legalne i czy nikomu nie szkodzą?

Dropbox Now Opens Shared Links Directly in Mobile Apps

Dropbox is getting a little more useful for mobile users. As of today, you can open shared links directly in the mobile Android and iOS apps. Now, when you open shared link on your phone or tablet, you'll open the file or folder right on your Dropbox app, allowing you to preview documents and photos quickly or easily save to your Dropbox account.

Sony is no longer an electronics company

Sony announced last night that it's spinning off its audio and video divisions, much like it spun off its television division last year. That won't mean much right now; Sony still displayed interesting new Android-powered TVs at CES, and we're sure to see new crazy high-end Walkmans and camcorders with Sony branding from the newly independent AV division as well.

Gareth Bale & Lionel Messi star in new adidas: Take It advert [video]

With David Beckham retired, Adidas rolled out their two biggest football stars in a new advert titled "Take it." Gareth Bale kicks off the advert with a trademark free-kick and Lionel Messi also makes an early appearance. The Barcelona star appears with the words "yesterday is gone" ringing in his ears as he turns off a television showing Messi playing for Argentina.

Facebook unleashes Stetho, its open-source Android debugging tool

Facebook said today that it's giving away a tool it built to spot errors in Android application code. Facebook has gradually improved its main app for Android, as well as other apps for the mobile operating system, including Messenger, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages Manager, and most recently Facebook at Work.

Mom Goes Fast and Furious in a Minivan in Famous Footwear's 'Momkhana' Video

Parents who are perpetually late in dropping their kids off at school, take note. This new Famous Footwear video shows you how to arrive on time and in style. It shows stuntwoman Shauna Duggins tearing through quiet suburban streets in her minivan-which happens to be customized with a 550-horsepower engine-to get her kids to a Famous Footwear store.

Coca-Cola Spreads Happiness Online With Emoji Web Addresses

Coca-Cola hasn't had much luck making the Internet a happier place lately, but maybe this will help-a fun campaign from Coca-Cola Puerto Rico that puts smiley-face emojis right in the brand's web addresses. The brand registered URLs for every emoji that conveys happiness.

Everything was awesome about that 'Lego Movie' Oscar performance

The Lego Movie may have been seriously snubbed for Best Animated Picture, but its performance at the Oscars makes up for the lost recognition. Tegan and Sara teamed up with the Lonely Island for a raucous version of "Everything Is Awesome," the film's Oscar-nominated song.

Postaci z Disney'a naśladują klientów. Kampania Disney Parks

Pomysł prosty, realizacja bardzo fajna, do tego magia charakterów Disney'a. Czego chcieć więcej? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hd_2Y29_FLU

Kindlebox to bardzo fajny sposób na przesyłanie plików na Kindle'a przez Dropboksa - AntyWeb

Istnieje wiele sposobów na przesyłanie plików na Kindle'a. Amazon uprościł to maksymalnie wprowadzając dedykowane aplikacje, a nawet adres e-mail, na który przesyłane pliki trafiają od razu do naszego czytnika. Znalazłem jeszcze jedną, bardzo fajną metodę, którą z pewnością docenią posiadacze kont na Dropboksie.

Posting a photo is the worst way to get people to see your Facebook posts

Data provided to Business Insider by the social-media analytics company Socialbakers shows just how badly photos perform compared with videos, links, and even simple text-only posts in terms of reach on Facebook.

Twitter's Dev Analytics Tool, 'Answers' Hits 5 Billion Sessions

Twitter is super keen on being more than just a place for your random thoughts on current events. In addition to its Mo Pub ad platform, it's also going after developers with its Crashlytics service.

A 24-year-old YouTube star just bought a 5-bedroom house for $1.4 million

Amassing millions of fans on YouTube really does pay off. Zoe Sugg - or "Zoella," as she is known on YouTube - has paid more than $1.4 million for a five-bedroom home in Hove, East Sussex, according to the Daily Mail.

Google Talk for Windows is Dead; Try These Apps Instead

As the search giant continues to focus on building out its Hangouts communication platform, Google Talk for Windows will be closed down tomorrow. It's surprising that Google Talk still works at all, given that the company has been working on adding features to Hangouts on mobile and desktop, like phone calls and group video chat for a couple of years now.

Jest praca marzeń. 100 tys. zł za podróżowanie harleyem po Europie

Harley-Davidson oferuje pracę marzeń. Dwumiesięczna wyprawa motocyklowa po całej Europie i pensja 25 tys. euro. Jedyny obowiązek - opisywanie przygód na blogu.

Nature-Swapping Vending Machines : "vending machine campaign"

"vending machine campaign" - The popularity of vending machine campaigns have totally exploded over the last couple of years. While you might think that all of the creative ide...

How I Helped Polar Get to 40M+ Pageviews

Dmitry Dragilev is the founder of growth hacking consultancy Criminally Prolific. He also runs JustReachOut, a service that helps startups get featured by the press. So you finally put the finishing touches on your website and pushed it live. Damn, it looks so good! Your business is now ready to be shown to the world.

