Podsumowanie DwuTygodnia 16.06 – 29.06.2015

Mój urlop powoli się kończy, ale zgodnie z obietnicą wrzucam dla Was Podsumowanie DwuTygodnia. Tym razem bez rekomendowanych lektur, bo ostatnio raczej tylko coś wrzucam do Pocketa, będzie czas potem to wszystko nadrobić. Dzisiejsza lista jest dość długa, ale warto się z nią zapoznać, bo naprawdę dużo się działo.

Headline for Podsumowanie DwuTygodnia 16.06 – 29.06.2015
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Podsumowanie DwuTygodnia 16.06 – 29.06.2015

E3 2015: Nuda u EA, sezon na taktyczne strzelanki w Ubisofcie / Zombie Samurai

E3 2015: Nuda u EA, sezon na taktyczne strzelanki w UbisofcieZanim przejdziemy do znacznie ciekawszej konfy Sony, parę słów o tym, co...

You can now score a free Android app every week from Google Play

Google has quietly launched a Free App of the Week program in the Google Play store, giving Android users a little something to look forward to every seven days. The first offering of the lot is Daniel Tiger Grr-ific Feelings, a $3 educational app from PBS with a set of games and activities for kids aged two to five.

Google is ripping out Chrome's awful new bookmark manager

Late last year, Google launched a new bookmark manager for Chrome but the overhaul wasn't that popular with users. After months of silence, Google has quietly confirmed that it's ripping out the new bookmark manager and rolling back to the old one.

See the shock and joy of men who realize they will be fathers

A new ad from Dove's Men+Care line channels the giddy joy of the moment a man is told for the first time that he will be a dad. Released just in time for Father's Day, the one-minute spot features the emotional gasps, hugs and tears of 13 men who just discovered they have a baby on the way.

Spotify uruchamia Taste Rewind - usługę promującą hity nawet sprzed wielu lat

Spotify to obecnie najpopularniejsza usługa muzycznego streamingu, a szwedzcy właściciele aplikacji nieustannie szukają nowych sposobów na umocnienie swojej pozycji. Niedawno ogłosili kilka całkowicie nowych funkcji, w jakie w najbliższej przyszłości zamierzają się wyposażyć swoje dzieło, a teraz do listy dołączyła kolejna pozycja.

Ice Bucket Challenge, 'Like a Girl' Take Top Honors in Facebook Awards

46 Winners, Finalists Named From More than 2,700 Submissions It's hard to be cynical about the best ads. Even if they're pushing a product, they're often promoting something bigger. Consider the two top honorees in the fourth annual Facebook Awards, which are being announced on Monday.

Heineken and Wieden & Kennedy End Relationship

The Agency Was Behind Award-Winning Legends Campaign Heineken and Wieden & Kennedy are parting ways, just days before the brewer will be honored as the 2015 Cannes Lions Creative Marketer of the Year. "After five years this is a good time to go our separate ways. We have enjoyed a strong and effective partnership.

Facebook wants to suggest status update topics, and that's a terrible, horrible, very bad idea

From staged 'candid' Instagram photos to revising that tweet several times until it's just the right amount of clever, we all want to appear interesting on the internet. And while part of that means making the right comment at the right time, I'm not sure Facebook is going about it the best way.

The Instagram of News Is Here, And It's Way Smarter Than You Think

Last week, Apple announced News, an algorithmically curated news recommendation app, which has been territory well-explored to middling success by services like Flipboard and Zite. As usual, developers and reporters cheered the arrival of a new Apple offering, but there was at least one person bored by the new product.

Facebook Wants to Personalize Your In-Store Experience

After a pilot in New York earlier this year, Facebook is now rolling out Place Tips for Business which allows businesses to push content to nearby Facebook users via beacons provided free by Facebook. Place Tips are shown to people who are in store and who have given Facebook permission to access their location on their phone.

Pierwsze w historii zwycięstwo polskiej agencji w konkursie Facebook Awards : Brief

Agencja DDB&tribal zdobyła złoto w rywalizacji o Facebook Awards, za projekt #KISSaLOT - Świat pod jemiołą, realizowaną dla linii lotniczych LOT. W konkursie Facebook Awards, który realizowany jest od czterech lat, nagradzane są najlepsze i najbardziej inspirujące kampanie przygotowane na Facebooku lub realizowane za pomocą platformy.

Głos Wiedźmina w nawigacji! Coś pieknego - AntyWeb

CD Projekt Red razem z HTC i Navi Expert przygotowali dodatkowy głos w aplikacji. Prowadzić nas wiec będzie Wiedźmin. Posłuchajcie jak to brzmi. Dla mnie coś pięknego:) Darmowy test do pobrania z Google Play:

Ad of the Day: Sony PlayStation Vue Is the Stuff of Mind-Blowing Sci-Fi Fantasy

Wouldn't you?" is the salient question posed in Johannes Leonardo's first ad campaign for Sony's PlayStation Vue since the streaming TV service was announced in March (the agency was awarded the job last fall). Targeting the 35 million current PS3 and PS4 users, the push is anchored by a lighthearted but high-impact 60-second spot starring some millennial dude in a business suit.

Facebook Status Updates: Getting, Making, Thinking About, Meeting?

Facebook continues to experiment with new features for its status updates, adding four new options to its structured status updates.

Pinterest Unveils Smarter Search Feature & Verified Accounts

Pinterest, fresh off announcing Buyable Pins, hasn't stopped innovating. The company on Tuesday unveiled a new search feature, allowing users to see prominent and popular pins and see what topics (in the U.S. for now) are trending on the site.

Lego wins trademark case that will enable it to 'monopolise' brick toy market

The General Court of the European Union has batted away a challenge from a rival toymaker Best-Lock, which argued against Lego's community trademark for its man-shaped toy, which it has held since 2000 was invalid.

LinkedIn relaunches Pulse to become 'world's first personalized business news digest'

If you're not reaching, engaging, and monetizing customers on mobile, you're likely losing them to someone else. Register now for the 8th annual MobileBeat, July 13-14, where the best and brightest will be exploring the latest strategies and tactics in the mobile space.

Twitter wants you to 'favorite' tweets with hearts instead of stars

If Twitter has its way, you could be seeing less stars and more hearts. Twitter's latest feature experiment sees the social network swapping out stars in its Android app for hearts to "favorite," or save, tweets. The social network is testing the change in two variations: circled hearts or borderless hearts.

NBA Finals: Warriors Win, Facebook Users Talk LeBron (Infographic)

The Golden State Warriors prevailed over the Cleveland Cavaliers in the National Basketball Association Finals, but Cavs forward LeBron James still ruled Facebook. James generated twice as much conversation on the social network as any other player involved in the battle for the league championship, even though his squad fell short, losing in game six Tuesday night.

Twitter Acquires Machine Learning Startup Whetlab

Twitter announced today that it has acquired Cambridge-based machine learning startup Whetlab in an effort to accelerate the company's own in-house efforts on the matter. Deal terms were not immediately available, but Twitter will gain both access to Whetlab's technology and small team following the acquisition, while Whetlab's current product will be discontinued next month, the company notes.

Someone has sent Bethesda a lot of bottle caps as payment for Fallout 4

Fallout 4 was officially announced earlier this month and you're all probably preparing to part with your hard earned cash to secure a copy, but one fan has had a different idea. A man who goes by the name of Seth has sent Bethesda around 2,240 bottle caps as payment for a copy of Fallout 4.

Brawo Samsung! Oto jak sprawić, żeby wyprzedzanie przestało być niebezpieczne

W Polsce dróg wielopasmowych jest jak na lekarstwo, a te jednopasmowe bardzo często są wąskie i nie sprzyjają manewrom takim jak wyprzedzanie. Tym bardziej, gdy mówimy o wyprzedzaniu ciągnika siodłowego z naczepą. Jeśli jednak Samsung rozbuduje swoją najnowszą koncepcję, już niedługo przestanie to być problemem.