Big Brands' Dedication to Instagram Video Pays Off With Follower Lifts

The following marketers regularly make our weekly Adweek/Shareablee chart for the best branded Instagram videos: Starbucks, Victoria's Secret, Nike, GoPro and the National Basketball Association. Those names also appear in our newest rankings, which cover the period of Feb. 9 and Feb. 15.

Jesus's Best Stunt, Newcastle's Failed Product Placement: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

What: A Montreal production shop gets downright biblical to tout its services. Who: 1one Production, LG2 Why We Care: We always wondered where ideas like feeding the masses with just a few loaves of bread and some fish, and walking on water came from. Now we know-marketing meetings!

Instagram revenue projected to hit $5.8 billion in 2020, analyst says

Facebook's decision to buy Instagram looks smarter and smarter each year. Instagram, the fast-growing photo-sharing network, is projected to generate about $700 million in revenue this year and $5.8 billion in revenue in 2020, according to new estimates from analysts with Cowen & Co.

What to Look for from Facebook Ads in 2015

It's clearer than ever that the future of Facebook ads is about getting hard ROI from the News Feed - and the News Feed is changing fast. Looking through Socialbakers' Facebook® advertising data from 2014, you can see how marketers began to favor placing video ads in the News Feed for a directly reportable ROI - and how they're still leaving value on the table.

Pinterest is Raising $500 Million at an $11 Billion Valuation

Pinterest is raising $500 million at an $11 billion valuation, according to The Wall Street Journal. The round would value the social image-sharing network at more than double what it was worth last May, when it raised $200 million at a $5 billion valuation. Pinterest is like a digital bulletin board with a social twist.

Havas Worldwide Canada acquires Plastic

The mobile-focused agency adds native app development expertise to Havas' offering across North America. Havas Worldwide Canada bolstered its mobile offering today, announcing it has acquired Canadian agency Plastic Mobile. Plastic will now offer its services to Havas' clients as part of the Havas Village model, which sees all of its assets in creative, digital and media working together under a single organization and collaborating as needed.

Facebook Is Changing The Way It's Charging For Ads

On a blogpost published yesterday, Facebook broke some super important news: From now on it will be focusing on creating a mechanism that will detect how many views your ad unit actually receives and not how many impressions are served. Sounds impressive, right? Also Read: Are Your Facebook Ads Relevant?

LinkedIn Starts Using Its Data to Sell Ads Across the Web

LinkedIn is beginning to sell ads across the internet, becoming the latest social company to layer its data on top of the web's ad inventory. "This is the first time we've had a fully integrated product that allows marketers to reach our audiences outside of LinkedIn," said Russell Glass, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions' head of products, in an interview.

Google's Inbox now works on Firefox, Safari, iPads, and Android tablets

Google today expanded its Inbox email service to more platforms. On the desktop, it now works on Firefox and Safari, while in the mobile world, it is now available on iPads and Android tablets; you can download the updated app now directly from Google Play and Apple's App Store.

Microsoft is giving away 100GB of OneDrive space to Dropbox users

Microsoft loves giving away free OneDrive space. After gifting 100GB of free storage last week for signing up to Bing Rewards, the software maker has a similar offer aimed at Dropbox users today. If you're an existing Dropbox user then all you have to do is sign in to your account to obtain 100GB of free OneDrive storage for a year.

Leo Burnett Closing Its New York Office

Chicago-based international agency Leo Burnett will close its New York office after approximately four years. The office, which opened in February 2011 with a staff of 15 full-time employees, earned an extensive profile by Rupal Parekh of AdAge and coverage from Stuart Elliott of The New York Times; Elliott noted the crowdsourced "New York writes itself" campaign that served as Leo Burnett's formal introduction to our city.

Introducing Do - a new class of apps by IFTTT

Take action with the tap of a button. Do empowers you to create your own personalized button, camera, and notepad. Run Recipes right when you want to. Download 3 new apps for iOS and Android - Do Button, Do Camera, and Do Note - for unprecedented control over the products and services you use every day.

Photoshop Turns 25: A Proud Creation Remains Vigilant

Photoshop, now 25 years old, is unquestionably the top dog as a design and image editing tool but despite that, it spares no effort in maintaining the lead position. On February 19, 1990, brothers John and Thomas Knoll launched a tiny software package to bundle with a scanner. It was called Photoshop.

Snapchat update lets you record video while playing music

Snapchat has finally figured out how to integrate music with its service. Thanks to an update currently rolling out on iOS, Snapchat users can record video while still playing music on their phones. Previously when you pressed record, any music playing would automatically pause, an issue that still plagues Instagram, Vine, and even the default video camera on the iPhone.

How Jesus and His Marketing Team Came Up With the Craziest Ad Stunt in History

Jesus Christ pulled off some pretty impressive brand stunts in his day: turning water into wine; healing the blind; feeding the multitude with the loaves and fishes. But when it came to one of the biggest stunts of His career, He turned to Montreal's 1one Production-at least, according to this "never-before-seen original footage" of Christ and his marketing team from a couple thousand years ago.