Arnold Schwarzenegger znów w genialnej produkcji na YouTube. Jako Terminator nabierał przechodniów

Upływający czas nie pozbawił Arnolda Schwarzeneggera poczucia humoru. To dało o sobie znać w Los Angeles, gdzie ucharakteryzowany na Terminatora aktor zaskoczył niejednego przechodnia. Nagrany spacer zorganizowano w ramach wspierania organizacji After-School All-Stars, która pomaga uczniom z ubogich rodzin. Przebrany Schwarzenegger odwiedził między innymi Muzeum Madame Tussaud w Hollywood, gdzie udawał woskową figurę.

Prawdopodobnie najlepsze kosmetyki na świecie

Prawdopodobnie najlepsze kosmetyki na świecie | Internetowy serwis o reklamie i marketingu. Najnowsze kampanie, kreacje i trendy.

Twitter Unleashes Autoplay Video Ads With a 100% Viewability Promise

Twitter is now ready to serve autoplay video, which has the potential to change up the experience on the platform with richer and more engaging media. Autoplay video has become a standard format in social media and one that is supported by advertisers, who like the fact that their content makes more of an impact.

The PlayStation 4 is finally a proper home media center

LOS ANGELES - Sony's PlayStation 4 is finally getting a media player feature. A new software update that enables the PlayStation 4 to play video files, digital music, and photos locally off of a USB flash drive/hard drive or be streamed over Wi-Fi (DLNA) started rolling out on Monday through the PlayStation Store.

Facebook launches Moments app to find and share photos of your friends using facial recognition

Facebook has unveiled Moments, a new app that uses facial recognition software to scan your camera roll for faces to make sharing pics easier. Here's how it works: scanning your phone's gallery, Moments finds faces of your Facebook friends, then offers them up for private sharing.

Twitter reacts to Falcao signing for Chelsea

He may have been one of the Premier League's biggest flops last season but Falcao has been given a second chance at Chelsea. The Colombian striker scored just four goals for Manchester United after a January loan move from Monaco and after the Red Devils decided against taking up a transfer option at the end of season most assumed that would be that.

Pushbullet's Portal lets you transfer large files between mobile and desktop over Wi-Fi

Pushbullet has announced a new service called Portal, created to move large batches of files between your computer and mobile devices. Portal transfers files over a Wi-Fi connection between an Android app and the Pushbullet Portal Web app.

Google's redesigned Trends page now ranks popular searches in real-time

Google's Trend page is a fun way to look at how different search terms have waxed and waned in popularity over time, but today it's getting a makeover with a heavier emphasis on real-time data. The revamped site now lets you browse trends on a minute-by-inute basis, allowing you to track stories as they happen during major live events like awards shows or sports championships.

Anonymous is building a site to kill Facebook

The site, Minds.com, has the same basic options as any other social network: users send updates to their followers, who can comment or promote posts that they read. But unlike its competitors it doesn't aim to make money from gathering data - instead, it encrypts all messages, so that they can't be read by advertisers or by governments.

Dropbox is making it easy to request large files from anyone

Dropbox is adding a small feature that could make it easier for others to share files with you. While shared folders are an important part of collaboration on any cloud storage service, usually it's just one person doing the sharing.

Google's YouTube Newswire will verify eyewitness footage of breaking news

Eyewitness footage uploaded to YouTube has become a staple part of breaking news, often adding vital context and information to events such as the Ferguson protests and Charlie Hebdo attacks. Now, Google wants to help viewers and journalists alike find the most relevant footage on YouTube, and has launched a service named YouTube Newswire to provide "a curated feed of the most newsworthy eyewitness videos of the day."

Facebook's News Feed Algorithm Relinquishes Control Of What We "See First"

Facebook is boring when your best friends get lost in a sea of acquaintances. To make sure that doesn't happen, Facebook is testing a new feature called "See First", which I spotted this morning. When turned on from a friend's profile or Page, you'll see their recent posts at the top of your News Feed.

Twitter's Project Lightning will showcase human-curated trending tweets

Twitter wants to be your go-to platform for news and trends. A report by BuzzFeed details the upcoming Project Lightning, a hub that will curate Tweets on the platform centered around events, news and trends. It's not just a side-feature either; Twitter hopes Lightning will change the way people think about its social network.

Facebook Makes Ads Manager, Power Editor Easier to Use

Facebook Thursday announced significant updates to its Ads Manager and Power Editor tools to create and manage ads on the social network. The changes are aimed at enabling advertisers to more easily buy, optimize and manage ad campaigns on Facebook, and updated versions of both Ads Manager and Power Editor will begin rolling out Thursday to "a small percentage of advertisers," with a wider rollout "in the coming months."

BuzzFeed Showcases Its Serious Side With A News App And Customizable Alerts

Are you the kind of person who says, "I read BuzzFeed for the news"? Do you secretly wish you didn't have to wade through all those listsicles and quizzes to get to the serious reporting? Well, BuzzFeed's releasing an app just for you.

Happn now lets you use Spotify to flirt with strangers

Tinder already lets you judge people according to their Instagram photos, but hyper-local dating app Happn is taking that up a gear by adding Spotify integration. From today, users of the app, which shows potential partners who you cross paths with, can share songs from Spotify's catalog on their profiles.

Ask Me Anything... Now On Tumblr!

If there's one feature that Reddit does exceptionally well, then this is the AMA (Ask Me Anything) session it hosts occasionally. Many prominent figures have graced its boards with Barack Obama, Edward Snowden and Bill Gates being among them. Also Read: Who Can Stop The Explosive Rise Of Pinterest And Tumblr?

Zookeepers Around The World Are Chris Pratt-ing With Their Animals

source The meme started simply, a handful of people making a cute reference to a movie that just happened to have the biggest opening weekend in cinema history. Now it's grown into a nationwide phenomena that can only be described as "Planking, But Fuzzier".

Heinz says sorry for ketchup QR code that links to porn site

Heinz has apologised to a German customer after a QR code on one of its tomato ketchup bottles linked to a porn site. After using a smartphone to scan the code, which was meant to provide information about a promotional campaign that offered personalised ketchup bottle labels, Daniel Korell was sent to a German adult site rather than a Heinz-run page.

72% of Snapchat Users Also Use Facebook Messenger (Infographic)

It's Snapchat and Facebook Messenger, not Snapchat or Facebook Messenger. GlobalWebIndex found that 72 percent of Snapchat users are also Messenger users. The only other two messaging apps to crack 50 percent of Snapchat users were WhatsApp at 54 percent and Skype at 51 percent.

Twitter tests dedicated pages and curated collections for products and places

Got email marketing? We've got best practices from LivingSocial and estate sale guru Everything But The House in our next Insight webinar. Twitter is testing new features to make its social feed more shoppable. Today the company announced two new beta features, Product and Place Pages and Collections.

DoubleTwist's CloudPlayer for Android streams music from all your online storage

Got a ton of tunes stashed in the cloud? DoubleTwist's new Android app can play it all, with support for multiple storage services as well as your local media. CloudPlayer supports Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive, features a clean Material Design-inspired interface and can play lossless formats.

Gillette Gets Argentinian Soccer Star Replying to Fans' Tweets With His Feet

We've seen a soccer player demonstrate her precision by kicking lights out this month, but this latest campaign sees one actually tweet using his scoring skills. During soccer's Copa America, Gillette asked Argentinian player Sergio "Kun" Aguero to spend a whole day replying to fans' tweets by kicking letters on a giant keyboard -- then pressing send.