Headline for Lektury #45
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Lektury #45

Feb 23, 2015 - socialbakers.com - 42
Everything is Awesome: LEGO's Monster Year on Social

LEGO is proof positive that tablets and smartphones have not replaced analog toys. Currently, LEGO is the world's largest and most valuable toymaker. We took a look at the role social media played in LEGO's success last year. In Danish, LEGO loosely translates to "play well", and is the foundation of their philosophy.

Feb 23, 2015 - adweek.com - 57
INFOGRAPHIC: Instagram Strategy Tips for Brands

How should brands best represent themselves on Instagram? Customer-relationship-management and cloud-management platform company Salesforce.com provided a checklist, in infographic form. Salesforce.com said in a blog post introducing its infographic: Although it's only been around for a little more than four years, Instagram boasts 300 million monthly active users who snap and post millions of photos on a daily basis.

Feb 23, 2015 - techcrunch.com - 55
Twitter's Dilemma

Restaurant Tech Restocked For Tomorrow And Beyond Twitter is two things. It is a concept - everyone in the world connected in real time - that's so obvious in retrospect that it is impossible to imagine it not existing. It is also a product that has had a rough time living up to that concept.

Feb 23, 2015 - brief.pl - 50
Okiem stratega: Jeżeli jesteś strategiem i nikogo nie wkurzasz - robisz coś źle : Brief

Jolanta Piela, cwany strateg z K2, prezentuje ciekawe spojrzenie na to, jakiego rodzaju odpowiedzialność spoczywa na osobie zajmującej się strategią. Warto zastanowić się jakie są cechy osobowościowe i jakiego rodzaju wiedzę powinna posiadać osoba pracująca na takim stanowisku. Oraz zadać sobie pytanie, czy ty też jesteś wkurzającym strategiem?

Feb 23, 2015 - thenextweb.com - 48
Blogging is the New Resume

Ryan Hoover is the co-creator of Product Hunt, creator of Startup Edition, and instructor at Tradecraft. Follow him at @rrhoover or visit his blog to read more about startups and product design. Can we all agree resumes are crummy? Can you really communicate your life's accomplishments and skill-set through an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper?

Feb 23, 2015 - socialpress.pl - 43
20 banków, w których znajdziecie darmowe zdjęcia

Home " W praktyce " 20 banków, w których znajdziecie darmowe zdjęcia 17/02/2015 Rynek fotografii stockowej coraz prężniej otwiera się na klientów, którzy nie chcą sięgać do portfela. Mamy coraz więcej możliwości, jeśli chodzi o dostęp do sporej ilości zdjęć w dobrej jakości.

Feb 23, 2015 - thenextweb.com - 51
300+ Awesome Free Internet Resources You Should Know

is a freelancer, wanderer, and contributor to few startup projects. Say hi on Facebook or Twitter. This post originally appeared on his Medium blog. I've prepared a list of 300 resources that are not only awesome, but free to use. Please let me know if I am missing any other useful resource!

Feb 23, 2015 - adweek.com - 58
What Is Branding? This Thought-Provoking Video Tells You in Just 2 Minutes

What is branding? You could spent a thousand years reading a million books on the subject. Or you could watch the two-minute video below, which tries to capture its fundamental essence-with snazzy little motion graphics to help you along.

Feb 23, 2015 - jeszczejedenblog.pl - 58
Jak pisać językiem korzyści? - Jeszcze Jeden Blog

O ile większość z nas zdaje sobie sprawę, że język korzyści jest ważny i należy go stosować, o tyle chyba nie do końca rozumiemy, czym jest. Próbując pisać w ten sposób, skupiamy się na pozornych korzyściach lub elementach wartościowych, ale z naszego, nie klienckiego punktu widzenia. Jak uniknąć tego błędu?

Feb 23, 2015 - thenextweb.com - 52
The Common Elements of Good Storytelling

Paul Jarvis is a Web designer and bestselling author, who's obsessed with nature and hairless rats. His latest book, Everything I Know, is a guide to freelancing as a creative professional. My favourite activity while I lived in Tofino, BC was attending my artist friend, Roy Henry Vickers' storytellings.

Feb 23, 2015 - mashable.com - 42
6 browser extensions to improve your Facebook experience

Facebook addicts, rejoice - you don't have to be on Facebook to still be on Facebook. With the help of browser extensions, you can read your News Feed, send messages to friends and post status updates from your browser's toolbar.

Mam dylemat co w tym tygodniu opisać na blogu, bo pomysłów jest kilka. Chociażby Pijaru Kejs Lego albo Szczere Slogany Carlsberga lub Wojny Brandów z niemieckimi markami samochodów. Albo jeszcze coś innego wpadnie mi po drodze do głowy. Powoli tworzę również tekst motywacyjny, w którym opisuję trochę szerzej swoją drogę zawodową oraz blogową, takie trochę w klimacie że w Polsce jednak się da i nie trzeba się mordować w jakiejś pracy z pensją poniżej średniej krajowej. Jeśli macie jednak propozycje tematów/case’ów itp. to walcie do mnie na priv, zawsze chętnie przyjmę pomysł na kolejny wpis.


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