LinkedIn Could Release 2 New Standalone Apps

The social media trend is on standalone apps. That's partly due to users going more and more mobile, and partly because this evolution is lead by Facebook itself. Today, The Wall Street Journal reported that LinkedIn is currently developing not one, but two new standalone apps.

The Cleanest Twitter Account Is Made Out Of Magic

Twitter has now more than 200 million users worldwide, and they create a lot of "noise." So when Spontex France decided to start their own Twitter account, they realised that the only way to be seen among the "noise" was to use magic. Also Read: Twitter Advertisers Can Target You Based On The Apps You...

Rusza kampania promocyjna drugiego sezonu serialu HBO - "Detektyw" (wideo)

W kampanii promującej drugi sezon Detektywa zostaną wykorzystane przede wszystkim dwa kanały komunikacji: internet i radio. Kampania internetowa będzie realizowana na największych portalach, dopasowanych tematycznie serwisach oraz w kanale mobilnym. Przekaz zostanie wzmocniony emisjami spotu video, zarówno na platformach VOD, jak i w YouTube, oraz Smart TV.

Intel Remote Keyboard for Android lets you control your PC from afar

Intel quietly launched a free Android app over the weekend, that lets you use your phone as a keyboard and trackpad for your PC. Intel Remote Keyboard was designed for use with mini PCs that are about the size of a flash drive and don't ship with peripherals - but you can use it on any system running Windows 7 or 8.

Google finally makes 'Undo Send' an official feature of Gmail on the Web

Got email marketing? We've got best practices from LivingSocial and estate sale guru Everything But The House in our next Insight webinar. In what could be described as one of the longest "experimental" periods of any product feature, Google is finally bringing the life-saving "Undo Send" option to the main settings on the Web version of Gmail.

Google has dropped emoji support for mobile and desktop search results

It seems Google isn't fond of emoji, at least where search is concerned. Over the weekend, Google quietly removed emoji from search results for the desktop and mobile. Pages that use emoji won't be penalized - Google just won't show the symbols when it returns their page in search results.

Reddit Turns 10, Releases Treasure Trove Of Cool Stats

Reddit had its 10th birthday today and to commemorate the major milestone, they released a ton of interesting data on the site's subreddits, users and content. Amusingly, they also released info on their most popular comments and posts of all time, several of which were about dicks, go figure.

Dropbox Redesigns Its Android App

Dropbox today released a redesign for its Android application designed to streamline the process of sharing files and uploading folders. The new Android app, which will roll out in the next couple of days, is a redesign of the user interface that's a little more seamless compared to its previous versions.

Pinterest Hires Former Facebooker Scott Goodson As Head Of Core Experience

Former Facebook and Apple engineer Scott Goodson is joining Pinterest to run the company's mobile platform and web teams, focusing on improving the app's performance across various devices. Hires like this, of course, bring fresh blood and ideas to a growing startup like Pinterest that is rapidly becoming a powerful home for commerce and search.

Spot Taps Experts And Friends To Recommend The Best Restaurants, Shops And More

Startup studio Expa is unveiling its newest company today - Spot, which promises to help users to find "the best places in the world." In other words, Spot will deliver personalized recommendations for things like restaurants, bars, stores and hotels. You can use it as a guide when you're traveling, or to explore your home city.

Coca-Cola i Prymat łączą siły - zapraszają Polaków do wspólnego grillowania

"Razem smakuje lepiej" to przesłanie tegorocznej kampanii Coca-Cola i Prymatu, które zapraszają polskie rodziny do wspólnego posiłku i celebrowania bycia razem. W ramach akcji marki przypominają jak ważne są chwile spędzone razem przy smacznym posiłku, a w okresie wiosenno-letnim szczególnie namawiają do grillowania jako dobrego pomysłu na rodzinny posiłek na świeżym powietrzu.

'Good' Campaign of the Week: Airbnb

Campaign: Love is Welcome Here Agency: Molecule SF Brand: Airbnb With Gay Pride centre stage this weekend, the LGBTQ community is taking its annual opportunity to celebrate. This huge global event is fast becoming colonised by brands, in a similar way to Father's Day, as discussed last week.

PSA: Google's Inbox also has an 'Undo Send' button

It took Google six years to add an 'Undo Send' feature to Gmail. Thankfully, the company didn't waste much time adding it to its Inbox app. You have 10 seconds to hit Undo after you send a message.

HBO and Facebook are teaming up to stream Ballers and The Brink

HBO has announced that the premiere episodes of new comedies Ballers and The Brink will be available to stream on Facebook for a limited time starting Wednesday. The series both premiered last Sunday night, and the network's partnership with Facebook is exclusive: the episodes won't be available on YouTube or through any other streaming platforms, only through HBO's official services (HBO Now and HBO Go).

Microsoft's new Word, Excel and PowerPoint Android apps are now available to download

Microsoft has released new versions of its Office creation tools for Android smartphones. Today's releases include three of the key elements of Office - namely, Word, PowerPoint and Excel - and for light users, they are free to use. If you want to unlock all the features though, you'll need an Office 365 subscription.

DLC do Dying Light za... kubek wody. Techland pięknie nabija się z Destiny

Nie musisz nic kupować - wystarczy, że pokażesz się ze szklanką wody, a DLC jest twoje. Tak Techland punktuje Activision i akcję z Destiny.

Global Social Facts - compare your Facebook Page and have fun with big data

Have you ever wondered who's more popular on Facebook - Kim Kardashian or Kanye West? And who likes them more - men or women? How many Facebook users like cats, and how many are dog lovers? Who's more popular - Sheldon Cooper or the actor behind him, Jim Parsons?

Facebook Tests Mobile Ads That Could Cure Lead-Generation Ills

Facebook is testing lead-generation-based mobile ads with a few dozen select brands, though it's not sharing the companies' names. If the ads actually work and become a regular marketing product, they will likely be popular with email marketers, financial brands, automakers, insurance companies and real estate players.

These Luxury Hotel Ads Use Instagram Shots Instead of Professional Photos

Catch New York combed through social media for guest photos taken at Loews Hotels and Resorts and integrated the candid, unsolicited images into the chain's new "Travel for Real" ad campaign. Mostly quiet, mildly quirky moments abound.

Tinder, Match.com and OKCupid will IPO as one dating behemoth

Three of the most prominent online dating sites in the world will go public in an initial public offering built, in part, on broken romantic dreams. Match.com, Tinder and OkCupid, which are all part of a single company called The Match Group, will be listed on a public stock exchange later this year, they said.

Uber's first ever blog posts are a fascinating read

Uber's first blog posts, from when the company was still called UberCab, provide amazing insight into a more innocent time for the company as it enters day two of protests in France. The Tumblr account, first uncovered by a blog called Uber Expansion, documents UberCab submitting its first apps to the App Store, its initial Web-only service and more.

New Facebook video tab will track the performance of posted movies

Facebook admins already know that video is a big traffic booster. But it's hard to quantify. Now, Facebook has announced a new videos tab in its Page Insights that will give video publishers a better sense of how well videos are actually resonating with viewers at any given time.

LinkedIn: These Are The Most Influential Brands In 2015

Since it introduced its Content Marketing Score last year, LinkedIn has been looking at which brands were the most influential on its platform. The 2015 results are now in, and it looks like the tech industry is a strong winner once again. Also Read: 9 Reasons To Embrace Influencer Marketing Content marketing has become a...

McDonald's z własnymi filtrami na Snapchacie

McDonald's to pierwsza marka, która wykorzystała działające w oparciu o geolokalizację, sponsorowane filtry na Snapchacie. Użytkownicy przebywający w pobliżu restauracji McDonald's mogą skorzystać z dodatkowych filtrów w aplikacji, które promują produkty (cheeseburger i frytki) hasłem: Lovin' Summer Fun. Tego typu rozwiązanie działa bardzo podobnie do filtrów wyświetlających położenie użytkownika, w Warszawie jest to np.

Facebook Unveils Panoramic Mobile Ad to Cannes Audience

At Cannes, Facebook debuted an immersive and personalized mobile ad unit. Will advertisers buy in? Facebook has demonstrated a new ad idea at Cannes, showing advertisers what the company's mobile future could be. During his presentation at Cannes, Chris Cox, product chief for Facebook, showed attendees a mockup of the new ad model in a video featuring an immersive mobile ad for Michael Kors.

Dying Light trolls Destiny/Red Bull promotion with its own DLC campaign

After Bungie's blockbuster shooter Destiny rolled out a Red Bull-themed social media blitz earlier this week, the developers of the zombie-themed FPS Dying Light responded with a similar, if less conventional beverage-themed marketing campaign. Dying Light's message? Drink water, and we'll give you free DLC. Much healthier!

Here's How Brands Share Their Love For #LoveWins on Social Media

This morning, at 7AM, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a historic ruling affirming the constitutional right of same sex couples to be married in all 50 states. Seconds later, social media erupted with the hashtag #LoveWins. Soon dozens of brands had joined the chorus celebrating the decision.

Meerkat Outs An Embeddable Player, Hooks Discovery Channel's Shark Week

Livestreaming app Meerkat has launched an embeddable player so that content being broadcast to the app can be embedded into and viewed on other digital services. The first implementation of the player is with the Discovery Channel, for its annual Shark Week multi-platform event - which begins July 5.

Kindle's Sharing Features Now Support Messaging Apps, Plus Web-Based Book Previews

Kindle e-book reader owners will now have a new way to socialize with their friends about their favorite books or book quotes by way of mobile messaging apps, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, texting, and more. The change is indicative of the trend toward private sharing as the preferred means of connecting with friends, versus larger, more public social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The online tool that helps you find your shopping pen pal

The constant fluctuation in retail store sizes has turned shopping into a frustrating and time-consuming vortex, full of return labels and gift receipts. A consumer-driven service called Fitbay helps soothe the personal struggle of finding the right size and style by connecting users with similar body types so they can share their experiences with certain brands.

Facebook Page Admins Can Set Expiration Dates for Videos

Facebook has expanded its expiring posts feature for pages to videos. Reader Vipin Nayar , senior digital marketing analysts for IPIX Solutions, shared the screenshots below with SocialTimes, and he pointed out that Facebook's Help Center entry had been updated to reflect the change.

IFTTT's Do update adds Chat Head-like widgets, unlimited recipes and new Android functions

In a major update today, IFTTT has announced several new functionalities coming to its Do series of apps and the IFTTT channel itself. Launched this past February, Do apps will now remove the three recipe limit to so you can add as many shortcuts as you want to the Do Button, Do Camera and Do Note apps.

Foursquare finally brings mayorships and true competition to Swarm

One of the best things about the old Foursquare has made its way back to Swarm: mayorships. You can now compete with users everywhere for the most check-ins at any business listed in the app, earning badges and bragging rights in the process.

A new way to control Spotify through Slack integration

Here's another way the creative developer community has cooked up to integrate Slack, the online team collaboration utility: Hook it into Spotify. Developers at Benchmark rigged up a system whereby you can build custom Slash Commands to augment Slack's arsenal of built-in slash commands - accessible via the / in the message bar.

Petr Cech signs for Arsenal - and Twitter reacts

Arsenal have made their first significant signing of the summer and it's a big one. Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech has made the move across town to the Emirates for a reported £11m, and Gunners fans couldn't be happier.

Global Social Facts - know the hottest data on Facebook

Fun facts about Facebook around the world, as well as more detailed information about your own Facebook page, such as the quality of your reach or your engagement.

Chevrolet Just Wrote a Press Release Entirely in Emojis. Can You Decode It?

We may be nearing peak emoji, as Chevrolet has become the latest brand to play around with the familiar icons-writing a press release almost entirely in emojis to announce something (who knows what?) about the Chevy Cruze.

Darmowy streaming muzyki? Google mówi TAK i uruchamia nową usługę!

Można długo rozwodzić się nad powodami, przez które streaming muzyki błyskawicznie podbija serca kolejnych słuchaczy. Najlepsza jest jednak odpowiedź najbardziej oczywista - bo w przypadku najpopularniejszych obecnie serwisów jest oferowany całkowicie za darmo, w zamian za drobne ograniczenia i reklamy. Co ciekawe, takiej oferty nie miała firma, która niemal wszystkim kojarzy się właśnie z darmowymi, „ozdobionymi" reklamami produktami - Google.

Instagram update adds search by location, revamped explore section for trending photos

Instagram is getting some big changes today with version 7 of its app. The update is primarily aimed at making it easier to search for specific images as well as discover new ones. You can now find images by their location as well as by people and tags.

Aulery 2015 rozdane, oto najlepsze startupy na polskim rynku

Wiemy już kto zdobył statuetki dla najlepszych startupów bieżącego roku. Zwycięzcom gratulujemy, bowiem konkurencja podczas tej edycji była szczególnie mocna. Aulery to coroczne wyróżnienia dla młodych firm, które konsekwentnie rozwijają się w środowisku innowacyjnych technologii i promują kulturę przedsiębiorczości. Nagrody są przyznawane od 2009 roku przez jury złożone z praktyków i inwestorów branżowych.

Snapchat is teaming up with The Daily Mail and WPP to launch a native advertising firm

Snapchat is partnering with British tabloid The Daily Mail and WPP, the world's largest ad agency, to launch a native advertising firm. The new outfit, named Truffle Pig, was announced today at the Cannes Lions festival. It will first launch in the US and won't be restricted to working only with WPP's clients or with The Daily Mail as a sole media partner.

Facebook Messenger can now be used without a Facebook account

Facebook Messenger no longer requires a Facebook account. Starting today, new Messenger users in the US, Canada, Venezuela and Peru can sign up using a full name and phone number. Messenger can still be used with a Facebook account; new users will see a "Log In With Facebook" button on the start screen, which imports contacts and links to their Facebook account.

Google otwiera NewsLab i zabiera się za "budowę przyszłości mediów internetowych" - AntyWeb

Inicjatywy Google'a to nie tylko nowe produkty i usługi, ale również akcje stricte wizerunkowe. Tak chyba można przede wszystkim określić projekt NewsLab, a więc zestaw narzędzi, informacji, raportów oraz poradników adresowanych do dziennikarzy. Koncern chce w ten sposób podnieść jakość oraz skuteczność funkcjonowania mediów w internecie. Pomysł z mojego punktu widzenia jest fantastyczny.

Dropbox passes 400m users

Got email marketing? We've got best practices from LivingSocial and estate sale guru Everything But The House in our next Insight webinar. Dropbox today announced a new milestone: 400 million users. The company also touted there are now 50 countries around the world in which at least 1 million individuals have Dropbox accounts.

Medium finally releases a native Android app

It's been over a year since Medium introduced its iOS app, but now it's finally bringing a native app to Android too. Medium made the announcement through a quirky blog post, explaining that the app went through a lot of testing before reaching the public.

Ostatnio na blogu pisałem o video kampaniach Hondy na YouTube, jeśli jeszcze nie nadrobiliście tego wpisu, to zachęcam. Co mam w planach? Na tę chwilę trudno mi jeszcze powiedzieć, wrócę do pracy po ponad tygodniowym odpoczynku, wdrożę się i pewnie wpadnie mi coś do głowy. Nowy wpis najpewniej ukaże się w weekend.

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